My Dad Is My Hero!

My “Dad” is a very special person in my world. He taught me to stand up and fight against all the odds, even if the chance of winning is less than 1%. His words never fail to inspire me. “Do not to give up until you win, because in the end it is all about happy endings. If it is not happy, then it is not the actual end, keep moving towards your dream.” His voice has the power to energize my mind and solace my heart whenever I feel low. His clap boosts my confidence like anything and conveys the message that I should continue the good work. His anger simplifies the confusion – am I right or not? His feedback instils confidence and makes me a better human being. His success mantra inspired by my Mom’s words, “Whatever happens in life, stay strong and give your best. God will do the rest!” is also the secret of my success. His thoughtful stories gave the power to visualize beyond reality, to find the dreamer living inside my heart, and to write creative stories on relationships. The result is my lovable blog “Few Miles” was shortlisted for BlogAdda Blog Awards under “Creative Writing” category. What’s more, do I want?

He was, he is, and he will be, always my Role Model, “My Dad Is My Hero!” I wish I could say this to him. However, for some reason, I am unable to express it to him. I neither bought him gifts nor wrote my heart to him. Fate or fear, I do not know an answer.

Maybe, just maybe, God has given a chance to honour my hero. That’s why, even at this time of the night, I’m writing this post. I am very sure that BlogAdda will honour my Dad with a memento, and for me, it is more than winning a prize!

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  1. That's really sweet! 🙂
    I am a big fan of yours and your family. I really owe all of you. I think you should write a few lines for dad to bless him with a hearty smile .

    My love and best wishes to all.
    And yea…Congrats for getting FM shortlisted 😀

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