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Sweetie Pie,

They say, “Anger is a madness that lasts for few seconds, but leaves its footprint forever.” I second that.

I do not want to argue again, on whose mistake it was. In fact, I forget all that happened that day and wish to start new because I still love you with all my heart. I am waiting in the hostel reception.

PS: I do not believe in reincarnation, so do not make me wait until next life.
PPS: Sincere apologies


I left the letter in her textbook.


What happened then?” My grandson asked me with puzzled eyes.

Well, the last few seconds of my college life, was the best thing happened to me; otherwise, I would not say this story to you sitting next to your grandma.” I smiled and continued, “I am lucky because your grandma believed in me and accepted my apologies.

He smiled clapping. My darling smiled. And I said, smiling, “Apology, the best gift one could get or give!”

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