Konigsee: a must visit place #Germany #TravelStories

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They say, “A Picture is worth a thousand words!” Live in it! Konigsee, a eye-catchy tourism destination in Germany.

The first thing we (Me & my partner in crime, my best friend Siva) did was having our lunch. Guess where? I know you would guess it right!

We’re waiting for the bus. No, actually, he is waiting and I’m clicking..

The first thing we did after reaching there… 😛 We took a walk (did we?)

The captain of the ship was on time. I wonder how they follow their timelines.

Pam..Pam…It’s an ECHO POINT. And it did echo whatever music he created. (oh buddy, I’m sorry, but you need to learn how to play a Trumpet.)

People of all ages looking forward to land at Konigsee, the island of tree fossils.

Ah! The entrance…

Much closer!

More people joining us. It’s going to be fun!

That’s what we call as picture perfect!

Twins, and you know what, they made the trip lively. We enjoyed clicking them.

Ah! What a priceless reaction. She inspired us to get into the water…

That’s me, flaunting my six-pack body! (#TrueStory :-P)

The divine path of nature. (oh yes, I’m speaking about the place :-P)

In life, we always stand at the crossroads. It’s just that one decision can take you to the right path. (Too much philosophy, is it?)

My partner in crime, wants to click a photograph, as if he is looking for frames to click 😛

Life has a ‘L’ board, and that’s Love. Make sure you learn properly before you drive in a highway called ‘Marriage; (Again too much philosophy here)

One of the tree fossils… I just loved it. If you are a lover of tree fossils (have you visited Brindavan Gardens of Bangalore?) This is five time bigger than that in terms of fossils.

That’s the route map (Dear techie’s this is not powered by Google)

A much closer look at the park name, will help you walk smiling 🙂

Ah! That’s what we call as a perfect frame!

Family and Friends having fun!

Time to click our face 😛

Yes, that’s a classic pic !

A family living on the opposite side of Konigsee.

Guess where we are heading to?

If you guessed it right, yes, we’re in Salzburg, Old City!

More pics to come in my next travelogue post. Stay tuned.

Konigsee, be it any seasons, it is a fantastic place to visit. We’ve been there in winter as well as in summer. It’s an treat for the eyes. It’s an ideal place for couple who wants to spend quality time for them, for family who wants to dedicate time out of their busy lives, and for wanderers like us!

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