The Scribbler’s Orchard: PART 28

Do you want to see your evidence?” Acharya asked and then he ordered his men to bring Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer to the rituals room.

Arjun stood there unmoved waiting for the right time to attack. Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer were brought to the room. On seeing Shekhar, Roohi ran to him and hugged him. Shekhar and Tara lost their nerves, they wanted to hug their sweet child back, but their hands were tied, so they stood helpless and hopeless.

Acharya let out a loud laughter again. “Do you have any other evidence Arjun?” he roared. “Even if you have, I do not mind because with this sacrifice, I will become invincible.”

“You will not be invincible by human sacrifices, Mr PM” Shekhar raised his voice. “You shall never be powerful. You were the Honourable Prime Minister of India before a couple of hours, but no more, Acharya” Shekhar laughed, “Do you think that I handed over the original photographs to you? Am I that dumb? Is that the only evidence we had? Do you think so? If yes is your answer then you failed miserably.”

“The photographs revealing the true face behind Kochi’s Political Leader murder, the video showcasing Ahuja and your conversation revealing the plan of sacrificing Ismail Abdullah in his place, the audio recording of your plan to bomb during the Ganesh Chaturthi festivals, the photographs of Cyrus and Roohi’s abduction in a van owned by a private sector that is registered to your real name, and finally, the video recording of our conversation couple of hours ago that went live on Tara’s channel.”

Acharya stood his ground. Shekhar continued, “We live in a Nation where media can go anywhere. You forgot that. Check the news channels Acharya. Your fake face is unmasked an hour ago!”

Acharya smiled at Shekhar, “That’s impressive, but not enough to defeat the invincible.” He ordered his men to set the Tomb on fire, so that nobody escapes from here.

Arjun was quick enough to order his team to break into the Tomb. Arjun’s Team was well equipped, though they suffered minor injuries, still in less than two minutes, they managed to shoot down all the goons. In the meantime Arjun set Shekhar, Tara and Jennifer free.

Arjun took his revolver out and said, “Be a good man. Your cooperation is the ticket for the rest of your life.”

Acharya appeared unruffled. “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. There is only one God out of which all life is born, and that is the Fire,” he raised his arms upwards closing his eyes. “Let the Glory be to the true God!”

He looked at them furiously. “It’s not easy to defeat the mighty Acharya you little prick.” He let out a loud laughter again and then he jumped into the fire sacrificing himself to the God.” Roohi without her knowledge shouted, “Nana-ji.”


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