Welcome to Day 5 of the guest posts series!

Today’s guest writer is an ex-Software Engineer, now a life’s Student, a PhD Researcher, a passionate Blogger, a magical Story-Teller, a picture perfect photographer, and an explorer. She is gifted with ideas, creativity and originality. Her works have been published in many magazines including Femina and Filmfare and The New Indian Express. Her blog is a place for exploring miracles.

Okay, without further ado, let me welcome Anita of The Explorer of Miracles to pen down her thoughts. The stage is all yours!

I thought of 5 & my mind sprung up the following –
Olympic Games symbol has 5 inter-locked rings;
5 Ks of Sikh by Guru Govind Singh;
5 is the number of sides in a Pentagon;
5 is the Atomic Number of Boron;
Enid Blyton’s Famous Five book series;
High-Five of friends makes us say cheese;
5 toes & 5 fingers on each foot & hand;
The Star on the Christmas tree & wand!

I thought of the number 5 as it’s the fifth anniversary of Sarav‘s Blog. Congrats Sarav! Wish you many more special milestones on your way!

Thank you so much Anita for writing the fifth post of the guest post series. It is my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading!

0 Replies to “Five”

  1. Heartiest Congrats to you again, Sarav!
    Thanks for the guest-post invitation. Honoured to feature on your Blog.
    Thanks for such kind words & consideration 🙂

    Here's my Post that mentions you & your Blog-

    Best wishes to you & your Blog! Keep Blogging!

  2. Nice summary of various 5 s in our life. Though I have known you for a while – learnt a few new things about you Anitha – did not know about you being a Phd researcher and filmfare and femina stuff.

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