Happily Ever After

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In the corner of the party hall stood a beautiful brown-eyed angel with a cup of Appy Fizz in her hand. Simplicity was the biggest asset of her. She had put on a pair of red belly shoes that invited the people in the party hall to travel upwards. She wore a red colored party wear that ran from the bottom of her tights to the top of her chest. The slim fit cotton dress hugged her figure following the curves to elegance. Teamed up with a statement neckpiece that hugged her neck, tiny heart-shaped earrings dangling on her ears, and she wore a little makeup that made her radiant face gleam in the party light. She looked much like a perfect dream girl.

Hey, you look drop-dead gorgeous! Sid forgot to breathe. She thanked him without having any eye-to-eye contact and walked away. He held her right hand and requested her to stop. She did stop and turned towards him. Her eyes were filled with tears; the kohl and the mascara were messed up.

Is something wrong? He asked tightening the grip on her hands. She said nothing.

Come on speak up, Isha. He said in a worried tone. She adjusted her make-up and said, I’m fine.

No, you are not. You look disturbed. Look in the mirror. It will tell you the story. He spoke non-stop.

Yes, I’m not fine. I admit. Why should you be concerned? She shouted crying like a ten-year-old kid for her first mini skirt.

He could not take it at all. He helped her to sit on the cushion sofa at one corner of the party hall, sat opposite to her, held her hands and said, Because, I care for you my dear, Isha.

She broke into tears, which his heart could not digest. She spoke in a dull tone. You like Samantha more than me. She paused, wiped her tears, and continued. Don’t say no. Last week, when you are very drunk, you said it on the phone. Even today, you were dancing with that bitch holding her hips.

Sid laughed within, as his ploy worked well. He looked into her eyes, and asked her, But, why that bothers you?

Because, I… she swallowed rest of the words, for which he was waiting for two long years. And, she started crying like a baby, this time.

Enough is enough, Sid said to himself. He sipped water from the water bottle “KINLEY” placed on the table. He thought telling the truth was the right thing to do. He took a ring box from his suit, went down on one knee, and proposed her.

I love you so much, Isha. I wanted to hear it from you for two long years, but you always failed me. That’s the reason I acted, as if I like…

Before he could complete his sentence, Isha came down and sealed his lips with her lips for three tasteful minutes. He then slid the ring on to her finger and she uttered those three magical words, for which he was waiting for two long years.

Happy Birthday, Isha said kissing his lips, mouth, face and everywhere.

From that day, they decided to be true to each other. And, they lived happily ever after!

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