I Say Of RED Without Saying RED At All

Few Miles turned five on October 20, 2014. It was indeed a special day in my life and I wanted to celebrate it in a grand way. Even I had so many plans in my mind, but the situation I was in, demanded me to postpone the plans. As time passed by, I thought of dropping the plan, but they very thought of it hurt me. That was when one of my close friends, pinged me on messenger, and spoke to me about guest posts. “Guest posts” it made me think, so I invited a few of my blogging friends to write guest posts on the theme “Five”, and they graciously accepted my invite. Starting today, there will be a series of guest posts, from the Kings and Queens of blog-o-sphere.

Today’s guest writer believes friendship is the best relationship in this world. Her simplicity in thoughts, words and behavior, makes her my sweetest “Little One”. She has a great passion for writing poetry, and I am sure that she has inherited this talent from her Grandmother. She feels writing is the best way of expressing emotions powerfully. She writes a blog named “My Friendship”, where she pours down her thoughts and feelings, especially about nature, love, relationships and friendship. Besides writing, she loves doing photography and cooking.

Okay, without further ado, let me welcome Simran Kaur of My Friendship to pen down her thoughts. The stage is all yours!

There are a few things you feel yourself associated with. It can be any person or a name or may be a line that sticks to don’t leave your brain. You count ‘that thing’ every time in whatever you do and try best to link it as a reason. Since the time I discovered that my lucky number is 7, I started noticing if all good happens with this number or not. To my surprise, it proved to be a good luck to me. I feel extremely confident when I find this number with me.

There is a color that she has seen in her thick and thin days of life. The first time she noticed it on her mother’s forehead ; a bindi. Many a times she would try to touch it take off from her forehead to play. As she started walking on her own, every morning when her mother adorn herself with bindi, a pinch of sindoor and bangles; she used to sit by her side and stare at her resplendent beauty. When she turned fifteen, for the first time she didn’t see but felt this beautiful color. The color of love. She was ecstatic to see her lipstick mark on his cheek when they had kissed for the first time. She glowed and blushed even more seeing herself in the mirror. It was the biggest and most special event of her life – their marriage. She was fortunate that even the rituals adhere to this color and she felt the most happiest person on this planet wearing her bridal dress. On that day, she saw a beautiful reflection of her mother in herself. She loved adorning herself over and over again. For now, she had own a right and a strong reason to use it.

Life is uncertain and so its instances; unpredictable!

She silently shed tears of blood on a wintry night when he lashed her hard in the name of making love. For the first time she found this color so unwanted and rancor. She wonder as she finds the same color in various moods and meanings. The color of his rage and Santa’s dress is the same. Then, why do one shatter all her dreams and the latter fills her with hope and happiness when she look at it? Like he feat with the elves who make the toys in the workshop she wish him to come on his sleigh from all the way with his flying reindeer to bestow her the lost spring of her life and the positive mood of the color that his coat and trousers bring to her.

Thank you so much Little One for writing the first post of the guest post series. It was my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading! Okay here is a contest for the readers, all you need to do is to guess the next guest writer. The person with the maximum number of correct guesses will win a FlipKart Voucher. Clue is “He is a published author and writes beautifully in his Inc!” See you tomorrow! Stay Tuned!

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  1. Congrats for 5 years of blogging … a long a successful journey indeed 🙂

    Loved the guest post … so profound and deep, symbolizing the color and its shades perfectly … too good 🙂

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