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IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE gadgets, from my point of view, I am penning down this post. There are so many Big Brands currently available in the market boasting eye-catchy specifications at a price suited only for Big B’s; I do not want to name either of the one.

Be it a Mobile, Tablet or a Desktop, all I need is a brand that listen to the End Users and most importantly available to them at an affordable price without compromising any quality. One such find worthy enough is ASUS Zenfone. I switched from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Zenfone 6 last month, and I must say, it is worth buying! Now the next moto is to buy a Tablet, Desktop or a Laptop worth gifting to my lovely wife on our second anniversary.

ASUS gadgets changes our lifestyle to “Easy Mode”. It can be either simple, versatile, powerful and fully connected “ASUS All-In-One PC ET2040” or sleek, compact, lightweight, powerful and much needed “ASUS EeeBook X205TA”.

What should I gift her? EeeBook or All-In-One PC. I am confused a lot. First thing I did is to crosscheck the Specifications and Features.

Interesting! Both the specs impresses me a lot, good enough to buy both of them. If the specs are too good to ignore, then the only option available is to look at the options that will fulfil my needs.

EeeBook is ultra-thin, weighs less than 1KG, loaded with Windows 8.1, and Office 365 Subscription free for one year, and other wonderful options available whereas All-In-One PC is incredibly fast and responsive, space saving design, innovative gesture control, effortless multitasking, smooth switching between apps, and provides complete connectivity.

I do not need both of them, that’s for sure. What should I buy?

I am a practical man. I relist my needs.

  1. It should be thin, sleek and compact, easy to hold anywhere and anytime. Most importantly, it can be kept inside my wife’s handbag.
  2. Since we travel a lot, we need a good battery backup. Probably for eleven to fourteen hours.
  3. If it comes with Windows 8.1, then it would be an added advantage to us. Because we already use Windows 8.1 and Office Professional Plus. Moreover, Microsoft revealed that users could upgrade to Windows 10 free for one year.
  4. We write a lot especially during our travel.
  5. It should support multitasking otherwise it will not be easy to switch between apps.

And guess what matched my criteria?

It is Sleek on Style and Sleek in Price, On-The-Go Computing, 29.4cm Display with a Narrow Bezel Design, 36% Larger Touchpad, Quad-Core Processor for Smooth Multitasking performance, 500GB ASUS Web Storage free for Two Years, 1TB Microsoft One Drive Space free for One Year, Windows 8.1, One Year Office 365 Subscription Free and just 14,999 INR only – the one and only ASUS EeeBook X205!

I am going to order now!

This post is a part of ASUS Go Sleek campaign organized by IndiBlogger for Bangalore Bloggers in association with ASUS. Buy The Sleek and Powerful ASUS EeeBook X205TA from here or the Ultra-Portable and Perpetually connected ASUS All In One PC ET2040 from here

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Images are taken from Flipkart Buy Page and Amazon Buy Page linked above.


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