Compassion is in our nature #1000SPEAK

The blog-o-sphere is buzzing today on one theme. One Thousand Voices Blogging for Compassion. #1000SPEAK

How can I not be a part of it? Compassion is in our nature, we practise it daily without realising it.

I could recall an incident that happened four years ago. I was coming out of my office for having my lunch, where I found this old woman selling rose plants at half past one in the afternoon. It was too sunny, still this woman was shouting hard to attract the people. Only a few did, but they too did not buy any, rest of them were busy smoking and flirting. I had my lunch at the Andhra Restaurant. On the way back to office, she called me saying, “beta a Gulaba ka phula kareedlo” I flashed a smile and hurried back to office as I had a team meeting in the next ten minutes.

The next one and half an hour was terrible. In terms of our team performance as well as my heart was feeling bad for ignoring her. I went out again. This time, in tears, she was pleading the people to buy the rose plants. I flashed a smile again, enquired the price of the plant and bought one. It made her happy! She blessed me to livelong for hundred years. It made my day.

The next day I saw her at the same place, she was tired, still she was selling the plants. I walked up to her. “Daddima… Why are you working so hard at this age?” She narrated her story. She was from a poor family. Her son and daughter-in-law passed away in an accident, when a lorry lost its control and hit the couple while walking on the road. Her one and only granddaughter is studying in third standard, to take care of her, she started selling these plants.

I offered her a thousand rupee note to help her. She smiled, then politely declined saying that she will work hard to earn money, not by alms. I saluted her, wished her good luck, and went to office. On my way an idea struck me – to create a small banner-saying gift your loved ones a rose plant this Valentine’s Day, which was ten days away – I did the same.

Guess what… the trick worked. She sold almost all her stock in two days. She earned a good profit that helped her to set up a roadside IDLI (Rice Cake) shop. It made her and her granddaughter happy. And, I visited their shop regularly to do my part. They led a happy life.

An old man was running a teashop in his cycle next to my home. I used to drink tea from his shop every morning. One day, when he was offering the tea to his customer, he missed the balance, the cycle went down, and the entire tea was spilled on the road. He literally cried. I could not see him cry like that. I gave him a thousand rupee note to make it up for the day. He thanked me and promised to offer free tea to me until his last breathe. I was so touched by his act. I fondly call him “Grandpa”.

Another incident happened on one fine morning, when I was so irritated after attending an escalation call. I could not breathe properly, I wanted to go out and try a cigarette. When I came out of my home, a small boy delivered the newspaper at my doorstep.

“Good morning bhaiya!” He greeted with a warm smile.

I greeted him back and enquired about his studies. He narrated his story. That he is an orphan, studying in a Government Higher Secondary School. He delivers newspaper for earning money. He also does many other small works for a living. I was astonished to hear his full story. I bought him a cup of tea for uplifting my mood. And from that day, I had tea with him every morning, when I was in Bangalore.

I’m sure, compassion, is in our nature. I have so many stories to tell, I will in my future posts. For now, here is a small poem scribbled by me.

Little drops of water,
Lonely grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the vast landscape,
Picturesque, peaceful and poetic!

Little deeds of compassion,
Small shares of joy,
Make the world heaven,
And filled with happiness,
Soulful, beautiful and wonderful!

Little notes on kindness,
Group of passionate bloggers,
Make the world read,
The words of compassion,
Meaningful, joyful and powerful!

Always Keep Smiling!

I am writing this post for 1000 Voices of Compassion. Alongside a One Thousand Voices Blogging for Compassion. Let all the people read good, feel good, and be good! #1000SPEAK. Visit here to read other participants.

Bedtime Rituals

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Making the little one to sleep is a special art followed by every mom in a unique way to her child. Every night when we come to bed after wrapping up the days’ work, filled with tiredness, my little girl will start playing with her brother, my elder son. They are the perfect partners in crime and they will not allow anyone of us to sleep until early morning. We had many sleepless nights like that, but my hubby and I enjoyed it a lot.

There is a secret way to put her to sleep first, then my hyperactive elder son, and finally we go to bed. What I do is to make her feel sleepy by feeding her giving a warm hug. Once her tummy is full, I will be singing soft melodious lullabies, as she loves listening to them. Those lullabies helps her to enter into sleep mode, and finally to sleep.

After struggling so much to make her sleep, it last only for a few hours. Yes, mostly after 3 hours of sleep, she always feel restless, as her wet diapers irritates her a lot. In half sleep, I change her wet diapers, and we have to start all over again, almost, like a new beginning to make her sleep. I had the same issue with my elder son too, but somehow with my help of my mom, I was able to manage it easily.

On a fine day one of my friends visited my place, when I shared my experience with her, she suggested me to use Pampers Baby-Dry Pants for my girl for a peaceful sleep. Without any second thoughts, I bought one for her. We made her wear the same, fed her, sang the sweetest lullabies taught by my mother, and made her sleep. We were really tensed thinking what could happen if it reacts the other way for her. My hubby and I, along with my elder son lay down on bed without making any noise, offering prayer to God that things should go well.

Guess what, we experienced the real magic… Yes, she had a peaceful sleep throughout night. The pant style Diaper made life easy to change the solid diapers without disturbing my girl from sleep. Pampers baby-dry pants helped my little one and myself to have a super fresh morning the next day.

I am sure if we use Pampers baby-dry pants, not only my little one sleep peacefully, but as a family, we enjoy the peaceful sleep the entire night. Many thanks to Pampers for such a wonderful product. It is actually a boon for all families with little ones.

And I am happy to share the Bedtime Rituals.

Happy Parenting!

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I made my choice to be #BefikarUmarBhar

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“Dream big and chase your dreams. Take no shortcuts. One day you will achieve it.” I had heard these words more than a thousand times during my school days. Followed those words like a mantra, and dreamt big, in fact bigger. It was easy. The path to purse them was not. So many constraints to move ahead, so many reasons to hold back, I fought with them to march toward my dreams.

The Top 5 dreams:

1. Home Sweet Home – the gift to my parents:
Maybe, I was five or six, when this happened. I asked my Mom what she wanted from me when I grew up. She smiled first, then her eyes became moist, and she said, “Build a home for us.” I made those words my dream and queue it second in my priority list.

2. Range Rover – The car of my dreams:
When I was eighteen, I first saw this car in an English Movie. The hero of the movie was driving it on the roads of Tokyo. I admired it silently. Being a big car lover, I quickly found the brand and model name of the car. Range Rover.

When I went to London, I had a chance to drive it on a highway. I absolutely enjoyed the experience. I wanted to enjoy more, so I made it my dream, and queue it third in my priority list.

3. EURO Trip – the most awaited trip:
It all started when I first saw a song “Poovukkul Olinthu Irukkum” from the movie “Jeans” directed by Ace Director Shankar. The song featured the Seven Wonders of the World. Out of the seven, Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa, made me to dream about France and Italy. After watching the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, the wish got intensified, and the thought of EURO Trip excited me a lot. I made it my dream and queue it fourth in my priority list.

4. Moon – A paid visit:
My mom used to feed me singing a Tamil Rhyme “Nila Nila Odi Vaa” at nights. It made me wonder, why it never happened. Why the moon never came to me? It was a difficult question to answer for my mom. In my school days, when I first heard about Neil Armstrong, I wanted to visit the moon badly. But how was the big question. I never wanted to be a scientist, but I wanted to visit the moon. I found a costly solution for it before two years – Space Tourism. I made it my dream and queue it fifth in my priority list.

5. Happiness – Can it be bought?
From day one of my life till date, my mom used to tell me one only thing – “Always Keep Smiling. It is not so easy, but you can be happy, if you plan your life, and live your life as per the plan.”

I followed her words. I set myself realistic goals, and worked hard to pursue them. One of them is having a good insurance plan. IDBI FEDERAL: Lifesurance Whole Life Savings Insurance plan is one of the best plans that provides life cover continues even after the premiums are paid. It keeps everyone in my family happy and allows me to continue to enjoy the life, just the way I had planned!

So, I made my choice to be #BefikarUmarBhar

Always Keep Smiling!

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Valentine Week ♥ Promise Day ♥ February 11

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, go upstairs.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say your prayers.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn off the light.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say goodnight.

You must have done more than this. If you have then give yourself a hi-fi, you deserve it totally.

I am a good teddy bear. As I said yesterday, I reciprocated hundred times more than the actuals. What else she want!

The fifth day in the Valentine Week is Promise Day. On this day, promise to your love that you will be the reason to believe in love until the last breathe. Love comes with a lot of promises and commitments. Make sure you promise and follow them, but at any case, do not do any fake promise. Promises cost a lot.

My promise to her is simple. “I’m all yours and you are always mine – ever and forever!” She promised the same. We are a happy couple!

the promise we made on our special day

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♥ Sarav Vidhya ♥

Valentine Week ♥ Teddy Day ♥ February 10

How did the day go? Had your chocolates? Was it tasty?

If the answer is “YES”, great then!

I am a mad lover of chocolates and ice creams. I had them both after my dinner. Overall, it was a great day!

I am done with my plan for Teddy Day. Before I reveal that let me tell you what exactly Teddy Day is.

As the name suggest, it is time for you to send teddy bears to your love or crush. Ladies like to hug them a lot, so gift a soft toy. The more the softer, the better the love. Gifts ceramic or other teddy bears to Gents, they love seeing their love’s special gift. Make sure the Teddy Bear is of a good size, colour and material. It may not be the costliest one, but good enough to hug them close.

Vidhya presented a Teddy Bear (as in the pic below) last year. I liked it a lot. It was an awesome day. I have gifted different types of toys to her. This year, I am planning to gift a soft toy to her. It may not look like a teddy bear, but she can hug and kiss round the clock. The best feature of the toy is it reciprocates hundred times more the actuals.

clicked by me using my canon baby

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Valentine Week ♥ Chocolate Day ♥ February 9

“Men do cry!”

It so happened today, when my friend Rakesh WhatsApp’ed me. ‘Gone bankrupt! Bought a diamond necklace for my wife. You know kada… how it is. Need fifty thousand rupees.’

‘Money sent buoy

‘You are an angel buddy. Got heart attack on seeing the Gold Price today. Must have got one before for her. Missed it because of the dreadful word Deadline. Btw who found this Propose Day?’

‘God knows who!’

For the next few minutes I was thinking of a question, “Why such a costly gift? What is the connection between cost and love?”

The answer isn’t simple. Anyway, let me not talk about it.

The third day in the Valentine Week is Chocolate Day. On this day, you can gift the best or your partner’s favourite chocolate. Maybe you could buy a chocolate box too. Because the sweetness in the chocolate will surely enhance the closeness in your relationship. Moreover, it can turn romantic, if both of you are chocolate lovers.

Make sure you buy a decent size chocolate. It may not be the costliest one, but should be good enough to sweep your love off the floor. If you want to be romantic, gift pack the chocolate or the chocolate box, light a single candle and arrange for a surprise. Once your love opens the chocolate, have it right away. The rest could be magic!

This is what I did last year. And it turned out to be a perfect Chocolate Date with less of chocolates and more of us.

chocolates of different sizes and brands gift packed in the color of love

This image is designed especially for the Valentine Week. Make it yours! If you enjoy reading this post, come back tomorrow for more. Have a good day!

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