Bedtime Rituals

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Making the little one to sleep is a special art followed by every mom in a unique way to her child. Every night when we come to bed after wrapping up the days’ work, filled with tiredness, my little girl will start playing with her brother, my elder son. They are the perfect partners in crime and they will not allow anyone of us to sleep until early morning. We had many sleepless nights like that, but my hubby and I enjoyed it a lot.

There is a secret way to put her to sleep first, then my hyperactive elder son, and finally we go to bed. What I do is to make her feel sleepy by feeding her giving a warm hug. Once her tummy is full, I will be singing soft melodious lullabies, as she loves listening to them. Those lullabies helps her to enter into sleep mode, and finally to sleep.

After struggling so much to make her sleep, it last only for a few hours. Yes, mostly after 3 hours of sleep, she always feel restless, as her wet diapers irritates her a lot. In half sleep, I change her wet diapers, and we have to start all over again, almost, like a new beginning to make her sleep. I had the same issue with my elder son too, but somehow with my help of my mom, I was able to manage it easily.

On a fine day one of my friends visited my place, when I shared my experience with her, she suggested me to use Pampers Baby-Dry Pants for my girl for a peaceful sleep. Without any second thoughts, I bought one for her. We made her wear the same, fed her, sang the sweetest lullabies taught by my mother, and made her sleep. We were really tensed thinking what could happen if it reacts the other way for her. My hubby and I, along with my elder son lay down on bed without making any noise, offering prayer to God that things should go well.

Guess what, we experienced the real magic… Yes, she had a peaceful sleep throughout night. The pant style Diaper made life easy to change the solid diapers without disturbing my girl from sleep. Pampers baby-dry pants helped my little one and myself to have a super fresh morning the next day.

I am sure if we use Pampers baby-dry pants, not only my little one sleep peacefully, but as a family, we enjoy the peaceful sleep the entire night. Many thanks to Pampers for such a wonderful product. It is actually a boon for all families with little ones.

And I am happy to share the Bedtime Rituals.

Happy Parenting!

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