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Being a crazy mobile phone lover, I buy new phones once in two months, in exchange of month-old phones. “Exchange your old phones for NEW”, might sound good, but in reality, it was not.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 attracted me to the extent that I was ready to exchange my Samsung Galaxy S3, but I do not wanted to exchange for a very less amount. Moreover, I did not trust any websites to sell my old phones, as I had a bad experience in the past.

That’s when my crush, Anshita, introduced me to Quikr.comsafest and fastest – for selling old items at the best price. The trust I had for her, made me sign up for and post an Ad to sell my old mobile phone. In less than an hour, I found a genuine customer, and sold him the mobile at a decent price. It made me happy. More than that, it made me trust, and I sold most of my mobile phones through

Then a day came, when Zenfone 6 invited me to visit At the same time, I got an invite from Anshita for a Coffee Date, which I cannot deny. She sounded romantic. I dressed up in her favourite jeans and white shirt of mine, and left to Café Coffee Day.

I reached almost an hour before the actual time. I was nervous. Might be, it was the effect of her tone. That was when I got a call from a buyer named Vikas. He asked many irrelevant questions about the phone for almost thirty minutes, and finally revealed that he was calling from Andhra Pradesh. I hung up the phone irritatingly.

My mind was upset, but on seeing the beautiful Anshita, my mood got uplifted. We went inside Café Coffee Day and took a corner seat. We ordered two cups of cappuccino – one is a belly of Italian espresso smoothened with steamed and foamed milk, topped with a deep layer of foam and the other is the original Italian drink.

I got a call from an unknown number. I hesitated to pick it up, but on Anshita’s acknowledgement, I picked up the call. It was from a buyer named Neha. She was enquiring about a Scooty Teenz Electric that she dreamt of buying. I reconfirmed the mobile number, also admitted that I did not post any such Ads, still she was reluctant to accept. I had to hang up the call in the middle, in order to escape from ruining my Coffee Date.

I smiled to feel better. Anshita, too, smiled, but she looked bit upset. The coffee turned cold by that time. We could not talk much, as I repeatedly received calls from Neha. Finally, I had to switch off my mobile. I took Anshita out for a ride, before dropping her at the hostel. The date was okay, but it did not turn out to be a special one. Might be, next time!

On the way back to home, I was thinking of the plus and minus of How spammers and cheaters use good websites for their own good? That was when an idea came thundering down my mind! Why not introduce features like Chat, Verified Buyers and Sellers, Chat History, Number Privacy, etc. Because I prefer to chat with Buyers rather than talking over phone because of the above reasons: a. I do not want to waste time talking to a futile buyer. b. I do not want to waste time talking to a wrong buyer. c. I do not want to waste time talking to spammers.

They say, “Like-minded people think alike.” That I second. We have Quikr NXT now. NO FIKAR. CHAT QUIKR. It has features like “Number Privacy”, “Chat”, “Photo Sharing” and “Chat History” that will save your life for good.

Now you can enable privacy settings to your number, and can display/share your number, only if you feel comfortable with the buyer. With Photo Sharing, life become easy, and Chat History, will help you for all possible good reasons.

What are you waiting for? Logon to and sell your old stuffs now easily. NO FIKAR. CHAT QUIKR.

Happy Buying and Selling!

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  1. Sarav, do you actually change your mobile once in every two months? 😉 😀
    Am yet to try . The advanced features indeed call for a look to experience it.

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