Valentine Week ♥ Chocolate Day ♥ February 9

“Men do cry!”

It so happened today, when my friend Rakesh WhatsApp’ed me. ‘Gone bankrupt! Bought a diamond necklace for my wife. You know kada… how it is. Need fifty thousand rupees.’

‘Money sent buoy

‘You are an angel buddy. Got heart attack on seeing the Gold Price today. Must have got one before for her. Missed it because of the dreadful word Deadline. Btw who found this Propose Day?’

‘God knows who!’

For the next few minutes I was thinking of a question, “Why such a costly gift? What is the connection between cost and love?”

The answer isn’t simple. Anyway, let me not talk about it.

The third day in the Valentine Week is Chocolate Day. On this day, you can gift the best or your partner’s favourite chocolate. Maybe you could buy a chocolate box too. Because the sweetness in the chocolate will surely enhance the closeness in your relationship. Moreover, it can turn romantic, if both of you are chocolate lovers.

Make sure you buy a decent size chocolate. It may not be the costliest one, but should be good enough to sweep your love off the floor. If you want to be romantic, gift pack the chocolate or the chocolate box, light a single candle and arrange for a surprise. Once your love opens the chocolate, have it right away. The rest could be magic!

This is what I did last year. And it turned out to be a perfect Chocolate Date with less of chocolates and more of us.

chocolates of different sizes and brands gift packed in the color of love

This image is designed especially for the Valentine Week. Make it yours! If you enjoy reading this post, come back tomorrow for more. Have a good day!

♥ Celebrate Love ♥
♥ Sarav Vidhya ♥

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