An Unsent Letter Written By A Girl

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Unsent Letter by a Girl Who Was Gang RapedUnsent Letter by a Girl Who Was Gang Raped

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0 Replies to “An Unsent Letter Written By A Girl”

  1. Saravana, I love the idea to show the letter as images, but red font on bloody red paper template (to indicate the grotesqueness of the incident) is difficult to read. Can't make out a thing. :/

  2. Thanks da. Glad you asked the question. A stabbed girl using her blood to write on a paper that flew to her from the road side. For sure, it will be dirty, and since she is using the blood to write, it spoiled the paper too. I can understand your frustration, that's the reason I added the text version of the same.

    Moving the text version to the top, hope people will like the idea and read the image, which will show the grotesqueness of the incident.

    Someone is Special

  3. The story behind the story is even more painful…(from your reply to Vinay) I was just going to ask you that..

    the story kind of tugs at your heart, and though you are mentally prepared for what is to come, it still punches you in the face.

  4. Sarav,
    Re-reading this for the third time, I've read many posts from you on similar topics but this one would ascend them. You certainly creatively and thoughtfully weaved the use of blood stains on the paper. And the unfinished word is highly symbolic.
    For once I secretly hoped, this letter wouldn't be unsent.
    Good luck for BAT. =)

  5. Prunzaye,

    This is the kind of comment which encourages the writer to explore more, and it more than winning the BAT Crown. Thanks, you made my day!

    As you said, the unfinished words are more painful in this letter. Think of the situation that the guy gets to read the letter, for sure he would go mute and mad. I, too, hope the same.

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  6. Reminded me of the Delhi rape case… one of the rapist a minor.. how cruel can a person get.. what happens to their soul.. there are so many whats and whys… it is really sad.

    Good work…All the best for BATOM

  7. An unsent letter filled with some hard feelings about some painful events that put an end to her wishes…
    Also, this post had me moved *till I scrolled down to reach this comment section*
    Dunno what to say about such illicit and shameful events happening in this country 🙁

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