Dry Baby Happy Baby

This is indeed a nice topic, which I would like to pen down my sister experience.

Have you ever imagined the world without light and power? Nowadays it is not possible for anyone to live without power. Electric power has become a primary source to lead our day-to-day life. The same way dry pants has become very essential for every mom’s with little one. It is the simplest way to keep the baby happy.

I wonder how my mom managed 3 children without using diapers and it’s unbelievable to think how my grandma brought up 9 children without using diapers. Earlier days before diapers came into existence; our ancestors faced many unavoidable irritating situations. Once diapers were introduced we all felt happy and started using one for our babies but still we had issues like leakage and the diapers also failed to keep the baby dry inside which resulted in skin rashes. Even I had such instances that I would like to share.

Once we went to a birthday party with my little one and she had done loose bowel movements before we returned home. Though she was wearing a diaper, it started leaking outside and my little girl dress was messed up. Moreover it doesn’t absorbs the watery substance inside and failed to keep my baby’s soft skin DRY inside, so she got disturbed completely and the joyful situation changed into a worse situation. Though I changed her diapers my little one felt uncomfortable and started crying constantly and because her dress was also messed, that’s the end of our happiness in the party, so before the party got over we urged to return back home to make our girl feel comfortable.

Another instance happened when she was 11 months old. One day after potting, she felt uneasy and tried to pull out the diaper and the strip was opened. She kept her hands and spread the shit in her body. When I saw her, she laughed as if she found some new thing. She looked very dirty and I gave her a bath again to make her feel fresh. Hope many of us came across such situations. So it’s very important to keep our baby dry both inside and outside to keep them happy. Generally, babies hate changing diapers often as it irritates them, this action of repeatedly changing diapers spoils their happy mood, and even a happy baby turns into a tear-filled baby. Mostly my little girl gets irritated soon if she feels wet inside and starts crying constantly that in turn makes me helpless to calm her down and that shoots up my Blood Pressure, which ends up in shouting either at the baby or with the family members. Many times trouble starts here in families if I am not wrong.

Now we are tension free because Pampers introduced Pampers Baby Dry Pants, which not only ensures dryness outside like other diapers but also ensures keeps the dryness inside the pants because of the magic gel technology used in this product. This magic gel technology locks in the moisture and keeps the baby soft skin dry to stay happy for long hours. There is no need to change the pants for at least 12 hours or unless it is soiled. For a day out or even for a long journey all we need to carry is “Pampers Baby Dry Pants” to keep our baby happy. Moreover if you have a new born in your family without any second thought get Pampers Baby Dry Pants and you will feel the magic done by the magic gel to make life easier.

It’s really a blessing to have Pampers Baby Dry Pants at home to keep our baby happy. As rightly said “Dry Baby is a Happy Baby” and “Dry Baby Family is a Happy Family”.

Happy Parenting!

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