Happiness is

In our life, we tend to cherish simplest things that makes us happy. In fact, in day-to-day’s life, we care only about small and simple things that gives us immense happiness, and shed tears if we miss those things, though he definition of happiness differs for each of us.

For a newborn, mom is happiness.
For a kid, toy is happiness.
For a boy, gaming is happiness.
For a girl, makeup is happiness.
For a man, salary is happiness.
For a woman, independent is happiness.
For a husband, wife is happiness.
For a wife, love is happiness.
For a father, family is happiness.
For a mother, baby is happiness.
For an uncle, future is happiness.
For an aunt, security is happiness.
For a grandpa, grandchildren is happiness.
For a grandma, home is happiness.
Happiness is endless, it goes on.

Happiness is all about simple things that happens in our life. One such simple thing that make me happy is a madness I developed during my teenage period – Writing – happiness that has no bounds. I have so many reasons to write. I have even wrote a poem (Writing is Happiness) listing the reasons to write.

When writing itself is happiness, living a life with the character (Isha) I create in a story is merrier. At times, I get excited and even wonder what I will do if my dream girl walks to me, get down on one knee, and proposes me like I do in my stories. It excites me inside; even makes me blush and go mad.

When readers appreciate such things, it uplifts my confidence because receiving feedback is unlimited happiness to me. Words cannot express the feeling of winning a heart through my words. It makes me fly to Seventh Heaven or Cloud Nine (if they exists) and can change an ordinary day into an extra-ordinary day. Such is the power of a positive feedback!

When all of these are happiness, winning a prize for what I wrote, is an added happiness booster that motivates me to write better and better. It could be a simple badge or a handsome cash prize; it doesn’t matter. It is a recognition for my work and that is what real happiness is to me.

To be a winner one has to be a good writer. To be a good writer one has to be a good reader. To be a good writer one has to be a good judge. To be a good judge one has to know how to write a correct feedback. To write a good feedback one has to be good writer. If you can wear all these hats, then you can be the happiest person alive in this world.

Writing about happiness is real happiness. Writing about “Writing is my happiness” is a gift for a creative heart. To get such chances, I need blessing from God. I am happy to have them. I celebrate my happiness in my own unique way.

If you are happy and want to celebrate the happiness with your family and friends, drink a coke and eat a cake, like I do, because life is all about simple things that makes you happy.

If you feel happy to read this post, then watch Coca-Cola TVC – http://CokeURL.com/96jnc – the inspiration behind expressing my happiness.

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  1. Writing is indeed a madness. It's like an addiction, if you leave it then survival becomes typical. You have a great passion and skills. Keep writing because there's a lot more to come your way as a recognition.

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