My Favorite Story

Life is all about moments. It can be happy or sad. It counts. A moment filled with optimism can change your life for a better present and future.

One such incident happened five years ago.

Bangalore weather was fantastic. It was drizzling. As usual. I was at my friends place. She prepared coffee for us. We sat on the couch and spoke on various topics.

“Blogging is super fun. You should enjoy it.” She said.

“Blogging is fun, I agree.” I paused, complimented the coffee and then continued, “But comments are boosters that is much needed for a blogger.”

She thought for a second and then defended my point. “There are many writers who write for their own happiness because that’s what they need.”

“I agree to you, but they would write in their diaries, and not on blogs or public forums.”

“No. I know people who write on public forums, blogs, and websites, but they do not care for comments. They will be happy with or without it.” She winked.

“Okay. Don’t you need an encouragement to write more?” I said flashing a smile.

“Are comments, page views and flag views considered as an encouragement?” She asked as if she wants to slap me.

“Why should not we consider them?”

“Then you will end up worrying about comments count, page views, flag views, and not about what content you write.” She said after completing her coffee.

Her words struck the chord to create perfect rhythm. I drank the last drop of coffee left in my cup and said, “Okay, I understand your point. I write because I love to write life and am passionate about it.”

“That’s what I want to hear from you.” She flashed a smile. I smiled.

She looked at the laptop kept on the table. Few Miles was kept open. She looked at the page views, comments and flag views and then she said, “One day your blog will be read in more than hundred countries, your blog will get more than ten thousand comments and your blog will be viewed more than one hundred thousand times.”

The cute curve on my face curved a little and then fully. Her words filled me with optimism and hope for a bright future. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart because all I needed was one optimistic heart to support me endlessly no matter if I fail or succeed.

Today, I am glad that all her words came true. To be true, she is always ‘there’ for me right from day one of our friendship to push me towards victory. Not just in blogging but also in all the aspects of my life, she is there to help me to stay optimistic, perform better, win colourfully, and for a better future.

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  1. Yes , She was right! 😀 I want to thank her for inspiring you and let your beautiful talent shine.
    Friends are gift to life and you are lucky to have gifted one 🙂

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