Start A New Life

There will be a time in your life when you will be standing at the crossroads of life, thinking which way to go. In such situations, take a bold step to bring a big change in your life.

One such incident happened two years ago in my life.

It was a lazy afternoon. I received an invite from my Primary Supervisor for an emergency one-to-one meeting. I accepted the invite and just ten minutes prior to meeting, I left to his place situated at a different location inside my campus.

I knocked the door. He asked me to come in, and I went inside his room.

“Hey Sarav. How are you doing man? How is your newly married life? How is your wife?” He said tapping my shoulder.

“Hi Sam. Life is cool. My wife and I are doing great. How about you?” I said looking into his eyes.

“It’s going on.” He said, looked at the clock and then continued, “We’ve just eight minutes left. Let me come to the point. There is an onsite opportunity for you. It is for a long term. The country is Germany, so you might have to learn a bit of German.”

I was not sure how to react. To be true, I was confused.

“I would be happy if you go. It is a volatile environment, so I want my best resource to be there.” He said.

I sat silent, thinking what to do. More than hundred questions were running inside my head. “I’m newly married. I am yet to find a proper house in Bangalore. I am yet to get my marriage certificate. I am not sure if my wife, my parents or my in-laws will be okay with my travel.”

“Sarav… I know that you are newly married, and you are yet to start your life. You might be wondering how your family would react if you say about your onsite opportunity.” He stood up, and then he continued, “Think positively. Newly Married. New Country. New House. New Project. Start A New Life in Germany.”

I agree with you Sam. I need some time. I want to discuss with my family before taking any big step.” I said without having any eye-to-eye contact with him.

“Okay, I understand your position. Take your time. But tell me your decision before EOB. (End of Business)”

He smiled. I smiled.

Standing at the crossroads of my life, I was wondering what to do. I never wanted to be left out in the crowd. Instead, I wished to be unique by taking the right path.

I asked myself three questions:

“Is my Mom going to be sad if I say I’m going onsite?” The answer was NO.
“Is my in-laws going to curse me if I say that your lovable girl has to stay alone for a month or two?” The answer was maybe, or may not be.
“Is my lovable cute sweet wife going to slap me if I say that I’ll be going to onsite alone, find a good house there, get the visa for her, and fly her?” For sure, the answer was a Big NO.

I knew what I had to do. I spoke confidently. “I’m in Sam. I am always up for challenges. The harder the challenge, the better I perform. I’m sure my family members will be happy if I say that I got an onsite opportunity.”.

He appreciated me and initiated the visa process.

I stepped out of his room happily for making a BOLD move that would bring a BIG CHANGE in my life and pave way to Start A New Life!

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