You complete me, idiot!

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“To breathe is to write!” My life is like that. I write because of many reasons. I publish them in my blog, but I never had courage to get into print. In short, I made myself, the obstacle to chase my dreams. I felt bad for myself.

One day, when I was organizing the folders in my computer, my wife Vidhya asked, “Have you completed writing the book LOAS?” and opened the folder first, then the word document.

She was surprised to see a completed book in draft. “40K+ words and still, you are not getting it published.”

I kept mum. She insisted me to publish the book. I then narrated the untold pain of my book robbed by an author. She could not react. We sat silent for next few minutes.

She broke the ice, “You should start anew!” and then she added, “I’m there with you.”

I saw positive vibes in her words. I promised to start fresh. That’s when one of my friends shared about an anthology contest on Facebook. The theme was “Love”, my forte, so I quickly penned down a story, gave it a title, and showed it to her.

“The Last Date… good title, but I could guess the story from it.” She said and read the story.

“Impressive story, but definitely not the story of my guess. It is different and the ending is just amazing.” She said giving me a hug.

I sensed the positiveness in her words. I drafted an email, attached the doc, and was about to hit ‘Send’. Bad memories of my past encounter flashed inside my mind, I said, “Should I participate because I’m afraid?”

She gave me a hug, and praised the story that instilled the confidence back in me. Those words of encouragement helped me to take the first step in my publishing journey. The story “The Last Date” was selected in the contest, and was published in the book, “Kaleidoscope: Different Strokes for Different Folks.” I was the happiest man and she was the happiest woman!

She encouraged me to participate more. She was the main reason behind me being selected in “Uff Ye Emotions” – the grand platform that every budding writer dream of! She suggested me to write about the hurdle of getting home on a stormy evening in Hamburg, Germany. In fact, her smile was the first reason behind penning down the story, “120 Minutes” published in the book “Uff Ye Emotions 2”.

After “Uff Ye Emotions 2” whenever I wrote, she became the first reader. Without her constant encouragement, positive and negative feedback, I would not have managed to come this far in the publishing world. Today, I am happy to be a part of 6 wonderful anthologies, “Kaleidoscope, Uff Ye Emotions 2, Seasons of Love, The Zest of Inklings, Love Stories Around Us, and A Little Chorus of Love” and one short collection “BSTOL” penned solely by me.

Thank you my dear wife, for the constant encouragement and guidance, that helped me grow into a better, self-reliant person. You complete me, idiot!

Always Keep Smiling!

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  1. Awww, that's so sweet 🙂
    Congratulations to you for making a wonderful start and constantly growing as an emerging talent. You deserve much more. Keep going 🙂

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