Shake it Baby!

“Just a shake is what I needed baby.”

“What do you mean…?” She asked.

“Don’t you know what I mean?” I answered her question.

“But… I’m miles away from you.” Her words conveyed her mood.

“Still… a shake is what I needed to call you again.” I said giving her a clue to what I meant.

“Hmmm…” She hummed for a minute. Inside my head, she blinked like a tube light. As usual. Then she guessed, “Is your balance zero?”

“It was zero, but not now.” Before I complete my sentence, she shot the next question, “how did you recharge on the way?”

“All I needed was a shake on my smartphone after launching My Airtel App.” She asked the next question, “My Airtel App, is that a new app?”

“Well… it’s a simple app but it does a lot of things. Seriously, a lot of things, like recharging online your Prepaid sim, paying your Postpaid bill, manage your DTH and Broadband recharges and payment and much more than that. In short it is a simple online store in your hands.”

“That’s really cool.” She said, spoke to someone in her hostel on the dress she wore, and then she asked a golden question, “Do you remember the initial days of our relationship? How we managed to recharge for the other when not in town?”

“It’s been ten years now, still those days remain fresh in my memories, when we used to recharge for the other if the call gets cut automatically while talking. How can we forget that small shop where we maintained a common account for both of our expenses? Those days are the best days of our life.”

“I just installed the app on my phone.”

Shake it baby!

“Wow… that’s awesome. I got a cashback offer that’s almost equal to the amount I recharged.”

“That’s sweet of Airtel…” cutting me short, she spoke in a high tone, “OMG! It has an option to add my family members’ numbers. I’m adding you right away, okay.”

I received a message. “Airtel Recharge… … …. Your New Balance: 574”

“Did you top up for me?”

“Nope” she said, “I was testing the feature… And you know what, now I could recharge and manage all my Airtel services through my smartphone. See how smart I’m” She was excited. As usual.

“I just paid my Broadband bill dear. Hereafter I will not bitch you to pay at the shop near your room. And there’ll not be any reason for you to smoke.” She said, then she laughed and finally she said, “Okay, I will call you after some time. I have to get ready. I’ve a photoshoot today.”

“Okay, I’m also going to get down. I will give you the call once I’m done with the work. Love you my dear little lucky baby.” I said and hung up the phone.

Life of a travel photographer is so exciting, you never know what will amaze your third eye the next second, I thought and clicked the photograph of a boy jumping into the river fearlessly.

That night one more time I launched the app, I got FREE DATA as an exclusive offer for me. I thanked #MyAirtelApp and uploaded the photographs to a new Album on Facebook – Shake it Baby!

Happy Talking! Download the Airtel App here:

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