It’s Summer Time. Let’s Stay Fit!

Summer has come! Finally! After chilly winter days in Hamburg, the weather turned beautiful from last week. The mercury is crossing the early twenties. I can see more people cycling and coming in two pieces to office. Like most of the men in late twenties, I too, have a small tummy, credits to the freezing winter, the long office hours, and the weekends that were spent without any physical activity. I do not want to look old, and I badly want to get rid of the small tummy. I am not someone who prefer to skip breakfast or eating less for dinner to lose weight. In fact, I can never fast or skip food just for losing weight. That is, how I am, from my childhood.

There are two ways of reducing weight in a short span and that can be achieved by following a healthy diet and cycling to office, like I did, in the last summer and lost around seven Kgs, which unfortunately, I gained again in the winter. Now, it’s time to redo and get fit soon.

I prefer having a healthy breakfast, a good lunch, and a light dinner. For breakfast, I always prefer Honey on the top of sliced Banana. A recipe my wife and I like the most. It’s healthy and good for a decent breakfast. I prefer Dabur Honey, which I buy for a good price from Penny. For lunch, I prefer rice with any gravy, and for the dinner I prefer Indian Flat Bread. I call it a balance diet, because I have fruits and tea in between. Because a balanced diet helps to stay fit, stay healthy, and fight against the harmful bacteria by strengthening the immune system.

Do not take any risk when it comes to health, because a crash diet, can lead to several disasters, which includes a dozens of diseases that can never be heard before by a common man. This happens, particularly when you live in a county, where you have inadequate sunlight. So never ever take risk when it comes to food. Do follow a proper and healthy diet.

Also for those, who hates having healthy green salads, can opt for Honey Diet, which adds taste to the tongue, and also helps you to say healthy. Have a look at Dabur’s Honey Diet here. You can find more and more healthy tasty Honey Recipe here, the benefits of having Honey Recipes in detail, and to check out the calorie count that you take in a day. You are always opt for Expert’s advice from their website.

Have a balanced diet, because no ones like to look aged or suffer because of a crash diet. Stay Healthy! Stay Fit! Stay Smiling!

Surf it All! Surf it Fast!

Cricket… Cricket… Cricket… Sachin… Sachin… Sachin… Inseparable words that made my childhood beautiful. I have a lot of memories attached to cricket. Be it the tuition bunk, falling sick on exam days (my dad still believes I fell sick, so only I took leave… my mom knows me the best), pasting my ears to only pocket radio of those days, happy to stay back at home instead of attending any family functions just because I have to study for a class test or do my unending homework, or the best of all – skipping work reasoning sick and down… all for one motive – To Watch Cricket!

How good it would have been, if I had an option to watch the match when Sachin made history to become the first man on the planet to score a double century. Priceless right?

Yes, Cricket is not just a game. It is more than a religion in India. And to stay connected with the game, we have a hell lot of apps – none of them are the best owing to the speed they deliver the update – but nothing could suffice my requirements. Moreover they irritated me flashing “Loading data” always or “this app is not supported by your phone model“. And when days passed, I got used to “Loading Data” and “Late updates” despite of having a 4G Connection.

Deep inside I wanted an app or a browser that’s fast, easier to use with seamless transitions and connected 24 x 7 to cricket. I had none. I wished to develop an app on my own. Thanks to busy schedule which never allowed me to do it.

But, I know, I’m not alone. There are several thousand cricket fans wish the same. And guess what, one company made it possible. They made a browser with all I wished for, and with an unbelievable addition – a space in the browser dedicated for every cricket fan connecting them to the match center wherever they are – Believe me or not, but that’s the truth.

Have a look at the latest fastest cricket-friendly UC Browser. Now browse faster with maximum data compression than never before. Experience Seamless Transitions. It features UC Cricket, where it provides the best cricket service in India, which includes but not limited to…

– Live Scores.
– Seamless Auto Update of what’s happening.
– Fixture & Result
– Latest News
– Videos

Still if you do not believe me, then have a look at this video…

And it’s just not that… It allows you to create account for yourself, help you sync between your devices, assures maximum online protection, UC Cloud, and much more… Visit now and stay connected. If you like it, share the good news with the world, tweet now!

Happy and Safe Browsing!