Ideal Yatra!

Life itself is a yatra from birth to peace. We knowingly or unknowingly travel to new destinations with or without our own will and explore the hidden beauty of nature created by the supreme power, God. Out of these yatras we like (at least forced to like) almost all the yatras, but only a very few are our favourites. It’s our Ideal Yatra!

In these 28 years on earth I had been to several places, explored the beauty of nature and have my own favourites. My visit to Poovar Island, Trivandrum, is one of the ideal domestic yatras I had been to, along with my wife. It took five emails to book a floating cottage in Poovar Island and a visit to to book the flights. The experience of booking the flight was good: searched for domestic flights, typed source and destination location, date, no. of passengers and hit on ENTER. In almost five minutes I had my confirmed returned tickets in my inbox. I was the happiest man!

On the day of the journey, my brother took us to the airport in the car… we found Chennai Airport so beautiful. Luckily we checked in online (Air India Web check-in). Though we reached at the last minute, still we quickly passed through the security checks and boarded the flight right in time… all thanks to Chennai traffic and surprise diversions.

The flight journey to Trivandrum was smooth and good. Luckily, there was no turbulence. In my previous International flights, I had the worst experiences with seatbelt on all the time. As soon as we reached Trivandrum we got into the cab arranged by the Poovar Islands Team; a kind gesture by the team for the honeymoon couple. Followed by the cab journey, we took a boat to the Island viewing the seas I had previously seen in the maps.

Living in a cottage floating on water was an amazing experience for us. My wife was scared at the start, but within a few hours, she got used to it. In fact, on the second day we sat on the backyard of the cottage keeping our legs inside the water. The days flew faster than we imagined. Be it the candlelight dinner, the specially decorated honeymoon cake, or the backwater ride on a small boat, it was an incredible experience! Not to forget the dining experience, the mouth-watering cuisines, the photogenic surroundings and the amazing seashore that gave us a lifetime memorable frozen moment in my camera lens.

Though we made our itinerary to cover the entire city, the serenity of the Island did not allow us to go outside. On the last day the team arranged a cab for dropping us back to the airport. On the way the cab driver, Sriram Anna, a kind-hearted human being, took us to a famous Vinayagar temple, the chocolate shops and dropped us in the airport. The return flight journey was bit emotional, as we missed the cottage a lot. We decided to visit again and maybe in a few months’ time, we may visit again.

Thanks to for being a part of our ideal yatra. Explore more about Domestic Airlines. Happy Journey! Keep Smiling!

I’m back!

It’s been three long years since I attended a blogger meet. Life in Germany kept me occupied enough to make sure that I cannot travel to India whenever there’s a blogger meet or the famous BNLF meet; I surely missed the fun, but not anymore. I’m back to India. And this time, when the IndiBlogger announced The Horlicks #Immunity4Growth Blogger Meet, I was about to travel to Chennai. I cancelled the trip to attend the meet along with my wife Vidhya. And I am super glad as I met my wonderful friends – CS, Leo, Anoop, Farida, Rizwan, Sarabjeet, Vidya Sury and many more.

Before I share my experience, I would like to apologies to my blog and my readers.

Dear Few Miles,
Apologies for leaving you untouched for five long months. I was occupied with other priority tasks and the relocation to India kept me busy. During the transit time, thanks to the wonderful Vodafone Team for keeping me disconnected with the virtual world.
I wrote offline. I wrote for a bigger dream – Coffee Date – soon to be published by a traditional publisher. That’s the reason I addressed to you and not to Isha. Because this is the longest break I’ve taken right from the inception of Few Miles. So I am really sorry. I promise not to leave you again even when I write my next book.
And yes, I’m back!
With Love,
Someone is Special.

And to my readers, sorry for keeping you wait for five long months. I was busy writing my first book for you. I will get it published soon.

Coming back to the meet, right from the registration to Goodbyes, we felt excited meeting so many wonderful bloggers and friends. As soon as we entered the hall we met Farida and Vidya. We exchanged greetings and whereabouts, after which we occupied the table just before the last one. CS and Leo, joined us shortly. I felt very happy!

The meet opened with Anoop as usual rocking the stage, followed by introduction of Super Moms and Super Dads. Once the introductory session was over, Jill Castle, nutrient, Horlicks Team, an active blogger from USA, spoke about the importance of immunity for growth, the role of nutrients, the category of children, types of deficiency and its effects on growth, and how to deal with these issues.

When Jill spoke about deficiency of Vitamin D in India more than in Western Countries, I could only disagree to the percentage shown in the PPT. I agree, deficiency is everywhere. But we have good Vitamin sources and practices. Unfortunately, the knowledge is not getting transferred between generations. That’s why we need good tasty supplements like Horlicks to enrich the nutrients and immunity and help Children grow taller, stronger and sharper. Because once you are strong inside, you can grow outside healthy.

Once the presentation was over, we had an interaction session between nutrients, doctors and Horlicks Team. It was a good enlightening session, though I do not want to press more on it as it would sound more like a promotional post rather than an experience. We had a quiz after the session which Saby’s team won. Our team got four or five points I guess.

What I missed or got changed in the meet was the interaction session between bloggers like it used to happen before years – where bloggers go around with a chart and pen, meet fellow new bloggers, share URL, twitter handle and other info. It certainly helped find new friends. What happened in this meet was an interaction session over dinner. Most of the bloggers, including me, was busy eating the delicious dinner served instead of moving around to meet and greet people. The best part of the meet was my conversation with CS on writing and books and with Leo on Haiku and SOL Launch. It’s such a pleasure to meet and thanks with them.

After the dinner we received gift hampers from Horlicks (a pack of two Horlicks Bottles). Thank you, Horlicks Team.

It was a good experience overall! #Immunity4Growth Meet Rocks! Thank you IB Team for making it happen. I am looking forward to meet bloggers again and this time, I wish we have a proper interaction session.

I am feeling good to publish a post after a long gap. See you all soon with another interesting post. Till then take care.