Day 2 ♥ Happiness is Running 5K ♥ Spirit of Wipro Run

Happiness is running 5 kilometre powered by ambition… the ambition and the goal of the organization as well as the individual. Yes, I am happy to stress the word ‘individual’, as I ran for myself. Not many of my family and friends will believe that I lost the weight in the past eight months. Some will even laugh saying when did you gain weight to lose it. However, the truth, I was seriously working for it.

This is how I looked last year. I was 75 plus… if I recall correctly I was 76. 3 KG. The result of sitting for more than 14 hours in a day. Right from morning 7:30 or 8:00 AM till 4:00 or 4:30 PM in the office and from 5:00 PM to 09:15 PM in the school to learn German, after which Vidhya and I head to home, have dinner and sleep. This was our regime for six months. And the result was weight gain, though it was happily accepted by us, as we both cleared B1 in German Language and that too with colourful score. Later we realised that we have gained a lot of weight and we have to reduce. It was the toughest phase of our life and still it continues to be… I chose running and cycling, whereas Vidhya chose home remedies and workouts. It helped us to lose weight. Vidhya lost 6 Kgs and I lost 12 KG. We are happy, but Vidhya has to lose at least a couple of more KG so that she will be fit completely. And we are happy with this!

Today when I clocked 5K in 32 minutes, I was really flying thanking the stars. Though I run at least once in a week, still to do it along with 15K runners is awesome. Thanks to Wipro for making this happen! Wipro rocks! I did not carry my mobile, so I could not click any photos of mine, but I am very sure I will be able to find at least ten photos of mine in social media. Once I find, I shall upload 🙂

A click before leaving to Wipro Run!

And here is a small poem dedicated to Vidhya…

You and me,
Like moon and stars,
Smile in the night;
Happiness at might!

We are one,
Entwined in love,
Forever and ever;
Happily, ever after!

This is for us,
For the love we share,
It is beyond words;
Happy birds!

This post is published as a part of 100 Days of Happiness, inspired by Vinay Leo’s idea and encouragement. Thank you so much, Leo! Much Love!

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