Day 37 ♥ Happiness is eating sweets

Happiness is eating sweets!

Happiness is eating sweets. Can someone imagine celebrating festival without eating sweets? Will there be someone claiming that I hate sweets? Sweets evoke happiness from inside. It excites us within creating a happy environment. Remember, a happy home is the secret of success!

Do you love eating sweets? Share your experience. Spread Love!

And here is a small poem dedicated to Vidhya…

Love thy people,
Cooking sweets for you;
Keeping you happy,
Forever and ever!

This post is published as a part of 100 Days of Happiness, inspired by Vinay Leo’s idea and encouragement. Thank you so much, Leo! Much Love!

PS: Credit: Base background

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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