An open letter to the Prime Minister of India!

Dear The Hon. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India,

The following is an open letter written by me appreciating the bold moves by you and the government:

There’s only one India… Mother India. There’s hardly anyone who would say, I hate my mother. When it is impossible to hate mother, I cannot believe the fact that we, the citizens of India, hate our Mother India. Though, we do not say it in words, we show it in our actions: starting from black money to corrupted officials, polluted environment to deforestation, and in everything else we do, we reveal the true story. There has been a lot said about this by many people either highlighting the cons or hiding the pros and I am not going to add one more blog post to the list. I will keep it short and simple.

First of all, a very big congratulation on the bold move. Making INR 500 and INR 1000 invalid will kick the balls of those who owns black money. Be it one lakh or one crore or whatever the amount, for sure, it is going to give them a heart attack. The black money they own – years of planned acquisition – are nothing but papers. They are worth for nothing. It is highly impossible to account it or get it exchanged by any means. This, welcome move of yours, is highly commendable! Adding the denomination 2000 INR – though not a welcome move – still adds to the glory. The NGC chip inside and its features are truly remarkable. Once again, good job!

What else can we do to make India better? There’re lots… here’s my list worth a penny or two.

  1. Exchanging old 500 and 1000 INR notes to new 500 or 2000 INR notes should be prohibited. Instead, get it credited to their account, if they do not have an account, link it to their Aadhar card. If they do not have an account or Aadhar card, get them created immediately. By doing so, people who own black money, cannot use their sources to swap to new notes in small amounts (thousands or multiple of the same).
  2. Any online or offline transaction more than 10,000 INR should be authenticated by Aadhar card.
  3. Any payment of more than 1,00,000 INR should be digital. Cash should not be accepted at any cost.
  4. It is not possible to get rid of gold ornaments or bring it out to the market. Instead, make gold bars, gold coins or other forms of gold invalid. Get it replaced with digital gold coins and bars. This move, will bring out all illegal gold accumulations.
  5. Stamp papers and documents are other major source of black money. Make it invalid. Make a digital stamp mandatory for anything and everything. Do I have to mention the outcome?
  6. The next major problem we face in India is air pollution and traffic jam. To get rid of this problem we have to improve our infrastructure and public transport. It cannot be done overnight. Instead, we can collect fees on single driver cars… If a person drives a car alone for more than 5 KM at a stretch, then he or she has to pay a small fee to the Government. This, will surely kick the balls of all idiotic car owners, who occupies the road just because he or she can own a car paying EMIs. Or the ones who use the car even for going out to the destination that is within the 2KM radius.
  7. Create a Government portal for car or bike share. People who use it more than ten times a month should get tax benefits.
  8. Encourage tax payers… People who file tax year after year should get more exemption. Tax slabs should be based on the amount and no. of years. Award people who pay taxes continuously ten years… twenty years and so on. Indian honours system should be updated with more categories.
  9. Apart from Old age benefits, please introduce child benefits. Pay them till they turn thirteen and restrict it to only two and higher amount for the lower ratio and numbers.
  10. Create citizen forums for the concerns and highlights of their city. Designate a special team to resolve reported issues. A Happy Home is Happy Country!

Media control, removal of TRP ratings, standardise advertisement or having a cap for money spent on advertisements and much more should come into life. There are many more pain points in our society and we have a lot of people highlighting the same, but what happens is the time for any resolution to get implemented is what put us in the back seat. Rapid action like what we experience today is the only solution. Keep it coming!

Once again, Hats off to my dear The Hon. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, for being the first person to act boldly! You are the Change, the Sun, the Leader, we Indians needs badly. Let’s make Mother India Proud!

Jai Hind!

Yours sincerely,

Proud Indian Citizen!

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  1. I appreciate your sincere efforts in acknowledging the transformational step taken by the Hon. Prime Minister. You have shared some fantastic points which would be great if implemented (5,7,8,10).

    Indeed, we need implementation. There are hell lot of painful issues in the society to tackle with and overcome.
    I wish and pray that your message reaches to him 🙂

  2. That is a good one.i would like to add few more. It is not just govt who should monitor people. People should change and their thinking should change.Indian penal code rules and regulations has to be modified as time changes.can we ever see 100% pollution free,religion free and caste free society? Is it possible to govt to provide free education to all children below 15 years of age mandatory…All Indian companies should stop nodding their heads to work as per their client timings which is affecting our life style. Govt should save the lives of our farmers. They are the pillars of our nation.but r we treating them well?

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