#BergerXP it is!

IndiBlogger.in is so close to my heart. Be it the competitions they host, the meets they organize or they innovative thoughts of the organizers, I love being a part of it. When I got a special invite for #BergerXP meet, I registered instantly expecting the meet would be fun.

On Saturday, my wife Vidhya and I, reached the venue The Lalit Ashok Bangalore at around 12 PM. Leo and Vidya were there in the venue. I was happy to meet them almost six months. Soon many bloggers joined us – a few known faces and many unknown faces. Since I was wearing Mala for Sabarimala, I restricted myself from interacting with people. However, as more people walked in, I started interacting with them.

The meet started with a heavy lunch – I had only vegetarian – followed by the registration process. Anoop greeted me with a huge smile. We hugged. Renie was searching for ‘Someone is Special’ a.k.a Sarav, and on seeing me in the new avatar, he was surprised. I felt like back to home. Of course, for a blogger, IndiBlogger.in is home.

My wife was bit nervous as she was unable to register due to technical problems. Once Aaruhsi and Anoop, helped us complete the registration process, she was happy.

Anoop, the man behind the mike, invited Karthik to help us exercise. It was fun, I captured a video of the same. The balloon game. Karthik, you are just awesome man with your moves.

When Chandra took over, he spoke about BergerXP, its tools and innovations. Unlike other presentations where presenters concentrate only on AIDA model, this was a breather. He spoke about innovation, next gen tools and Express Painting. Faster. Cleaner. Better. It was fascinating that kept me engrossed till the very end. Some memorable one-liners, I tweeted during the meet and created a story using moments…

#BergerXP Meet by @FewMileshttps://t.co/acyyE9kyCg

— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) December 13, 2016

If I miss to talk about the tools then it would be a crime. Let me first tell you the names and its features, followed by a TVC made by #BergerXP.

SANDING MACHINE: It is Faster and Cleaner with Dust-Free Vacuum Function.

MULTIPURPOSE MIXER: Quick & Hassle-free Mixing that can help you mix putty and texture of your choice.

AUTO ROLLER: Have you ever seen an adjustable roller with automatic paint pumping, giving a superior sexy finish? Watch it below…

HIGH PRESSURE WASHER: The difference between a worst experience and the best experience is when someone start cleaning the walls. And that’s what Berger has done. A Hi-speed Pressure wash with regulators addition to the nozzle adjustment. It’s just amazing!

AIRLESS PAINT SPRAYER: A sprayer that supports water-based paints and primer giving a classic touch. Experience Berger XP now… Check out latest TVC…

If you are planning to give your favourite home a makeover, use #BergerXP Express Painting. I am saying this only after experiencing it. Actually we were asked to team up to perform a couple of acitivites. Given a choice to select five on my team as a lead, I spoke with Debolina and Nalini and they agreed to be a part of my team, and Leo & Vidhya was there by default. Initially we were given a challenge to smoothen a rough wall with putty. We did well. It is more of to test the patience level and to convey the hard work the painters put. Remember, how many times we would have said what work these painters do. They are not even doing their work properly. Trust me, it is hard and people do it with real passion to get your wall the look you are looking for.

The second set of activities is to paint on a theme and then present it. Guess what, we found our new lead from whom we got our team name Aakriti. Her enthusiasm in sketching is unmatchable and I see a future IndiBlogger in her. I always love sketching and painting. Somehow I am not giving myself enough time to sketch or paint or do both. This meet, gave me an opportunity to paint, and along with my team it got fulfilled. If I recall it right, last time I sketched was in 2013 and it was for a IndiBlogger Character Contest. And this time, too, IB, helped me paint one more time. I wish to paint more, but then reading and writing, gives me a good work -life balance.

We then took the Mannqinn challenge and trust me, it was real fun. Once it was over, we took a groupie and then we retired for the day after collecting the most precious t-shirt (thanks to the sponsors, who let IB print without the sponsors name) and a gift hamper from BergerXP. Since I forgot to take my bag, I went inside again only to be video interviewed. Thank you IB Team for the opportunity.

It was fun-filled day. Thanks to BergerXP and IndiBlogger for organizing such a wonderful meet rather than mere boring talks. I really look forward to meet you again. In case if I win a chance to get a wall painted by BergerXP, I shall write a detailed review on the same. For more info visit www.bergerpaints.com and also watch Express Painting Success Journey – https://youtu.be/skouMQXEu6U

Thank you all!

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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