A day without you :’-|

There’s always poet inside you. All you need is to express yourself in a language you feel comfortable. Of course, you need a small bit of encouragement and self-confidence to give wings to the poet in you. Luckily, I have many such sweethearts in life. And, that’s pretty much the reason for expressing myself.

Megha Barthwal, my colleague at work, an enthusiastic soul, is one such talented heart. On this special day, I’m privileged to introduce Megha to Blog-o-sphere, and let your pen create magic.

Here you go… the stage is all yours!

Passing along the morning mist,
Sound of flowers’ gist.
Indeed I see a world waking their eyes.
Though, I’m holding a long so list.

What all to do, what all can I do?
I want to leave all regrets and remorse,
Inside me hidden some strong force.
My burning desire, my eyes too liar.
My body so feeble, my voice not so audible…
Still pushing me so forward in a condition so awkward,
But all together strengthening me so deep;
All my inner voice emerging a bleep.

That I am so brave, and I am strong fist.
I have to forget when you very first kissed;
I have to move on and show me myself.
Coz I do exist! Coz I do exist!

Leaving behind the warmth of your touch,
Also want to forget so way do you judged.
My lips too will carry the smile I tucked;
I have to prove, I am no more a smudge.

I want to feel that I am also ‘I’,
I want to see that it’s not a lie.
I want to know I’m not so frail to cry,
I want to understand, you are no more of my.

Just a day without you, I want to live;
Now no more time I want to forgive.
Just one more chance myself I want to so give;
Just one more determination am going to outlive.

If one day I can so, daily I do.
I am thankful to you, and now I bid you adieu.


Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to exhibit my writing. It’s the first time I am writing for any blog and feeling more confident that I can continue to write more. Thanks for showing confidence on me.

"முகமறியா நண்பர்களின் கருத்துக்களே எனக்கு படிகற்கள்"

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