Happy New Year 2018 & #YearInReview 2017

Year In Review

At the end of each year I reflect on ‘how did it go?’, ‘can it be made better?’, ‘am I the same person or did I get better?’ and ‘what not?’ I do a detailed self-analysis and prepare myself for the New Year. I prepare a to-do checklist and wish list and plot-list I wish to write and complete the following year. Most of the times the lists stay the same year-after-year, but 2017 was different and indeed a year filled with happy and memorable moments by the grace of God Lord Ayyappan.

On Jan 1, at 05:30 AM sharp, for the first time in my life time, the divine grace of Lord Ayyappan bestowed on me… my life changing moment. From then, His presence felt in each and every second of my life.

On Jan 18, Vidhya and I, celebrated our Fourth Wedding Anniversary. The day became more special when my best friend visited home despite the hustle bustle life she lives whenever she visits India.

On Jan 30, at 05:00 AM sharp, for the first time in our life time, the most awaited gift of our life, became true… we became pregnant.

On Feb 8, after a long gap, I received a handwritten letter from a soulful friend and a box of chocolates from another…

On Feb 11, at around 11 in the morning, for the first time in our life time, we heard the most awaited heartbeat of our baby, Dhruv. We named our baby Pappu during the entire pregnancy.

On Feb 25, the first title of indiauthor.in, The Love for Colors (Shades of Life II) was launched grandly by the contributing authors at Blossoms Book Store. In case you missed the event, live the memories in our album…

Welcome to the launch of the book… a success story.If you have not read the book, grab your copy using any of the…

Posted by Shades Of Life on Saturday, February 25, 2017

The book eventually made into Amazon Bestseller lists…

On Mar 28, I turned 30. The birthday became special because of many reasons and still I could smile recalling them.

On Apr 2, the first set of happiness festivals started. Though it did not end at happy note, still one of the best days of our life time.

On June 2, a few days before the launch of debut novel at Blossoms Book Store, I invited my friends to the event; felt very happy looking at the invite, posters and of course, holding my debut novel in my hand.

On June 6, my debut novel Coffee Date was launched by Saji Peter (GM, Wipro). One of the dream come true moment of my life. I do not have words to express what I felt or feel about my book. The date also marks the special decade association with Wipro.

Dreams do come true. For me, it took seven years… So, it is never late to chase your dreams. My Dream, my debut novel …

Posted by Saravana Kumar Murugan on Thursday, June 8, 2017

When reviews are special to me, the person who reviews add specialty to it. Hence June 14…

When people read my book, and appreciates or criticizes my writing, I get excited and if it happens to be one of my close friends, it becomes special.

Well, 6 seems to be special to me. On July 6, I was recognized in Townhall for a good work-life balance. And, this is, one of the reasons, why I still work for Wipro.

First is always special, travelling in Business Class of Emirates, certainly excited me a lot. So, the date August 3rd.

Mumbai… it is one of the places I badly wanted to visit. Somehow or rather because I delayed my visit to the city, it did not happen for almost several years. But then, as they always say, everything happens as per God’s wish, I, too visited Mumbai on August 6.

Reviews make my day… that too a 1000-worded review is really special. Thanks to Monisha for the encouraging words.

Hand written letters are really special. All thanks to Rashmi for writing a handwritten letter review of Coffee Date…

Getting a good picture is always fun. In the recent times, I have managed to click good picture both in formal and causal look. One of my favorites…

A good challenging project has always helped me to do well professionally as well as personally. Roche was one such challenging project and during the course of Roche, I have ticked a lot of things that was pending for a long time.

On Oct 6, a bouquet of happiness, packed gracefully and sent with Love to us. Truly, love makes life beautiful… having a baby makes life complete… it is very true. It’s my pleasure to launch Dhruv’s Musings on his behalf…

Though I started this book way back in 2014, still I did not write much until the start of November 2017. In ten days, I wrote at lightening speed to complete the book, Sixteen and Half; a collection of 16 and half short stories. Grab your copy, I am sure you will love reading stories of different genre.

London is not a new place to me, but the wish to visit London once again came true this year. From Oct 22 – Nov 20, though I had to leave my 15-day old baby, still it was one of the most important official trip. Good, it was a successful one and I had my moments. And even if I close my eyes now to relive those moments… from the ride on the motorway in Jaguar to different cities to weekend trip to London to what not…

On Dec 26, my first poetry book, love and honey was released worldwide on Kindle. It was due for a very long time and I am pretty much happy I could release it in 2017; 3rd for the year.

On Dec 30, launched indiauthor.in read. review. repeat. challenge. Exciting reading challenge to help beginners read books and addicts read a variety of books.

It’s good to reflect on happy moments and I am hoping to have more such moments in 2018. Last but not the least, wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!


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