Happy New Year 2018 & #YearInReview 2017

Year In Review

At the end of each year I reflect on ‘how did it go?’, ‘can it be made better?’, ‘am I the same person or did I get better?’ and ‘what not?’ I do a detailed self-analysis and prepare myself for the New Year. I prepare a to-do checklist and wish list and plot-list I wish to write and complete the following year. Most of the times the lists stay the same year-after-year, but 2017 was different and indeed a year filled with happy and memorable moments by the grace of God Lord Ayyappan.

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Back to blogging with a purpose…

Long long ago, so long ago, once up on a time, I used to blog under the pen name ‘Someone is Special’, write poems and short stories and publish at least 50 blog posts on an average in a year, but the writer inside me pushed me progress to next level and fulfill the long pending dream of publishing a novel. It was not an easy path; I had to face a lot of struggles, rejections were painful despite being in the literature field for long and positive responses came with a long list of terms and conditions, which I was ready to accept with a small negotiation or rather I’d say agreement to set the book price to 143. A few publishers were happy to say ‘No’ to my request, but rest of them did not even bother to respond. When I was about to give up the idea of pricing the book at 143 INR, my very dear friend from US, who recently ventured into different businesses came forward to publish my book worldwide under the name of the author community website founded by my wife indiauthor.in.
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Desh Ki Beti by Megha Barthwal

I take pride in welcoming you again to Few Miles. Megha, my colleague at work, an enthusiastic poet, is back with a poem. This time in Hindi Language… DESK KI BETI!

Here you go… the stage is all yours!

Mai desh ki beti kehti hu,
Mai desh ke dil mein rehti hu;
Jahan dharti ko maa kehte hai,
Un saanso me m behti hu.

Yaha puja meri hoti hai,
Phir rooh kyu meri roti hai;
Sab kathan paraye lagte hai,
Sab log paraye lagte hai.

Ye jag kyu mujhse rutha hai?
Ye pyar bhala kyu jhuta hai?
Kyu bhoz mje sb kehte hai?
Meri aankho mein bhi sapne rehte hai.

Mai kokh mein hi mar jati hu,
Kyu mai kisi ko bhi na bhaati hu?
Yadi janma bhi di jati hu,
Mar mar kar hi ji paati hu.

Tooti chattano si mein dehti hu.
Har baar mai hi kyu sehti hu?
Mai desh ki beti kehti hu,
Mai desh ke dil m rehti hu.

Mai khoon ke aansu piti hu,
Bhs dar dar kar mai jiti hu.
Aawaz nhi m reeti hu,
Har naari ki aap-beeti hu.

Mujhe jhukao nhi, mje dabao nhi,
Ab chahe jitna chahoge na rok mje tum paoge.

Na roko mujhe na toko mujhe,
Mai vishva ka ujiyara hu.

Maa kasie tune tyag dia? Aakhir m ansh tumhara hu.
Mai aandhi hu mai junoon hu, pita tumhara hi to mai khoon hu.

Jo ab na zhukna chahte hai un aanko ki mai seepi hu.
Mai dekh ki beti kehti hu.
Mai desh ke dil mein rehti hu.


Thanks a lot for giving me an opportunity to exhibit my writing. Now I am feeling more confident that I can continue to write more. Thanks for showing confidence on me.