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She is Forever.
She is “Forever”… the creator, the living God, the purest Diya in God’s throne, and every single bit of faith I have in God.
She is “Forever”… my first love, my first friend and my best half. That’s why I believe in relationships.
She is “Forever”… a magical musician, a valor protector, and a wonderful teacher. The first song she sang, the first time she protected when I fell down, the first rhyme I learnt, is the best that happened to me so far.
She is “Forever”… my first poem, my first prose and my first special post. Maybe, that’s why I’m able to write.
She is “Forever”… a 21-year-old lady, a super-active woman, working round the clock, round the year, non-stop. She never sleeps and he has food only when she gets free time.
She is “Forever”… a super Amma for… me, my sister, my brother, my sister’s son and daughter, and for my future daughter. Even today, my sister’s son and daughter, call my sister Priya Akka and my mom Amma.

Above all, she is “Forever” my pillar. There are so many “Forever” about her. I will never be able to end this write-up even if I list them all… because I’m her son… Forever and Ever!

Happy Mother’s Day Amma!!!

This post is dedicated to my super Amma and to all the angels in this world…

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my life.. her shadow…

I heartily thank IndiBlogger for hosting creative contests and help us to nurture our talent and to write creative stories from the mind or to pen down true reflections from the heart, smiles! There are two exciting contest running at the moment, The Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest and Around The World With Expedia, and I felt the former is too close to my heart as I realized how beautiful was my childhood days. Moreover, I am not going to write one more love story or a creative fiction for the contest as I did in the past, because I wanted to express something close to my heart, my childhood days and the 100% Real experience that made me whatever I am today.

Whether it is curse or boon, I am not sure how to call it, whatever it may; it taught me what life is. The best place I lived so far in my lifetime is my mother’s womb, after that it is my sweet home. It is sweet not because of what people cherish, its size, colourful, or the high priced decorative things, in fact never we had any of those mentioned but my sweet family made it a sweet home. Although it is being built by hands woven with coconut leaves by my grandfather years back, it is our Taj Mahal and I spent my golden childhood days there. The house made us live closely with the nature because at night I can enjoy the stars through the roof holes, at day I can feel the hot sun and at rainy season I can enjoy the waterfall without visiting Niagara Falls, I mean the rainfall that pours through the roof holes. I slept peacefully even in that little house because I had my sweet family with me.

What is so special about my family, well my family itself is special because of my mom, dad, elder sister, more than three dozens of hens, two dogs, six cats, three mango trees, and a beautiful garden, which closely associated me with nature and lives. I am a master at climbing tree and mango tree is my favourite one, whenever I feel hot, the next moment I will be on the tree to enjoy the nature’s gift. I am close to hens, dogs (Snoopy and Browny), cats (Jessie, Poruki, Sweety, Janu, Swamy and Tiger) as I enjoyed each passing seconds in such a sweet environment despite we were a poor family and my father monthly wage was less than what I earn in a day today.

The dream to live a good life helped me to join a government school with two sets of uniform, slate and Balpam (writing stick). I learnt ‘a’, ‘ah’, ‘e’, ‘ee’ acting as if I am writing without actually re-writing on the slate to save the writing stick for a week. The hunger to gain knowledge was more than the actual hunger.

செவுக்குண வில்லாத போழ்து சிறிது
வயிற்றுக்கும் ஈயப் படும்.

When ’tis no longer time the listening ear to feed
With trifling dole of food, supply the body’s need.

I sipped knowledge as a supplement for food. The hunger to learn helped me to stay as the best in whatever I do.

Slowly we built a small house, and my brother was born. Our economic condition was much better than years before, I mean at least twice in a day we were able to have food and sometimes my brother and sister having idli’s (rice cake), father and me having paluthu and my sweet mom having only water was our new stage.

As days passed, I became the hero of my little school with my intelligence. Be it a teacher or a student, whomever they may be, they know my name, which made my parents proud and I am happy to hear, ‘you are the best’. In order to fulfil the increasing needs of the family, my mom and I started taking tuitions in the evening under the mango tree. We had a good crowd as I was known for my Mathematics skill in my place. When multiplication was a huge headache at that age, I helped people with tips and tricks to do calculations easily, say for eg., 55*55 = 3025, 105* 105 = 11025 but how many of you can do this in a second?

115 x 115
 115 .

This is how we do it right but I taught a simple way… Any square ending with 5 can be calculated with this technique – 115 * 115 = (11*12 = 132) (5*5 = 25) = 13225, 65*65 = (6*7 = 42) (5*5) = 4225.

How much is 99*99? Is it that tough to calculate? Simple, Consider x=99, (x*(x+1))-x –> (99*(99+1))-99 –> (99*100)-99 –> 9900-99 –> 9801, simple right?

29*29 ? Please apply the formulae, (29*(29+1))-29 –> (29*30)-29 –> (870-29) –> 841. But how to multiply 29*30, Do you think it is difficult, simple, (30*30)-30 –> (900-30) –> 870.. This technique applies to any number ending with 9.. Easy right..?

It make life easy when compared to the traditional method. I learnt and taught many such techniques and approaches for multiplication, division and for solving algebra expressions, which enriched my mind.

Before going to bed my mother used to narrate stories in my mother tongue under the moon, which I visualize and laugh at it, may be visualizing a dream character in that small age may have enriched my brain to dream and write creative stories. Her stories always had an emotional touch to it and whenever I ask her the reason, she said, ‘there is something more than money in life and that’s love’. She always showed me how to stay strong even at our troublesome times and made me learn, ‘Whatever happens in life, stay strong and give your best.

ஈன்ற பொழுதில் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன் மகனை சான்றோன் எனக் கேட்ட தாய்

On hearing that her son did an outstanding job, her joy will be boundless and more than the moment, she gifted him to this world.

Days rolled on and I made my parents proud by scoring well in public exams, won many cash awards, and by joining the Engineering College. I did well in my UG too and got into one of the top IT companies of India. I never let go any opportunities that come my way, I gave my best and that is what made me whatever I am today.

Last year when my dad went down to earth with abdominal pain, later confirmed as abdominal carcinoma and to be operated by SUPRA MAJOR OPERATION BY WHIPPLE PROCEDURE. She said, ‘Whatever happens in life, stay strong and give your best.’ She is the true spirit of a woman who fought with so many issues in life to bring up my sister, brother and me as achievers. Salute you Mom!

The write-up may seem to be simple, and you may think what is so special in it. But the 100% real experiences in my life are learnt from my Mom’s words, ‘there is something more than money in life and that’s love’, ‘Whatever happens in life, stay strong and give your best.’ ‘Never let go any opportunities, give your best and show the world that you are the best’.

Whatever I have done till now and whatever I will do hereafter will be because of her! I live for her and more than anyone else in the world, I love her lot. She is a selfless, noble soul, a pure lamp burning through eternity before God’s throne. She is my inspiration, she is my living God, she is my real self, and she is my life. I will never be able to end this write-up even though I write billion words about her, because ‘I am her son’. The post, “my life.. her shadow…” is personally dedicated to my sweet mom, who inspired and taught me what life is with her 100% real experiences.

Thank you Ma! Proud to be your Son!

PS: I as a part of IndiBlogger, ‘The Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest, have published this post. The contest is to, “Write about the “100% real” experiences you had growing up.” I personally thank IndiBlogger and Kissan for hosting this particular contest because I’ve got a perfect chance to write about my mom. Dear Reader! Be it positive or negative feedback, do leave your footprints..!

! ~ Happy Mother’s Day ~ !

In the merry month of May
Angels have a special day
An embodiment of pure love
Of course, it is Mother’s love
Unconditionally true it is
No matter how good or bad you are
She can understand our tears,
And can soothe our disappoints
She can share the joy we feel
And can make our dream real.

She is a poem
Even if it rhymes or not
She is a sweet poem

She is a song
Even if it have nodes or not
She is a melodious song

She is a sketch
Even if is colour or black
She is the masterpiece

She is a colour
Even if it is black or white
She is a beautiful colour

She is a rainbow
Even if it is less than 7 colors
She is a colourful rainbow

She is a season
Be it summer or winter
She is a scintillating season

She is peace
She is words of wisdom,
She is Faith, Truth, inspiration,
And what more, she is God,

The living God
I pray daily
Thank you Mom…
! ~ Blessed to be your son ~ !

! ~ Happy Mother’s Day ~ !

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