The Untold Story – Cinderella, oh Cinderella!

Some people like to sing, some people like to listen to music, some people like to browse web and some people like to read when they are alone. Only few possess the passion to write when they are alone. I’m one amongst those few who love to write a verse or prose even during the transit time. The time that helps us to realize how much we love our dear ones. Sitting alone at the Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport is not at all easy and I can never sit idle.

All of a sudden, my heart asks me, ‘Why not to write about Cindy?’ The answer is what you going to read now. See you at Goa!

Alone in the night, I sing,
Cinderella oh Cinderella; I swing,
The earth or the alcohol, I wonder!
Who that Cinderella is? The number,
My hour hand shows is eleven,
Is she an angel from heaven?

Hello, Hi, Namaste, Vanakkam, Aadab,’ I say. She stares angrily.

I sit next to her and ask, ‘Shall we go to the room?’ She shouts like anything, which no one can understand.

Thank you for your complements! I did not mean that way. It is very cold out here and moreover it is not safe to stay here at this time of the evening.’ I say with a smile.

Night,’ she says irritatingly.
I laugh and say, ‘Yes, baby! Shall we go?

Will you please leave me alone?’ She shouts like a banshee.

This beach is known as Slut’s paradise.’ I say and she shouts like anything, which only God can understand.

Hey chill, chill. I cannot understand your language. Can you please speak in English?

Why should I? Please leave me alone.’ She shouts; this time I can understand her.

I smile and say, ‘Thanks,’ and she smiles.

All men are same; they wait like snakes for the right moment to bite!’ She says with tears in her eyes.

Ufff I agree, but not all! There are some good,’

She shouts before I complete, ‘No one is good. Everyone wants flesh. They cheat badly in the name of love. Actually, they want to try their hands on all the girls they meet in their lifetime.

I can understand your tears,’

I don’t want your sympathy. Will you please leave me alone?’ She says softly with wet eyes.

But your eyes say it all. Tell me your story.

I’ve nothing to say.’ She says with tears continuously rolling down her cheeks.

I stay silent looking into her eyes, which said the untold story of her life!

‘It was not an ordinary day in my life. It shook my confidence. It changed my fate. It had torn my little heart. It made me hate my childhood. When every child said with pride, “Childhood was lovely, I wish I could go back there, I wish time would freeze.” But I think differently. I have no such wish; in fact, I never want to even think of my childhood. My parents had many friends and they would come home now and then. He was one amongst those as old as my mother’s dad; I even called him Papa many times. He was a frequent visitor to my place. When I was 12, my mother was ill; her kidneys had failed. She used to visit the nearby hospital for dialysis. Twice a week, my parents were pretty much gone from home for the whole day. All our close friends knew that Mummy was talking dialysis. One such day, my parents were away and my brother had gone outside to play. That was when he turned up. I was at home, alone. I was wearing a new dress. I was cheerfully decorating the home. Suddenly he came to my place to give a floppy containing my photos, which he had taken. When he came to give it to me, he was drunk. May be floppy was an excuse because things he did to me that day, which should not happen with any child. I cannot say whatever happened that day, but I’d still say that the way he touched me, in so many places like arrows, that even my body gave up. At some point, I started hating everything that was happening in that half an hour or 45 minutes he stayed. It was so uncomfortable for me. I froze completely. Time had stopped. I could not move a muscle not even lift a finger. I stood like a statue, he kept doing what he wanted, and he was without conscience. For about 45 minutes, he went on and then he left. After he left, I realized my lips were swollen and bleeding. That’s really not how a first kiss for any girl, right? And like I said, he is respected and trusted by my family. Every decision was past him. For months, actually for years, I cried because of this incident. After that, I was always trying to escape from him, but I was always running into him. He visited frequently after that incident. I was so angry and vexed. How could men like him? I was just the age of his granddaughter but he.’ She says with tears; by the time, I literally have tears rolling down my cheeks.

But could you tell your parents about him?’ I ask her with eyes puzzled.

No, What if they stopped dialysis?’ She asks.


The worst part of my life is my childhood days after that I lost the trust I had in men. Also, my parents passed away five years ago in local riots that happened in Mumbai. All I had was my Rahul but he too used me for his sex life. He is married now and I’m left behind alone with tears. That’s why I don’t want to live.’ She cries, I too.

I freeze on hearing her untold story. I am unable to utter any word because her life was cursed. All I want is to color her life beautifully. I hug her saying, ‘Well, I can still see colors in your life. Live your life for you.

She smiles with tears and asks, ‘Will you be my friend?

I too smile with tears – Lifelong friendship starts from that moment as we walk holding each other hand.

PS: The character may sound real but she is not, actually. The paragraph in which the girl narrates about her childhood painful experience was taken from Satyamev Jayate Video to depict how painful child sexual abuse is. PS: There is no point in appealing to support for a social cause because it has to happen on own self interest else it will just be an appeal. Fact: Gandhiji decided to stop saying lie after watching the drama Harichandra. There might be thousand or more watched the same but did they decide to stop saying lie? It is up to the individual to decide, and to create mass awareness. Join hands only if your instinct wishes to. Satyamev Jayate!. Live a life worth a smile in others faces. Thank you!

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! ~ Child Sexual Abuse Awareness ~ !

What is Child Sexual Abuse?

Child Sexual Abuse, CSA is any sexual contact between a child and another person with or without force and people who prefer sexual activity with a child are known as ‘pedophiles’. It is important to remember that such people are completely responsible for the abuse. The effects are disheartening and numerous such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, propensity to further victimization in adulthood, and physical injury to the child.

A shocking fact says, that one in three girls in the world is sexually abused before reaching the age of eighteen, and one in four before the age of fourteen? In the case of boys, one in six is sexually abused before the age of sixteen. They can be homosexual or even heterosexual. And it is disheartening to hear from the victims.

What is our position in the world?

It is hard to know that India emerge as the “hub of child sex abuse”, in order to protect child from such abuse the Supreme Court ordered the government to deal sternly with criminals and recommended a separate police wing to deal with Child Sexual Abuse. The court also advised the government to seek the help of NGOs in tackling the problem of Child Sexual Abuse. Here is a blog helping people to understand about CSA and how to tackle it.

What steps can be taken to eradicate Child Sexual Abuse?

1. Teach your children about sexual abuse and about different parts of the body.
2. The behaviour with one spouse can be a role model for the children.
3. If someone approaches them for sexual abuse then they should immediately report to parents.
4. Encourage your children to invite friends at home and know about them.
5. Last but not the least; be vigilant for any signs of sexual abuse.

How bloggers can help for this cause?

Blog from your heart on this issue, share it with Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or any and help people learn what Child Sexual Abuse is.
Here is a Haiku for people to think..

From a girl child perspective…

Precious angels we
are, save us from extinction
Stop this sinful sin

Come, join the Cause Child Sexual Abuse Awareness, by Bloggers and help people to learn better about it.