Coffee Date – The End

Chapter: The End!

With just two days left for my travel, I was all set for the US Trip. I packed everything, almost everything I had in the house, so that I could dump them in Krish’s place and leave to US. Just before closing the door, I heard her voice again, this time from the bedroom, “How many times I have to say that I hate that unclean stubble?

Tears oozed out from my eyes, but somehow I managed to control my emotions, as my brain know that she passed away in a car accident last month, but my idiotic heart is yet fooling itself saying that she is still alive.

Krish came there in his van, with a small curve on his face he asked, “Have you done with packing?

Again, in tears, I said, “Yes, almost everything is packed, except my memories, which is still living with Isha in this home.

Compose yourself Sid. She is just a memory, not your life. Start living your life.” His words irritated me, but I did not say anything in return, as I could understand his care. My lips curved a little. We loaded everything in his van and started to his home.

Once again, I heard her voice from back, “Good luck Sid. I love you and will love you forever.

If it wasn’t for my unclean stubble, we had a fantastic life. But that does not mean she loved me just because my clean shaven look bowled her over. She loved my heart more with a heart full of love and that’s the reason for my wet eyes. She was the first and perhaps the last one to love me in that way. She will always live in my diary, as my First and Sweet Coffee Date.

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Coffee Date – XIV

PART 13 | PART 14

Chapter: Just married!

It was a simple registered marriage. Krish, Sanitha, Rahul, Ankita were present to sign on our behalf. All of them are my close friends, and only people to know about our relationship. At half past ten in the morning, we met in the registrar office as planned. Since we booked a slot well in advance, there was no much formality left. We exchanged jasmine garlands, and with three knots and two signatures, we became into one, to start a colorful life. After the marriage ceremony, we booked a car (Just Married) to Sri Venkateshwara Perumal Temple, and then to Iskon Temple with our friends. We offered special prayer to God, performed puja for good life and later had food donated by

It was a tiring day. But that night was not meant to sleep. It was for the exploration of life under candlelights. It was not a new exploration for us, but the setting was new, the fragrance was new, the flowers were new, and so were Isha and I. We lost in each other’s eyes, lay in each other’s hand, made love passionately. Not only, my clean shaven look bowled her over, but also made her feel loved. And that night became the most special night in our life!

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Coffee Date – XIII

PART 12 | PART 13

Chapter: Let’s get married!

Okay. Let’s gets married then!
Are you sure?” She asked with a puzzled smile.
Yes. Let’s marry. I will raise a dependent visa for you.
Her face lit up with smile. “But, I cannot apply for leave for more than 3 months.
Apply for three months then. Let’s create our family.” I hugged her from behind. A big smile came on her face and she kissed me on my forehead, and then on the lips.

“If that car brake worked on that dreadful day, I would have a family now. Ma and Pa, both of them, are close to me. I miss them a lot.” A teardrop fell from her left eye. I helped her with a glass of water, and she continued, “I dreamed of marrying a prince in their presence, but now, they are not with me.

I do not know what to say Isha. I am not lucky enough to see my Ma and Pa. I had cried for years. I missed them a lot. I felt jealous when my school friends brought their Ma’s and Pa’s to PTA meetings. I have a diary full of words of tears.” She hugged me tight and said, “Let’s not talk about this. I am glad I am marrying a Prince; the prince of my cute little heart!

I blushed. “See here, someone is blushing…” she started teasing me.
Oh yeah, it’s your Prince!” I said.

Yesh, he is a prince with unclean stubble.” She complained my unclean stubble again. I pressed my cheek against her cheek again. *Tongue out*

Ouch! It hurts. I hate that unclean stubble Sid.

I laughed and said, “Chill Isha. I promise to clean shave daily after we marry.” She hugged me tight. And that ended the day on a high note.

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