Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage… What’s the best?

I’ve debated on this topic numerous number of times during my college days and every time I ended up as an odd man out in the discussion; even my close friends have cursed that I’d end up marrying someone whom I have not met before ma marriage 😛 Do I want that to happen? No, please!

What I want in my life?

Is a difficult question to answer!

What I need in my life?

Is an easy question to answer!

Okay, this is not going to be another romantic tale from my pen, I swear. Because I’m just fifteen now 😛 hehe, I know I’m 25, but a teenager lives inside my heart who wants to write this post from my 25 years of experience, Personal? Nah, experience based on what I’ve seen in movies, and from what I’ve heard from friends.

Cautious Warning: The post may be irritating (if you are girl) as it is written from a guy’s point of view, but still if you can reach the last line of the post then I’m sure you will enjoy the post.

PS: I’m good at writing exams 😛

Subject: Life

Part B:

11. Distinguish between Love Marriage Vs Arranged Marriage. (Compulsory Question)

A picture is worth a thousand words.” I’d like to draw a simple picture before I jot down my points.

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2) It is not at all easy to find your destiny. You may meet her at your school, at tuition centre, on a road, in a park, in your apartments, at your college, at your office, or she may hiding her face on facebook, or on twitter 😛 It is actually tough at times to find your destiny. She may be your relatives’ family friend, she may be your relative, she may be your family friend’s relative, or she may be hiding herself under her parents shadow on matrimonial websites 🙂
3) Somehow you manage to find someone out of the billions, glad! It is going to be testing time in your life. If you are lucky and if you have guts then propose her at first sight (best-case scenario), but sometimes you may be unlucky to be rejected on face or even you may get a gift – a tight slap 🙁 (Worst-case scenario) and go to step one for the worst. The better way is to use a powerful weapon called friendship. One, five, ten or do you have more than ten options? Call yourself as Lucky!
4) Let’s consider the best case; either she may accept you at that instant or she may not say yes to you, but still she considers you as one. Keep going, good luck! If she considers you as her friend, then it is going to be easy, if you become her trustable friend 🙂 or else you may have to be her brother, which is worse than being slapped 😛 Do you shortlist someone you like from the lot based on beauty, family, background, and everything that requires.
5) Is the waiting time over or does she started sharing her turn-offs, turn-on, favorites, etc., etc., She will 😛 I suppose you must be her trustable friend by now, and you must be aware of all the above. Right from height, weight (:P), general favorites, or whatever, most of the things will be available on the website, or you must have heard from your parents, or relatives!
6) It’s time to date I guess and what not – the best days of love life and for those who are friends may have proposed by now. ‘What the F!’, ‘Shocking!’, ‘I never thought this way,’ and the story goes on, may be with a special gift too… You must be excited about your first meet. Lot of thoughts will be running in your mind, “How to react” “What to speak” and the list goes on.
7) Some or the other way the love has become so deep and you must have started living in your world in which she is the only human being and rest of the world are.. Better not to type that word. Some may have done with your relation by this time and will go to step one again, either A or B but I’m sure nothing can be as excited as your first love. Life has changed so much I guess. Texts, calls, chats, meets, gifts and what not, lucky life, actually easy 😀
8) First time, you will feel responsible for her tears, smiles, safety and for her world. First time, you will feel responsible for her life, security and everything.
9) The situation may worse, and you may have to meet her parents regarding your marriage. Sometimes you may fight a lot with her, and sometimes she may think that you are not ready to accept her or something else. At the end of the day, all you need is to live the life with her. You will think whatever happens; I will get her in my life! Life becomes sweet as new elements like shopping, biking, dating gets added by default, and you have to!
10) This may be your chance to impress your in-laws and that’s how you think but the moment you meet them, you may or may not be greeted well, but you will get a gift – a tight slap, mostly by her father, mother, or even brother may slap you, curse you, or bash you, but you have to stay calm. Worst case is difficult to write here then think how worse it is to be there. Life becomes sweet, you will always be greeted by your in-laws with respect, and every time you visit them, you will get very good food and much more.
11) Life, tears, or pain – Do you have doubts? Please do not, it is definitely or mostly the later cases and it is up to you, how you manage and how you going to marry her; no matter whatever pain you have to go through, how worse it can be. Love teaches you what life is 😛 Simple, easy, romantic life and you may start discussing about future which includes, where we gonna settle, honeymoon, kids and so on!
12) If everything goes well then you will marry her with parents’ goodwill or else you have to run away from house, get register marriage or whatever possible way, because all you want is to live the life with her happily Shopping, marriage, gifts (alter name – hope you can guess what I mean) and all sweet things – actually hell lot of things, and a happy life thereafter!
13) Love makes life beautiful! Life is beautiful!

Despite all the pain, despite all the obstacles, and despite the price we give in the name of love, still most of us want to marry the one we love; after all, all we want in life is to live a life with a girl whom we wanted to live rather than whom we can live with.

Statistics: (Source)

In a recent study, people are asked to respond to statements, “I like it when my (Husband/Wife) confides in Me.” or” I would do almost anything for my “Husband/wife.” The results of the study are very interesting. The couples who have married for love, and who has been married for less than one year, has an average score of 70 points out of a maximum score. However, love married couples who has been married for 10 years or longer only has an average score of 40, which tells the story. The respective numbers for those who are in an arranged marriage are 58 points (married less than a year) and 68 points (married for a decade or more).

The reason for the downfall of scores is known to all but the secret is to lead a happy life is “Keep falling in love again with again! PS: With the same girl

This post seems to be simple post but I hope it conveys a message to everyone, which I wanted to say. “Despite all the pain, despite all the obstacles, and despite the price we give in the name of love, still most of us want to marry the one we love; after all, all we want in life is to live a life with a girl whom we wanted to live rather than whom we can live with.”

That’s why Love Marriage is best!!!!!

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Keep falling in love again with again! PS: With the same girl!

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Do people reveal their true Identity on social Media?

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Of course they do, people do reveal their true Identity on Social Media. If you think, identity is just the name, age, sex, location and pictures then you are wrong because most of the online Social Media Sites share the same. Then what is identity? i.e., true identity, it is beyond those names, age, sex, location and pictures. ‘Beauty is skin deep, Identity is name deep?’ No, it is more than that, it is the thoughts behind your words, and the true heart behind it reveals your true identity.

Our true reality is in our identity and unity with all life ~ Joseph Campbell

Committing yourself is a way of finding out who you are. A man finds his identity by identifying who he is to his heart ~ Author Unknown’

My thoughts right from my heart (true identity)

Well, it may be chat, Orkut, Facebook, or Twitter, the words from your heart reveals your true identity. However, one would complaint the words used in chat world, the A, S, L, and vulgar words on 3D chats would question me, “Are they revealing their true identity?” I would say, ‘Yes’. If you speak with a person face to face they may not reveal their true identity but in chat they do reveal who they are and for what they wanna be friends. “Can anyone say no this? Aren’t they revealing their true identity?

Be it Orkut, Facebook or Twitter people do write from their hearts. Here are few of those written from heart.

* My Blood friend was gifted with a prince last week. She shared the status as

Aren’t those words from her heart? Her prince was a waited gift and I dedicated my words to the Prince here.

We even share our happiness in Facebook and Twitter,” as they easily reflects our moods and identity.

*When I was upset, I planned to stop writing and shared a status in FB

How many of you came to console me. Aren’t those words are true from your heart? Do they reveal your true identity or just for the sake of words? I believed it, consider your words and that’s why I am here..

And few more here on various occasions..

No newspaper garden is free of weeds”, Sumana Raman, express her thoughts on grammatical errors found in Newspaper, “Did she afraid of expressing it or aren’t they from her heart?

Next to Chat, Orkut, Facebook and Twitter, is Blogging, how many you have put these lines in your Bio, “This is the place I share my memories, my journey, my life”, even I do the same, aren’t these words reflects your heart? Aren’t you revealing your true identity? I bet, all my regular readers knew that I do romance with my pen and the journey is a sweet dedication is someone special in my life, Am I not revealing my true identity because I write with my pen name… Of course I do reveal, pen name is not the mask but it is who you are to your heart, if you can say your identity is your name then I would say my identity is my pen name and my words is my true identity. If you still feel, I am not, then how many of you love to be called with your nicknames by your loved ones. “Aren’t they changing your identity?” “Say, yes or no…” and how many of you would express your true identity here?

Beauty is skin deep, Identity is name deep?

Finally, the point is the words expressed from their heart reveal the truth about those individuals. As they say, ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’, yes do not judge people by their identity (profile) instead by their true identity (character and soul). And yes, of course, people have freedom to be true on social media and that’s why most of the people reveal their true identity on Social Media.

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Is falling in ‘Love’ once-a-lifetime feeling?

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Undoubtedly, ‘Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling’. I am here to pen down my thoughts on this topic; if my thoughts hurt someone unknowingly then PS: I am sorry.

‘Don’t find love, let love find you. That’s why it’s called falling in love, because you don’t force yourself to fall, you just fall.’

‘To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.’

‘Love is always bestowed as a gift – freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love. – Leo Buscaglia’

I hope these sayings would suffice that falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling, but adding my thoughts right from my heart…

Love’ the four-letter word that spells magic on humans to live their life for someone special in their life, to feel someone’s feel, to think of someone, and to fall in love with someone madly.

* The moment you fall in ‘Love’, went on your knees to propose your love, the moment you were proposed by someone special, the moment you first kissed someone special or when butterflies filled your stomach while uttering the phrase, ‘I Love U’ are priceless. You cannot afford to buy those sweet moments and they can be felt only once in your lifetime. If it repeats, you won’t feel the same zeal in it.

* People run away from home or fight their parents, blood relations to live with someone special in their life. What is the reason behind it? ‘Love’ because it is once-a-lifetime feeling.

* Why people commit Suicides because of ‘Love Failure’ or for ‘Love’? Is it because there is no girl/boy in this world other than the one they loved? No, it is because ‘Falling in Love is once a lifetime feeling’; once they love someone, they remain in their heart forever. Stats, say that Current Average World Suicide Rate: 10.07 per 100,000 people and 6.7 per 100,000 people is because of ‘Love Failure’ or for ‘Love’

Last but not the least, ‘Love is like a flower, it blossoms only once, lives happily until it dies. For most of us it is like a flower, that’s why Falling in ‘Love’ is once-a-lifetime feeling.

With these sweet thoughts, I love to conclude that ‘Falling in Love is once-a-lifetime feeling’. Not everyone falls in love if you fall then you are one of the luckiest people in this world and words can never say how sweet it is…

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