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She is Forever.
She is “Forever”… the creator, the living God, the purest Diya in God’s throne, and every single bit of faith I have in God.
She is “Forever”… my first love, my first friend and my best half. That’s why I believe in relationships.
She is “Forever”… a magical musician, a valor protector, and a wonderful teacher. The first song she sang, the first time she protected when I fell down, the first rhyme I learnt, is the best that happened to me so far.
She is “Forever”… my first poem, my first prose and my first special post. Maybe, that’s why I’m able to write.
She is “Forever”… a 21-year-old lady, a super-active woman, working round the clock, round the year, non-stop. She never sleeps and he has food only when she gets free time.
She is “Forever”… a super Amma for… me, my sister, my brother, my sister’s son and daughter, and for my future daughter. Even today, my sister’s son and daughter, call my sister Priya Akka and my mom Amma.

Above all, she is “Forever” my pillar. There are so many “Forever” about her. I will never be able to end this write-up even if I list them all… because I’m her son… Forever and Ever!

Happy Mother’s Day Amma!!!

This post is dedicated to my super Amma and to all the angels in this world…

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The Page Will Turn

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Heartbroken. Fuming in Anger. Hopeless. Sitting by the window pane I stared at the book kept on the table placed next to the dressing table that houses a wide variety of cosmetics. The most colourful cheerful room appeared dull, the pleasant smelling air freshener smelled smelly, the beautiful smiling rose petals fell along with my smile.

Maybe, just maybe, my name is not lucky enough to be printed there, I thought. I stared out the window; even the clouds started to shed tears along with me.

O God please let me rest in peace, I said to myself. I couldn’t control my anger. I logged into Facebook again to check the Likes and Comments that poured in for the status.

Close to 3000 Likes and 120 Comments in 5 Minutes, I shouted loudly, as if the God is going to hear me. It failed to reduce my anger. I read a couple of comments which was posted by my besties, just like the pouring rain tears flooded my eyes. I threw the phone crying like an eight-year-old for an opportunity to ride the bicycle for the first time. I might fall; I knew that but not even in my wildest of dreams I wished to be robbed by an experienced celebrated person. All the lights went off. Shit! Power cut again, I screamed like a banshee.

I stared at the book again; the title was trimmed down by two words, the name printed under the title is a famous name but that cannot allow The Author to own my book and The Author don’t deserve any accolades. I fumed in anger. My friend brought a candle inside the room. I wiped off my tears and thanked my friend.

“Page by page, paragraph by paragraph, line by line, word by word, is copied from your manuscript. I think you should write to the publisher.”

I lifted my head and looked into my friend eyes. “I did send an email after reading the sample chapter.”

“Did you get a response?”

“No response so far. I feel dejected cheated thrashed and thrown away on the road.”

“Why don’t you write about this on Facebook?”

“Nobody will believe my words. Nobody will support me. Moreover The Author is a famous writer and most importantly a good looking writer too!”

“You should appeal to your friends in Blogosphere. I am sure they will come to help!”

“I know that…but do you think writing in couple of blogs would help us? Don’t forget that we live in India. Here news is a sensation for a day or two, after which they are either forgotten or ignored.

“I do not understand your point. I want you to raise your voice against this.”

“And then?”

“And then you can get that book published under your name.”

“Do you think that will happen? The Author has a huge support and can block me from entering into this world or The Author can also ask to? ” I thought before saying that uncultured word.

“Will you allow that to happen?”

“I won’t. I will not raise my voice either. I am a creator. I can create magic with my pen no matter how many times I lose. But that doesn’t mean I will allow people to take advantage of me.” I paused for a minute, looked into my friend’s eyes, “I will self-publish my books.”

My friend smiled and it boosted my confidence. I know crying will not help and I am not going to cry anymore. I will surely grow in this field and when it happens, I will not let this crime happen to any debutant. I will make them aware of content patent rights and will make them to copyright the content before submitting the manuscript. I will change the way publishing industry works. I will because…no one should undergo the pain I had to. And no one should ask why every debutant has to undergo such sinful things in this literature world. Every day one or the other finds their book being printed under someone else name. Why? Why me?

“Do you think it will happen?”

The Page Will Turn. And that’s my way of tasting revenge. My lips curved after almost three hours.

*Dedicated to one of my blogger friends who is facing the same situation as written in the post.

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Thank you! #CelebrateBlogging

I am a bit emotional. It’s almost ten years and now, I am writing a “Thank you” post for all my readers. In fact, I have not prepared anything to write, but I believe I can write a few words to thank people who are the sole reason for whatever I am today.

They say, “Matha Pitha Guru Deivam” that I second. The most important person in my life is my mother. Without her support, I don’t think I would have been standing here in front of you. She is my first listener to all my stories during my kindergarten days and thereafter. Her feedback have always inspired me a lot, to do better than the past and to face the critics that I received from day one. Thank you Ma!

My father taught me to fight against all the odds. He said not to give up until I win, because in the end it is all about happy endings. And if it is not happy, then it is not the actual end, keep moving towards your dream. Thank you Pa!

My first crush (Isha – my dream girl), she has woken up my poetry talent, and is the sole reason behind my first poem (Sorry) and my first fiction (Sweetest 90 Seconds). And from that day on-wards, she constantly motivated me to write free verse, rhymes, short story, form fiction, most of them being romantic ones. I love you.

My close friend Saraswathi, she requested me to start a blog, as she felt that I could touch hearts with my words. She is my first reader, a tablet to all my traumas and, a sweet person who instilled confidence in me by saying, that one day my blog will be read in hundred countries. She was right. Today, my blog is viewed/read in 176 countries. Sincere thanks to her.

My blood friend Bala, who supports me at all times, irrespective of the time and mood he is in. He is my second listener, a Tamil aspirant and always requested me to write for the good of society. Thank you machi.

My roommates (Arun, Deva, Raghu, Siva TK, Sridhar, Vivek, Mohan, Manoj, Atul, Kiran, Aamir, Revanth and Karthik), for suffering many torturous nights, listening to my idiotic romantic stories, and still providing feedback to make it better. Thank you all. I definitely owe you all a beer from Germany. (Except Aamir, as he is a non-drinker)

My managers (Saji, Patro, Moses, Rachel, Kittu, KV, and to all my team leads), thanks for trusting my talent and for all the opportunities despite knowing that I am regular writer at nights. Thanks 🙂

My laptop, especially for the backspace and delete button, thanks for the patience.

My Haiku Master, my first blogging friend Leo, for all the possible reasons. Thanks brother.

My blogging friends (Zainab, Rachana, Jingle, Simran, Ayushi, Pranali, Aish, Saru, Brian, G-Man, Amity, Vibz, Nanka, Scribbling Gal, Dreamy Girl, Cloud Nine, Sri Valli, Panchali, Norman, Ellecee, TF, Sulaiman, and the list continues) for reading and encouraging my work. Without you support, I would not have written posts here. Thank you all!

My dear critics, without you I would not have written better posts. Thank you so much.

My dear readers, who supported me at all times, staying my side though my ups and downs, through emails and comments, and anonymously. Special thanks to all of you.

To Sachin Tendulkar, the person who taught me nothing is impossible. Thank you Sachin, you mean a lot to me.

To Pawas Jain, Ritesh Agarwal and Parlance Publisher for giving me an opportunity to see my name printed in a paperback book. To Vinit Bansal and General Press for giving me a fantastic reach in publishing world. To Gaurav Mishra and Sanmati Publisher for the fantastic Valentine’s Day Gift. And to all editors and publishers with whom, I will be working in future, thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

To IndiBlogger, for the platform in the name of contests and encouragement (results) they provide. To Blog-a-Ton, for everything I own from them. To BlogAdda for announcing my name to blog-o-sphere in 2010. I have no words to thank the BlogAdda Team for all the encouragement and support they provided all these years. To Google for providing blogger service free, and for indexing all my posts. To for providing! Thank you.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank my dearest wife Vidhya, hug her and say, “Darling, I love you so much. Thank you so much for gifting the Parker pen; it is indeed my lucky pen!”

Ah! How could I miss you dear Few Miles? A part of me resides inside you, and that is what loved by most my readers, and is cherished as the undisputed romantic king of blog-o-sphere. You are my best gift, and my gift would be the unending relationship with you, no matter, how big or popular, I grow in life.

I know my speech is getting too long, but I want to make sure that I use this golden opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement. I hope and believe that I will continue to get the same support in the coming years. See you soon.