~ our love must live till eternity ~

There’s always poet inside you. All you need is to express yourself in a language you feel comfortable. Of course, you need a small bit of encouragement and self-confidence to give wings to the poet in you. Luckily, I have many such sweethearts in life. And, that’s pretty much the reason for expressing myself.

Dev Mishra, is one such talented sweetheart, whom I admire in my friends list. On this special day, I’m feeling proud, welcoming Dev to Few Miles to pen down a poem on love.

Here you go… the stage is all yours!

The more I see you,
The more is the urge in me;
Every moment you seem something new
And I wish to see till eternity !

The desire to live was never so strong,
My life before was only mine ;
But now we have to walk along
And cross the borders of death and Time.

In you I see a fulfilled wish,
A promise of a better tomorrow ;
With you,my life is only bliss,
We can smilingly subside all the sorrow.

My dreams exceeded their limit,
My life found a purpose true;
With you, O yeah, I'm complete
And I need you. I love you.

Even when my days are tough,
Your smile fills my heart with glee ;
And I swear this life will not be enough,
Our love must live till eternity…


LOVE STORIES AROUND US was the first anthology that included both of us for the first time. However, it was FRIENDSHIP – our second anthology together where he was the editor – that deepened our friendship. SHADES OF LIFE furthered our camaraderie. I can confidently say that writes with a certain kind of flair and flamboyance. Even while writing poetry, he is brilliant and 'Donnesque', as Dr. P.K. Mohanty, winner of the Central Sahitya Academy award, puts it meticulously. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.