…of fallen petals

What words my lips have said, to lose you, why?
To cry with thy sky, standing all alone,
Wet wind and rain, it reminds of you, moan
Of those nights, to touch you and kiss you – shy!
My hands over you and our eyes speak, my
Lust precedes over love; we’re done, unknown!
Ecstasy – O’er your skin, I should’ve known
What words my lips have said, to lose you, why?

The cute rose blooms on a wet rainy day,
Falls in love with wind, that blows on its face,
Nor knows why wind makes love to it that day:
Yet the rose strips the petals with thy grace,
I’m too late to realize that she is lost,
All I have is fallen petals at last.

Sonnet, It’s not easy to write a Sonnet and this one after a long gap, so please pardon me, if I’m wrong anywhere 😀 Also, I’ve taken the liberty of repeating the first line as eight line, after considering two of my poetic friends, and they too agreed! I’d be happy to read your footprints 😀

The Sonnet Form:

The eight-line stanza, called an octave, uses two rhyme words. The first line rhymes with the fourth, fifth, and eighth lines; the second with the third, sixth, and seventh. (abba abba) In the six-line finale (the sestet), can be of any one of this forms. Either abcabc, ababab or, if you want to summarize in last two lines, ababcc. The above sestet is of form ababcc

…and that was the end of his inferiority complexes…!

… it was not an ordinary day in his life; his confidence shattered, and when that incident happened; he was just fifteen. A group of girls, eventually his classmates made fun of his shaved head, his lost pride, his dead dreams, and his broken confidence. He was one of the victims of hair fall in his early teens due to dandruff and itchy scalp. He shaved his head at least once in three months for his hair treatment; an Ayurveda treatment, where he was given nourishment to the hair pores, and they cleared the build-up due to damp scalp. The treatment sounded good, but in reality, he was only known for his shaved head. He lost his self-confidence, totally; he ran away hiding his face from everyone fearing that they might tease him again.

It was the time when Girls were crazy about Film Actor Madhavan (Maddy); his charm and hairstyle enchanted everyone. He also a fan of Madhavan, and all he wished was hairstyle like Madhavan but all he had was shaved head. Although he loved white coloured shirts, he hated to wear it; he had no other go, he had to wear torn white coloured half-hand shirts, as it was his uniform. After every interval break, he checked his shirt collar for falling hairs, and he had quickly dusted off, which irritated him a lot. In fact, he never dared or even dreamt of clicking his photographs.

He was poor, in fact very poor, but his life was not a sad tale, actually, he lived a tough life. He had two close friends in his school days; he shared his tears with them. In those tough days, they were his medicines to his sorrows. They made him smile for whatever he had achieved that day. He is a mathematics genius and he could solve any problems faster than 99% percent of his classmates. His parents realized that the treatment was not at all curing his hair problems; neither his problems solved nor he gained his self-confidence. He colourfully passed his public examination and he thought that was the end of his problems, but the shit followed.

Though he had a decent hairstyle, he was made fun of for his poor grammar, they way he spoke and for his short hairstyle during his college days. It was not his mistake; he studied in a Government School where English had to be read only from books, although he loved Wordsworth and his dream girl woken up his poetry talent, still he lacked in grammar, and he never bothered to correct because according to him English is a foreign language. He was known for his express speech; the cause of that behaviour was his brain-processed words faster than a normal brain would process! His short hairstyle, of course, the best he had in those days. He was helpless in all the above cases, still he had to pay a lot for it; his classmates mocked him whenever he spoke, some criticized it as blah blah. Some even pretended like the way the he dusted his shirt collar. There were days that he wanted to be removed even from his memories – painful memories.

He was a talkative person during his kindergarten days, and in his college days, he was known for his reserved and moody character. His life had changed just because of his major problem – hair problem. At a certain point of time, he had given up the habit of combing his hair, which was his favourite hobby during his primary school days. His close friend had cursed him many times; as he combed his hair staring at every car’s mirror he passed by. How a life had changed just because of one major problem in his life – hair problem, which was not at all considered as a serious problem during the start of twenty-first century, particularly in case of men.

It was early November 2007, when a bird flew through the window of a Software Engineer; his sister who was working as a Software Engineer happened to attend an introductory session of Dove, accidentally. She was given trial packs of dove, which changed his world for good. After the first few washes, his hair was smooth, though the dusty polluted Chennai atmosphere spoiled his happiness. After regular use of Dove, his hair fall problem reduced; his shirt collar was happy a bit! He also improved his communication skills and luckily, he got placed in Wipro through Campus Recruitments and his life started to move in positive direction.

He moved to Bangalore in 2009 due to job relocation, and luck favoured him. He lived very close to his office, which actually reduced his travel and exposure to Bangalore pollution and his hair fall reduced; his shirt collar was much happier than before and his heart too! He wrote in his new blog under a pen name, whenever he had time to scribble, without really minding about the grammar; it made him happy.

Dove new dandruff therapy did the trick for him; the awesome product of dove bettered his life. He got the confidence back he had lost in the last few years. He happily clicked his photographs when he roamed around the city with bothering about his shirt collar. And in mid of 2011, he was blessed with Dove Hair Fall Rescue, which made his life shinning, although he felt the scalp more itchy than before – one of the side effects of using it daily. Also, dove was listed as India’s 50 most trusted brands.

In late October 2011, Dove in association with IndiBlogger gave away gift hampers of their New Nourishing Oil Care. It helped him a lot: as the Vita-Oils made his hair smoother, shining and more beautiful than it ever was. He was the happiest person in the world, and he wished to write about his experience with dove, but his inferiority complex did not allow him to write, and he ended up writing a fiction about a newly married couple, which ultimately won hearts! He was about to get engaged, since his father fell ill, it was postponed at first and later called off. Probably, it was the testing period of his life and he indeed succeeded.

He shifted to London because of an onsite opportunity he was suggested for, which was the turning point of his pity life. He was appreciated many times for his efficiency and dedication in his work; also was able to cope up with the way they spoke, and the way he delivered the words, the luck and his talent glued very well! He was lucky to live in a pollution free environment and the dove did the rest – finally, he was able to wear his favourite white coloured shirts after a very long time without worrying about the shirt collar. He captured moments that he enjoyed; his photographs were uploaded on facebook! Even his matrimonial profile rocked! His life changed beautifully, and that was the end of all his inferiority complexes…! Dove nourished his life, because even for men, his pride, his self-confidence, his happiness and his first love is his hair!

He wrote in his diary – “and that was the end of all my hair problems! thank you,”

image courtesy : Someone is Special

The best proof – the blog post with his photographs, which he feared to post before months! That’s what Dove had blessed him – Pride, Confidence and Happiness!

image courtesy : Someone is Special

As Dove says!!!

image courtesy : Dove Website

He did it, did you?

Disclaimer: This is neither a promotional blog post for Dove nor a product review. This is a write-up revealing about an anonymous soul, whose life was question mark once upon a time, and now it is an exclamation mark! (His sweet and sour memories are being recorded, as he believes that someday, a special girl will walk into his life to colour his life beautifully, and he wants to tell her, what happened in his past!)

This chapter from his diary has been published as a part of IndiBlogger Contest, ‘and that was the end of all my hair problems!’ in association with Dove. Do check out Dove hair-aware app! Also, you can request free sample of Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care Express Treatment Conditioner here. Are you a creative person? Do you know to play with multimedia tools? Submit your Design here. Join the 8.4 million fans here!

Happy Endings! Keep Smiling!

A page from his diary

Even tears could not help him. He knew what he did was right, but he never knew what God did to her. He went through her blog posts and realized that something was wrong. As he suspected she had did that, which his heart could not digest. He became furious and wrote to her about what he found. He was happy because he did not hurt her instead he helped her. He thought she would reply to his email but she didn’t instead, she deployed a play, which furiated him more. He was known for his calmness, his decision-making capability and his life experiences made him better. He stood his heart side, which was against her but when he learnt that she was deadly ill; his heart shattered into pieces, as she is very young and she, God, why did you do this to her? He cursed God and wrote an apology to her, which he only would read, although he didn’t do any mistake. He was done with his apology doc, and he was feeling better; he wished that he should sleep well, at least that night.

His close friend pinged him; gtalk was their way to communicate with each other, they trust each other, although they have never met. He would spend his whole night chatting with her; she too not an exception in that, and they had did that in the past. She was in need of a help, and he couldn’t help, maybe the third time, he could not do what she asked, not sure though! His internet disconnected now and then, which made the conversation dull.

She wanted to know whether he had read her new blog post, which she wrote in remembrance of her last crush. Usually, he read her blog post the moment she published, but that day he missed due to his heavy heart.

She: Why don’t you leisure blog? I only see you writing for some contest :-/
He: I’ve to
She: It’s long I’ve read your poem/haiku.
He: I’m writing something new.
She: New?
He: A new kinda habit, which I lost. Earlier, I used to write poems everyday on word doc but when my laptop crashed; I lost the doc, so I stopped writing.
She: start anew
He: now, I’ve started, just like diary or notebook, I’m recording my day-to-day activities. I enjoy it.
She: Hmm great!

The internet disconnected again; she got disconnected.

Might be her modem stopped working?

He read her silent words, and he decided to publish that page from his diary in his blog. She was back!

She: Disconnected. Okay.
If you really like a girl, but she ignores you, doesn’t reply to your text msgs or receive your call. What will you do?
He: If I really love her, I will wait for her to turn back and listen to me; how much I missed her when I was alone.
She: Hmm
Do you think one’s life alters bcz of this?
He: Yes
She: Sleepy

She left the chat after the usual good night greetings; might be, she still thinks of her last crush. He was not sure.

He wrote what happened that day, after all, he believes that someday, a special girl would come into his life to colour his life beautifully, and he wants to tell her, whatever had happened in his past, and that’s why he keeps recording his past; the sweet and sour memories of an anonymous soul!