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A Software Engineer life is not a happy tale to be printed in words, he or she has to undergo a lot of troubles to sustain in the industry. Here is a cry which I scribbled a few weeks back. (based on the inspiration from my project manager and my second project)

This poem has been published in the September issue of Storizen. Please click on the image below to read.

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#SoftwareEngineer'sCry: a poem published in the September issue of Storizen Magazine. To read follow the link: #Poem

— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) September 30, 2013

…of fallen petals

What words my lips have said, to lose you, why?
To cry with thy sky, standing all alone,
Wet wind and rain, it reminds of you, moan
Of those nights, to touch you and kiss you – shy!
My hands over you and our eyes speak, my
Lust precedes over love; we’re done, unknown!
Ecstasy – O’er your skin, I should’ve known
What words my lips have said, to lose you, why?

The cute rose blooms on a wet rainy day,
Falls in love with wind, that blows on its face,
Nor knows why wind makes love to it that day:
Yet the rose strips the petals with thy grace,
I’m too late to realize that she is lost,
All I have is fallen petals at last.

Sonnet, It’s not easy to write a Sonnet and this one after a long gap, so please pardon me, if I’m wrong anywhere 😀 Also, I’ve taken the liberty of repeating the first line as eight line, after considering two of my poetic friends, and they too agreed! I’d be happy to read your footprints 😀

The Sonnet Form:

The eight-line stanza, called an octave, uses two rhyme words. The first line rhymes with the fourth, fifth, and eighth lines; the second with the third, sixth, and seventh. (abba abba) In the six-line finale (the sestet), can be of any one of this forms. Either abcabc, ababab or, if you want to summarize in last two lines, ababcc. The above sestet is of form ababcc