♥ 500 ♥

500th post. It sounds like a dream, and yes, it is a dream!

The dream of a writer, who dedicates his words to someone special in his life, and lives in those words.

The journey, so far, is a mix of ups and downs, smiles and tears, learnings and mistakes, love and hurt, and what not… still it is a sweet one. Few Miles – the best part of me – may not be the best written blogs on blog-o-sphere, but of this, I’m sure: the words are from my sweet little heart. It must have touched the heart of the readers and made them feel good, and to me, this has always been enough.

Today, I’m happy because of many reasons. In fact, I would like to list them:

  1. My wife is feeling better now. She is back to Germany, and we celebrated our second anniversary, last Sunday.
  2. I’m all yours”, short story co-authored with Simran Kaur of My Friendship, is getting published in the book “A Little Chorus of Love”. This is my 6th book as a contributing author.
  3. Few Miles turned five. My friends and I celebrated it in a special way on my blog.
  4. And this is my special 500th blog post.

When I’m happy, I want everyone to be happy. Are you ready to be happy?

Here you go, the winners of “flipkart.com e-gift vouchers giveaway

*drumroll please*some more drumroll please*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations! Hope the winners got my email. Do acknowledge it to claim the vouchers. Thank you! Also find Flipkart coupons here, if you wish to buy books at the best prizes.

And to all my dear friends, a very big Thank You for being there always!

It’s time to celebrate! Please raise your glasses and enjoy the champagne…

Five Years

Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Have a magical year ahead!

Five years in Blog-o-sphere, I’m super-duper excited about it. In fact, I wanted to celebrate it in a unique way. That was the reason I invited a few of my friends in blog-o-sphere to bless guest posts for my blog and they did it. Thank you, Simran, Cart Hick TF, Namrata, Sulaiman Sait, Anita, An Anonymous Writer and Vinay Leo R. I hope you enjoyed reading them 😀

Like every year, I do not want to highlight what I did in the past or how I happened to start this blog. Let me keep it short and simple. I am thankful to all my readers and friends for keeping me inspired. Without you people, I am sure I would not have come this along. Especially to all the emails and personal comments 😀 I wanted to thank a big list of bloggers for staying with me right from day one – Leo, Zainab, Rachana, Jingle, Simran, Ayushi, Pranali, Aish, Saru, Brian, G-Man, Amity, Vibz, Nanka, Scribbling Gal, Dreamy Girl, Cloud Nine, Sri Valli, Panchali, Norman, Ellecee, TF, Sulaiman, Namrata, Anita and the list continues…. Special thanks to IndiBlogger, for the grand platform they provide, to Blog-a-Ton, for everything I own from them and to BlogAdda for announcing my name to blog-o-sphere in 2010.

Many of my friends scolded me to be regular and even requested umpteen times to complete my book. This year, I promise, I will complete the books and get it published. I will post on all Sundays no matter however busy I am or I will be, and of course, I will write poems too, okay? Deal?

As a token of friendship, I want to host a very small giveaway FlipKart Vouchers worth (500, 300, and 200 INR) sponsored by me. The giveaway is open for all Indian Residents. They giveaway closes on 10-Jan-2015. The results will be announced in a separate post and the vouchers will be emailed to the winners.

What If?

Welcome to the last day of the guest posts series!

What If I had to start his intro like he wrote the post? What If I had not been to Blog-o-sphere? Would I be friend today with this fantastic poet (my Haiku master) who likes to be called by his nickname? Maybe… or May not be, but we are happy for being writer friends today!

Eight years he has been breathing in Blogsville and five years along with me, he is a fantastic rhyming poet, a talented fiction writer, and a certified book reviewer. Still he calls himself an amateur poet!

He rhymes without reason, because for him writing is love, an art that he is trying to be perfect. (He is the perfectionist!).

Okay, without further ado, let me welcome my friend, Vinay Leo R of I Rhyme Without Reason (my favorite poet) to pen down his thoughts. The stage is all yours da!

What if I had not been to Blog-a-Ton? Would I be friends today with this famous blogger who goes by the name Saravana, or Someone is Special? Our blogging rivers might have crossed and found the same ocean sometime later, but who’s to know if we’d have met in the ocean that is Blogsville.

What if I had not found his blog? I’d have missed out on some nice romantic stories, that’s for sure. It is this dude’s forte. He thrives on it. And yes, a couple of posts (at least) on the maestro Sachin. And some haiku, but I need to have a long chat with him on the form. Not on chat. So he better stop eating hamburgers in Hamburg and return to the garden city where we can discuss it over masala dosa.

What if I had not met him in person? I wouldn’t have had some nice talks. I think the first time we met, we discussed mobiles. We had the same one then, if I remember. We discussed God knows what in the presence of God, coz we met at ISKCON during a blogger’s meet, but the time flew by. Maybe it’s this camaraderie that makes him say I’m his brother, and part of his family, which I’m glad to be.

What if I had not had that camaraderie? Well, not something I think of, so no answer to that. But I wouldn’t have been friends with the super friendly, brilliant cook and pretty gal who is Someone in Special’s special someone (credits to CS who coined this term). VV, hope you’re feeling better now, out of that Germany weather and back home. I do miss you on Candy Crush Saga 😛

What if I had not been friends with VV? Well, that’s for a different guest post. This one’s for Saravana. LOL. Sarav asked me to guest post on the theme “5” which is odd, coz come March 2015, it’d be 5 years since we became friends. This post is written like that topic on which he debuted on BAT, “What If”. Like I began this guest post, we met on Blog-a-Ton, which he marshals now. I wanted to write a 5 star story for him, but the last 5 days have been hectic, and it’d have been a story of an irritated software engineer, which would drive away all his fans, so I thought I’d walk down memory lane instead. And this is the 5th paragraph of this “What If” post too. So lots of fives for you, SiS. Hi5. 😉

I’m not one to ramble on in posts, so I’ll keep it short, wish the host and his missus a wonderful, happy and successful New Year 2015, and sign off saying this little amateur poet is happy to have a special friend in Saravana Kumar “Someone is Special” Murugan.

P.S: I’ll try the 5-star story sometime when the hectic schedule gives some leeway and send you to post here in 2015. For now, adjust maadi.

Thank you so much Leo for writing the last post of the guest post series. It is my pleasure to have you here. And to my dear readers, thank you so much for reading!