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“Sir, we found a dead body of a person killed in a mysterious way near the Cooum River. He must be at least 40 years.”
“Mysterious? I will be there in ten minutes. Inform forensic and photography departments to complete the formalities.”
“We will do that Sir.”

I disconnected the call, turned towards my wife for her response.
Sweetheart, don’t say me that you have to leave at this time of the night
Idiot… I have to, because it’s my duty, sleep well
I dressed up and started to Cooum River.

“When can we expect Siddesh?” DSP Rajesh shouted Rahul in anger.
“I am here…. Come Rahul let us move to the spot”
“Oh Shit… This is horrible…”
“Sir, this should be a planned murder”
“I hope so. Did we find any clues?”
“No, we didn’t”

I closely analyzed the body, “The dead man face is in deep blue color. His eyes are wide open, completely blue and blood has clotted in his eyes. His nose is completely filled with white color substance and it may be salt or any white powder. Some sharp substance is used to pierce his face skins. ‘REVENGE’ is the only word that strikes my mind.

“The observer has observed” Rahul said.

After observing his body deeply I said, “Rahul, publish these pictures in paper to find their family members”

“Sure we will do that Sir”
“Or… Wait a minute. I don’t think this photo would help to find their relatives instead invert it to black and white and match it with the Voter’s ID list.”
“Sir, do you think the photo in the Voter’s ID will match with the original face?”
“That’s why I asked you change it to black and white” I smiled.

In about half-an-hour, Rahul identified the person using the voter’s list.

His details
Name: Dayalan P
Spouse Name: Manjula D
Age: 35
Address: 23/93, Sivan Coil Street, Kasikuppam.

And found their family details too. We left to the above-mentioned address to unravel the mysteries behind his murder.

“Is someone there in the home?” Rahul shouted

A small boy came out of the house answering our question and I became wordless on seeing the little one.

“Where is your father Dayalan?”
“He must be drinking in any wine shop or he may be lying somewhere on the road or in his keep house”

I am shocked on hearing his weary answer. So I enquired about his mother. That’s when his eyes moistened; voice trembled, and he said, “Uncle, my mom died a month before because of gas stove explosion”. A tear is my response because my voice trembles to reveal about the death of his father but Rahul helped me to convey the news. We took the little boy with us to confirm the body. “Daddy… Daddy…” the little one screamed with tears and it took hours for us to complete rest of the formalities before the little boy dad’s funeral.

“Get me a cigar buddy,” I said to Rahul…

I completed my last puff
I am happy for you dear. Congrats for yet another feather in your cap
Ish, it is not just a feather but a lesson
Lesson”, her eyes puzzled and my silence ignited her fuel.
Lesson… I am confused. How did you trap the murderer?

When I closely analyzed the dead body, I observed that his face is in deep blue color and it is because of ink or dye but the lab results confirmed that it is ink. His nose is completely filled with white color substance; it can’t be salt because it will evaporate soon but not the chalk piece powder. Some sharp substance is used to pierce his face and the pattern resembled an ink pen. Lastly a strand of hair was found in his right hand which when tested matched the DNA of his son, Raghav. Then while searching the dead man house we found an ink pen with broken nip, which had a pierced tissue in it. When tested it matched the sample of the dead man and the fingerprints on the pen matched with the little boy.

Great. That’s how you closed the case?
Nah, the little one confessed the truth in our interrogation.
Yes… Revenge
Revenge on DAD? What could be the reason?

The little one’s father, the dead man is an alcohol addict who drinks daily and fights with his family. On May 10th night he was fully drunk, fueled by the news that his wife has an illegal relationship with someone, he tortured her by piercing her eyes, stabbed her bosom and finally killed her by cutting her neck. On realizing that he has killed his wife, he created a gas stove explosion and burnt her to ashes to paint the murder as an accident. But the little one somehow learnt the truth when he was drunk the other day. He decided to kill his father, a revenge for his lovable mom’s death and the result is his intelligence in killing his father in a mysterious way. I couldn’t believe my ears when he revealed the truth but I have to. I wished to set him free but my uniform doesn’t allow me to do that. So

I produced him before the court.
What did the judge say?

Imprisonment for the next five years for the little one”, a teardrop fell down when I said this to Isha.

Sid, control yourself” only the words said so but her tears revealed the truth, after all we are human beings. We can just shed tears, other than that nothing else can be done. She came close to me and said, “It is time for my sweet revenge

and be…

Author’s Appeal: REVENGE is the stupid solution for broken trust. It may be your dad, mom or any close relations but when trust is broken, either they commit suicide or they revenge. Better, trust them, spread the love and stay happily.. SAY NO TO ALCHOL AND CIGARETTE

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“இனிய தீபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்”, Isha, my better half, woke me up wishing in our mother tongue. I smiled, hugged her and conveyed my wonderful wishes by tasting the sweetest sweet of hers. It lasted long for two lovely minutes after that, I sipped my coffee admiring her way of wearing saree. “You know what, you look damn cute in this peacock blue saree,” I said, she blushed a lot, “Hmm… is it…? dear, today we have to take oil bath so wait for a moment I will help you,” she said and helped in oiling myself. I took a fresh bath, dressed up in my ethnic wear and came out with her to have our breakfast.

Happy Diwali”, my in-laws conveyed their wishes and blessed us for long and happy life, in turn we. Isha, my in-laws and I went to pooja room to pray to God for a happy life. Followed by that we had our breakfast, “Aunty, the food is too delicious, you cook so well,” I exclaimed, “Of course my mom cooks so well,” she said, “I don’t think so,” my father-in-law said, “dirty fellow”, my mother-in-law urged and it almost took half an hour for us to complete our delicious breakfast.

I was very much excited as I am enjoying a different celebration for the first time in my life and so she, as we went out to burst crackers for the first time as a newly wedded couple. Isha and I gave some filmy posts as my in-law started recording the video of five thousand wala. It was totally fun as she screamed like a kid and hid herself behind me. “Hey it is done, come let us burst the second.” I said, “Oh no way, please”, “No… No… We have to burst it”, I somehow convinced her and lighted the second five thousand wala. It was fun to see the Isha jumping up and down on the road with small kids to escape from the crackers. “Wow! Wow! Wow! This is the golden era of all human beings” I said, “Of course it is,” she said, “Yes, I am having a good time after a long time” I said and smiled.

After an hour of bursting the crackers, we went inside to watch the Television shows and heavy lunch followed by it. My in-laws went to sleep after the heavy lunch and we too. “Ish, I was very much excited in the morning about the celebrations but now I feel that I am doing the same thing every year, oil bath, breakfast, bursting crackers, lunch, TV shows, crackers and then to sleep,” I said, “What is the change you want?,” she sounded little depressed. “Hey dear, of course this is the year I enjoyed the most in my lifetime and the reason behind that was you but,” I said. “But,” “I still feel we could have enjoyed it in different way,” I said. Tears came rolling down from her eyes, “Hey, try to understand me, I enjoyed this day only because of you,” “What else do you need me to do?” she cried out, “Why don’t we go to some orphanage to enjoy our First Diwali?” I said, “Wow! This is a wonderful idea…” she exclaimed in happiness and took me nearby Orphanage, “Little Angel”.

Welcome to Little Angel!” the receptionist greeted us warmly and took us inside the orphanage. There we were introduced to Sharada Madam, the secretary of the Orphanage. “Madam, this is Siddesh and Isha, we got married just a month ago and we wished to celebrate our First Diwali with these little angels, shall we?” I said. “It is nice to see a young couple visiting an orphanage for celebrating their First Diwali, you are always welcome,” Sharada Madam said and introduced the Kids to us. There were around forty flowers sat in a circle and wished us ‘Happy Married Life’ with full josh. We distributed sweets to all the cute flowers, spoke with them about their life and aim, lighted the crackers and enjoyed the most. Although they were forty, Akhil, Anwar, Nithya & Sheela are the most familiar names I heard while bursting the crackers. “Brother, thank you so much for celebrating Diwali with us,” Anwar said, “Wish you a happy married life. I have a request sister,” Nithya said, “Hey cutie what is your request,” Isha said, “Will you celebrate your new year with us,” Nithya said. “It is our pleasure to celebrate with you people”, we said in tears, once again hugged, kissed all the forty flowers, donated them and left the Orphanage with a big smile.

I love you so much idiot,” she said, “Me too, hope I made your day happy,”… She blushed, I smiled, hugged her and said, “What a Diwali we had? I can’t forget this day and I am sure I will pen down this,” “Yes, of course you have to,” she said. As soon as we reached home, we lighted the diya’s, sat in peace to cherish the sweetest celebrations that we had today.

Do you remember what we promised when we married?” She sounded little husky, “How can I forgot that secret?” smiled, “What a romantic environment is this?” I said, “Keep it as a secret forever my sweet and romantic hero. I still love you first Haiku dear,” she sounded huskier,

Fuelled by your voice
Imprisoned in your cute eyes
I kissed you with bliss

………………………………………………………………….I romanced a little

I have to say that you are truly a romantic person I fell in love with… You are my romantic hero, moreover, this lighting is too romantic” she said blushing, “Of course what a romantic place is this, the lighting, sitting with someone special in your life near those diya’s and that too by this time of the night is super romantic. Keep your hand on mine”, I insisted, she too followed the same as we cherished the sweetest celebrations that we had in our lifetime, First Diwali, “தலை தீபாவளி”

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Info:-  Flash Fiction refers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 1000 words.

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