To Your Mighty Pen

Looking over the limitless sky 
and the clouds passing by
In that fleeting moment 
I realized life’s secret endowment
Season changes and mood swings
With the setting sun rests the bird’s wings
The horizon converge to close its eyes
Draping the black blanket it winks and sighs

The moon then wraps to wake sun up to see
 Birds taking another flight and so do we

Time falls short for us to give love and receive 

Only if we could learn from the nature to believe

An entrance is only possible after an exit
Keep patience until it turns and exhibit 
Things broken apart would come together
Flaunt your mighty pen. May come whatever
-Simran Kaur 
Happy 7th Blogoversary, Few Miles❤ 

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Happy Birthday Devil 2014!!!

A decade has gone by since I met her first, but it sounds like ten months to me. It should be same for her. Never know when we became so close to each other. Maybe in the second semester when we spoke for hours, all credits to Hutch! Or in the fourth when we had no secrets between us or maybe during the inplant training days? Don’t know when, but we are happy for whatever we were and we are now.

I never called her by her name, and she did that ever. I never thought I will write again, and she did the trick and named this blog, “Few Miles” and I wrote again dedicating verses for her. So many never, ever and forever, I still remember the days I used to call her saying “I have written something new today!” and she read it the next moment. Many a times, I felt bad saying nobody reads my blog, but her words, “I’m sure someday you will have viewers from more than hundred countries! Touch wood!”, always boost my confidence. And you know what her words came true in 2012!

Not just that, we have so many memories to cherish. Maybe I can write a book. Actually, she has done that and gifted it on my 21st birthday. Maybe, she realised that we may not spend more time after that. We did spent time after that too, but not like before, not 24×7, since life demanded us to work and concentrate on life and eventually, I moved to London and then to Germany, and she moved to Seoul, we kinda became busy with life, still our hearts knew that we were, we are, and we will be blood friends forever. No matter how many times we speak in a month or how frequent we meet, it is heart-to-heart connection. And it so happened today when I phoned her on the mobile phone and wished her “Happy Birthday!” She was happy to hear my voice and so I. We spoke only for few minutes, but the magic in her voice and the happiness in our heart is still the same. And that’s the beauty of true friendship, otherwise I will not write this one at quarter past twelve waking up from the sleep.

Happy Birthday once again Devil! And I made this card for her!

From the pages!

So if you’re standing at Gate-A, you move straight and take the second right and then the first left. You move to the last building, take the lift to the 10th floor. Get down, traverse half the round about, move right and the last door that you see is where I live. Alone. That said, it shouldn’t be assumed that I’m a loner. I hate being perceived as someone I’m not.

Talking about the present, it’s a Sunday and to give you the precision specifics, I’m at one of those moments when one feels like lazing around like a log. Probably thinking something about someone who must be somewhere doing likewise? I have no idea, we haven’t really been in touch after our graduation.

Well, to be honest, it’s only because of my diary (that I once used to write!) that I’m reminiscing about my room mate. The diary which lies on the bed in isolation as I lay relaxed on the bean bag and look out into the sky. It’s gonna rain soon, by the way!

Anyways, if you knew Rohan, you would always want to be around him. Not me, he more often than not, brought sheer embarrassment to me. My batch mates used to find him funny, I felt otherwise. It is easy to like a person when you can make fun of them. I know the behind-the-scenes, I shared a goddamn room with him.

Whoever proposes a girl who doesn’t even know who the guy is. And that too with two movie tickets in hand for a already-thought-of-first-date. Rohan wasn’t even handsome and rich for the dumb girls to fall for him. Very average and stupid most of the times. He used to wear that Green t-shirt and pink shorts in hostel and memorize lines from movies and serials that he’ll speak at the dinner table and make everyone laugh. Ass!

Once he asked me to accompany him to the Spanish classes he had joined. I did, thinking that I’ll taste some Spanish. After the hour long boring class, Rohan introduced me to someone he had met since he had started attending the classes. I realized that these guys were going out everyday. I kind of felt happy and while I was walking back to hostel, I had a different sense of amusement. A week later when this guy Rohan was crying inside the room and refused to tell me the reason I realized that he had broken up with her. Why? She was dating someone else. I felt bad then but soon I realized that Rohan still went every evening with that girl so that she could buy something for her boyfriend’s birthday. I was furious and so pissed off that I would have nearly slapped Rohan when he was telling me stories of how he is in awe of her when she was shopping with him for her new boyfriend.

He would break window panes in hostel, accidentally pour water on my lab files, bath two times a day, ask you to go out of the room because he wants to change!?! In our room he would use my stuff for all he cared. Wash clothes and spread them all over the room, wanted lights off by 11 pm until a day when I aggressively told him, “Enough”. He feared raised voices for a reason I can’t tell you just because it was personal to him and I ain’t that mean!

During exams, he would constantly chatter and not let anyone study. Called me his ‘mentor’, liked pictures of nearly everyone on Facebook, sent stupid game requests, and while everyone asked for seasons of those hit English series (like F.R.I.E.N.D.S), he roamed about asking for cartoons!

He had this fascination of having a tattoo made on his neck and on his arm. He chose an occasion for doing so, our Farewell, wow! He had those ear rings (!?!) which contain magnet clamped on to his ears. He was hugging everyone and clicking photos as I watched from a distance. I looked at him and started walking back to our room. As I unlocked our room and started to pack my bags, I found a letter that he had written for me.

I’ll be honest, that was an emotional letter though the signature at the end of the letter put me off.

Your mentee

Whoever writes that!
I was to leave next morning but I after the letter I learned that I won’t be able to face him again. I was getting emotional. I took out a sticky note and wrote “Take care Rohan”, stuck it on his almirah and left.

That perhaps was the last of the communication I had with him.
I hated him at times, was irritated most of the times, he embarrassed me by putting me in awkward situations, but I kind of still feel for him more than anyone from college.

I know he’s a genuine guy because he found out my new mail id from somewhere and mailed me a couple of times. I never bothered to reply. I felt small.

Anyways, that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that he was stupid and involved me in his stupidity somewhere.

Stupid days and silly memories. The heavens are raining already. Cheers Rohan wherever you are.

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