~ Happy Friendship Day ~

God must have known that
We need a gentle tap on our back
when we feel down;
We need a hug to comfort us
when we feel lonely;
We need a word of praise
when we win;
We need a hand to brush away our tear
when we are sad;

To share little things in life
with some special friends because they
can change a frown
into smile;
can change a loss
into gain;
can change your dreams
into reality;
can change the obstacle
into stepping stone;
can change ‘I’ & ‘U’
into ‘V’;
and appreciate the happiness
that life brings!

To give us strength and courage
to make a fresh start or
even after all the loss;
their words flashes for a while on thee, dear friend,
all losses are restored and sorrows have end.

For camaraderie & trueness, God blessed
an ever-lasting true hearts, and named
them as friends ~ a relationship
which has thousands names
but without any actual relationship is friendship!

It’s pleasure to reveal,
I have few such hearts,
that’s why am always blessed with success!
And not to forget the moments that we relish
round, around the school and college days;
Igniting the light of our true friendship
to colour our life naturally
and they are special friends,
Whose bond we can’t explain;
Their love has no boundaries;
So, even when we are apart,
Those sweet memories enhances us,
With a warmth felt in the heart,
Not even death can tear us apart;
And so, these friends, God sends our way,
remain forever near!

And as we all know, FRIEND means

And a special haiku about friendship..

a relationship
without any relation
is true friendship

I love to compare friends with colours because they can express all the emotions of life. And what else could be the best analogy of friendship other than the colours and their mixtures with each other. Talking about colours, the first thought, which comes to the mind, is Rainbow, made of seven different colours of the spectrum that blends to create a beautiful, magical, mesmerizing scene, taking our thoughts beyond the limits. Whenever a rainbow stretches across the sky, they do as a reminder of peace, and when a good rain-washes the world, a Rainbow appears in the sky as a sign of hope for tomorrow. In similar lines whenever something bothers you, friends appear before you as God, to comfort you and as a sign of hope for tomorrow I have few close friends without them I can’t even imagine a life. This poem is a sweet dedication for my dear (Saraswathi Muthuraman & Balakumar Sankar), far, near friends, and for all my friends of blogosphere. PS: This poem is edited, re-posted (the org is posted four years back in my old blog) for expressing my friendship with you all and as a dedication to all lovable friends of mine, here and everywhere.


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Frend – a simple word which synonym the most beautiful relationship in this world. Converts I to We – the strongest covalent bonding made of love and care!

PS: This post has been published as a part of ABC Wednesday, C is for Care

PS: Friend is not missplled as FREND, as I personally feel there is no need of ‘I’ in Frend, it is implicit. Frendship includes ‘I’ by default. I believe that someday this would be universally accepted.

Leo, surely will consider your words 🙂 Thanks ……….


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This story is a portrayal of a telephonic conversation between two friends, of course between two opposite sex people only and let me tell about myself- I am Neha – working as a software engineer in Infosys. I have a close teddy friend, nope he is not a doll but a kind hearted handsome man, working as a software engineer in Oracle; and his name is Ashik. But don’t think that this conversation is between me and Ashik because it is about him with my colleague Sameer, a tall and handsome guy. Sameer called me up last night when I think the time would be around 10:15 PM, and said a big ‘Hi’ to me.

Me: Hi Sameer, How was your day?

Sameer: It was fine day, and I hope you had a great day.

Me: Yeah man, it was awesome as we all partied for our project success.

Sameer: I am glad that you too joined us, because usually you will be logged in your phone at that time.

Me: Hey… stop… I will be talking with my teddy…

Sameer: Teddy…? That’s interesting, what is the real name?

Me: Ashik, my close friend right from my college days, you know he is very smart, kind hearted and caring guy. He always backs me whenever I am down and whenever I feel sad. He is the sweetest person I ever met in my life and I feel I want to be with him forever.

Sameer: That’s cool Neha! So when you meet him first?

Me: Sameer, how can I forget those sweet moments? I was wearing a peacock blue salwar kameez with matching bangles, rings and bindis, and he was wearing a blue jean with a white shirt and looking cool in his favorite colors. If am not wrong, it was the 8th of September 2004, 08:08 AM. He sat down next to me and was listening to the stupid lecture given by my Prince at his best. I interrupted him and enquired about his schooling, marks and the department to which he belonged. Luckily, he said IT to which I belonged too and that was where our sweetest friendship started.

Sameer: Interesting!!! Go ahead…

Me: We exchanged our numbers in a day or two and as time progressed, we came closer through text at first and then with phone calls. The first semester was the best part as we discovered the true relationship between us, and when the exams came, we both studied either in my room or in his. Our parents understood us well too.

Sameer: Hmmm… great! Any outings?

Me: How come with that? During our first semester holidays we both went to Mayajaal, MGM and to some good resorts out there. It was funny and enjoyable as he did some nonsense and movies were the best pass time for us.

Sameer: I think he is the best part of you!

Me: I accept. He is the best part of mine, let it be studies or fun filled moments or emotions; he reflects me and soothes me when required. Days were special till we completed our sixth semester but that was the time when we slogged a lot. Our study time extended and we prepared ourselves for our placements, and the reason behind me being your colleague is Ashik. He is the one who always pushes me hard and gives me confidence that I can do it. But the saddest part did not get selected.

Sameer: Oh my God! You might have cried a lot in spite of your happy moments.

Me: I did cry silently but I know he deserves better and that’s what happened to him. But the days that followed were the sweetest part of our life, golden moments or any word which describes it better. We both spent most of our times in malls or resorts and even we visited our natives and enjoyed the fresh air.

Sameer: Hmmm…

Me: Once we entered our final semester, we concentrated more in our project and colorfully completed our college life. Though it hurts a little to miss those sweet and idiotic moments, we were happy roaming in and out of the city.

Sameer: But how was your first day in office?

Me: Hey, it was the funniest day in my life, as for the first time, I filled some applications and followed some process without his shadow. That night I got many scolding from him for my stupid mistakes. In my training days, I missed him a lot – slogged for clearing the tests but at last completed colorfully and now my life is happy.

Sameer: So what’s next?

Me: You mean marriage, right?

Sameer: Yes, of course! If am not wrong, you will marry your love, I mean Ashik.

Me: Hey, cut the crap, he is my best part but coming to marriage life I give the choice to my parents and they know better. Actually they found a match for me and his name is Rohit.

Sameer: What did Ashik say?

Me: Ashik and my parents enquired about him and they found that Rohit is not good, and they put a full stop to him. Actually Ashik is very worried about my life, so he himself is finalizing things.

Sameer: I think Ashik is in love with you.

Me: What’s wrong with you? Please don’t mistake us. He is the one who finalized RAHUL, you know how hard efforts he put to find a good guy for me. He along with my parents finalized him.

Sameer: Who is he?

Me: My fiancé, I got engaged last month, and in another two months we are getting married.

Sameer: Am really shocked yaar. I thought Ashik would be life partner but you are saying Rahul as he is the one finalized by your parents. In what way he will match you, will he be your shadow as Ashik used to be?

Me: Hey, Rahul is sweet, he understands me better and I hope he will be my sweetest partner of my life.

Sameer: I am confused.

Me: Don’t get confused, Ashik is always my best part and best friend for life and Rahul is my life. I am feeling sleepy, Good Night.

Sameer: Hmmm Good Night Neha.

I ended the call and was thinking about Sameer, how he misunderstood the relationship between Ashik and me. Sameer kind of guys, always don’t know what’s happening between best friends and they always keep puzzling about us. And the worst part is sometimes they speak badly about us which hurts a lot.

I sincerely request you all not to misunderstand the purest relationship in the world – friendship, for some it starts with friendship, followed by love and ends in marriage which is not stable; but for me and Ashik it starts with friendship, follows with friendship and never ends. You can call it as friendship or a HIDDEN word which clarifies better. In my opinion, it is FRIENDSHIP + LOVE + CARE = HIDDEN, the word which needs to be found and added to dictionary.

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