Special Gifts to His Princess

He woke up to the weeping sounds. He looked around, his wife is sound asleep, and so he got up, walked past the door following the direction of the weeping sound, only to find that his thirteen-year-old child is suffering from menstrual pain.

Why only girls have to suffer this much of pain monthly? Why? God. Only God has to answer. He said to himself. He lay on the sofa in tears, without knowing what to do. Actually, he knows he really cannot do anything about it. His princess is ageing 13, and the next ten years is going to decide her rest of the life. So the special gifts to his princess:

Unconditional Love:
A Girl’s Best Friend is her Dad.” The utmost care he shows on God’s special gift, the unconditional love towards his princess, is the priceless gift he could bestow on his child.

Quality Education and Career:
To achieve anything and everything in this competitive world, education is the base, which is now available only at high cost, and to harbour her dream of becoming a doctor, is not easy, even if she has good grades. He has forecasted this, when she first took a plastic stethoscope, and listened his heartbeats. That night, he called his friend and gifted a good education policy to her.

Good Health:
A healthy mind is the healthy body!” Acquiring knowledge is the secret of a healthy mind, but that alone would not suffice. Healthy food, proper diet, clean environment, and a good health insurance policy is must!

Good Life Partner:
For a girl, life restarts on her wedding day, until then she walks holding the safest pair of hands in this world. To give a good start, he needs a special person who can treat his princess a queen, and lots of money to make it grand. He knew this when he first received his angel in his hands, and from that day he saved money and invested in good Children’s Marriage Plan.

Unlimited Happiness:
Happiness cannot be measured by any devices in this world. Happiness is a heart-to-heart conversation that can be expressed by a gentle curve on the face that lit up eyes, and the reason could be a small doll, or the biggest of biggest teddy bears, or a gentle hug. Whatever it is, happiness at the cost of everything is the best gift to his princess.

Above all, regardless of the anything in this world, the best gift is the TRUST on his child, irrespective of the situation, because for any relationship, trust is the base, love is the building blocks, and happiness is the most welcomed outcome.

He may not be able to fight with God to rewrite the injustice to Girls, but he can do everything else to keep her princess happy.

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