#401 – A small celebration ♥

This is going to be a special post because for the first time, my sweetest dearest wife Vidhya has written a poem for me, a simple one 🙂 Here you go sweetheart! The stage is all yours:

हम हैं दो
मिलके बने एक
हमने लिखे ४००
आज है ४०१..
अब लिखते हैं हम जुगलबंदी
​आपको दिल से है धन्यवाद
मेरी यही है नई शुरुवात

Well as she said, from now on we will travel a few miles together 🙂 and here is yet another special poem from Grandma, Swarna Kaur. Thanks Grandma, as always your poem makes me feel special. Little one, special thanks to you for making Vidhya’s poem sweeter 😀

कर्म क्रिया प्रतिक्रिया अनुक्रिया
क्रीड़ा करते जीवन प्रान्गड़ में
सुख दुःख की विराट कुहेलिका
धुप छाव करती काननं में
एक तार में पीरे ये मानस
होते नित आविगत अन्नंत में
काल चक्र देती गति सृष्टि को
सब अतीत होता अंत में

As most of you know, my sweet journey started with the poem titled First Waters, followed by milestone post by guest writers and me.

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* #401 – Since, this is the first poem from Vidhya’s pen I wanted to give a start to her and that’s why 401*

The journey is a mix of ups and downs, smiles and tears, still a sweet one and without Few Miles, I am nothing. Today, I am glad to have published one of my short stories ‘The Last Date’ in the book Kaleidoscope: An eclectic collection of twenty-five amazing stories written by 25 different writers including me and this anthology owes its origin to an international short story competition organised by Springtide. I hope in near future or before I turn 30, I will publish my first novel. Stay with me my dear readers, friends and well-wishers.

Thank you for being there dear friends! Let’s celebrate!!

Please raise your glasses and let’s enjoy the champagne…

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That’s No: 401 <3 A small celebration <3 Please welcome our guest writers 😀 Read the post here: http://t.co/PuwdUJRBGi #HindiPoetry
— Someone is Special (@FewMiles) August 30, 2013