Happily Ever After

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In the corner of the party hall stood a beautiful brown-eyed angel with a cup of Appy Fizz in her hand. Simplicity was the biggest asset of her. She had put on a pair of red belly shoes that invited the people in the party hall to travel upwards. She wore a red colored party wear that ran from the bottom of her tights to the top of her chest. The slim fit cotton dress hugged her figure following the curves to elegance. Teamed up with a statement neckpiece that hugged her neck, tiny heart-shaped earrings dangling on her ears, and she wore a little makeup that made her radiant face gleam in the party light. She looked much like a perfect dream girl.

Hey, you look drop-dead gorgeous! Sid forgot to breathe. She thanked him without having any eye-to-eye contact and walked away. He held her right hand and requested her to stop. She did stop and turned towards him. Her eyes were filled with tears; the kohl and the mascara were messed up.

Is something wrong? He asked tightening the grip on her hands. She said nothing.

Come on speak up, Isha. He said in a worried tone. She adjusted her make-up and said, I’m fine.

No, you are not. You look disturbed. Look in the mirror. It will tell you the story. He spoke non-stop.

Yes, I’m not fine. I admit. Why should you be concerned? She shouted crying like a ten-year-old kid for her first mini skirt.

He could not take it at all. He helped her to sit on the cushion sofa at one corner of the party hall, sat opposite to her, held her hands and said, Because, I care for you my dear, Isha.

She broke into tears, which his heart could not digest. She spoke in a dull tone. You like Samantha more than me. She paused, wiped her tears, and continued. Don’t say no. Last week, when you are very drunk, you said it on the phone. Even today, you were dancing with that bitch holding her hips.

Sid laughed within, as his ploy worked well. He looked into her eyes, and asked her, But, why that bothers you?

Because, I… she swallowed rest of the words, for which he was waiting for two long years. And, she started crying like a baby, this time.

Enough is enough, Sid said to himself. He sipped water from the water bottle “KINLEY” placed on the table. He thought telling the truth was the right thing to do. He took a ring box from his suit, went down on one knee, and proposed her.

I love you so much, Isha. I wanted to hear it from you for two long years, but you always failed me. That’s the reason I acted, as if I like…

Before he could complete his sentence, Isha came down and sealed his lips with her lips for three tasteful minutes. He then slid the ring on to her finger and she uttered those three magical words, for which he was waiting for two long years.

Happy Birthday, Isha said kissing his lips, mouth, face and everywhere.

From that day, they decided to be true to each other. And, they lived happily ever after!

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My Teddy Travelogue

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They say, “Life is magical when you are with kids!” I am no exception to deny it. I, too, happened to travel to one of my favorite holiday destinations with my family and friends. It was a planned trip to Mysore from Bangalore. Everyone backpacked clothes, food, water, electronic gadgets, and what not… the list was big, though the bag mouth cried.

But… one bag was different. It was small, pink-colored, heavy for a three-years-old, and had items that could take you to the world “Kid-o-Mania”. Ashik, my nephew, was a naughty kid, but at the same time, he is a kid with extra-ordinary dreams. He would play all android games, thousand times better than I would, in his tab. On the other hand, he would draw a bird inside a cage, erase the cage, set it free and smile happily. It was his wisdom. To such a kid, his mother, my elder sister, packed his bag, in a way he wished it to be packed.

His toy “buzz lighter” (sorry, if there is a typo) was kept at the bottom in a corner, the small football in another corner of the bag, Frisbee, the dress to play in the mud, a small spade and other stuffs (the names I could not recall), his favorite cream biscuits, the best homemade popcorn, extra pair of sandals, the kids guitar, his shades, the tab, the pink colored water bottle (he is a pink lover) and his favorite books (includes his homework, notebook and pencil box… these days kids have to write homework even in their holidays :P).

I had no idea on what he was up to. I observed him from the very first minute of our trip. He read his book for the first thirty minutes of travel, then he played “Subway Surfers” for twenty minutes, he took a small nap, before we got down to have our breakfast. After the breakfast, he was playing with his toys. Once we got down at Mysore palace, he was not so active, but after noticing the big palace, he got excited. It was fun to watch him jump, shout and do all sort of stuffs. When we were done with the palace, we sat down. He quickly wore a coat and started playing with his spade; I really wished that I be his company. Might be, he read me, so he invited me to play with Football. Trust me; I’ve never enjoyed playing Football that much before. He then washed his hands in the nearby tab, and ate the delicious homemade popcorn, and drank water from his bottle.

We roamed around the city all day. We were tired by the evening, but he was not. He was still up with the guitar in the return journey and danced to the tunes we played in our mobile phones. I had a great experience that day.

If vacations are Pizzas, then vacations with kids’ means “Pizzas with Cheese Burst”! True that! I wish to have more Pizzas with Cheese Burst. Okay, for now, I’m signing off… keep sending your thoughts on comments and emails. Have a nice day!

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Rise Above Fear

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‘Inspiration’ is all around. All you need to do is to get inspired by it. When I was browsing, I watched an ad made by Mountain Dew. “Rise Above Fear” is the concept of the film. In the film, the very popular South Indian Actor Arya, with two of his friends, take risks to click pictures of rare KURINIJI flower and ultimately gains them the limelight. It reminded of an incident that happened a year ago in my life, and I decided to pen it down at half past two in the night.

I always loved two things in life – one is ‘Writing’ and the other is ‘Cricket’. While the former is my way of venting out my anger and cherishing a happy moment, but the later is my “Happiness”. But do I get time to live it? Well I keep asking that question to me every day every hour every minute and each second. I do, only once in a year, when I represent my company, and play cricket with my customer. Eleven months and 28 days in a year, I live a mechanical life, and the rest is for my “Happiness”.

They say, “Race with time to win big!” That I second. When you get to play for only two days in a year, then you have really race with time. In such a race, the fear of losing plays a major role in failures. ‘Fear’, it did hurt us for the first two years, when we ended up losing the cup to our customer. We reasoned that lack of match practise (actually, without any match practise) for our loss. But was it true? No!
With the tagline ‘losers’, we took the field for the third time last November, but under a new captain, Veera. He taught us a mantra “Rise above fear”. It boosted our morale and strengthened the spirit of the team.

We lost the toss, as usual. Maybe, we were not lucky to bat on a flat pitch first. Our fast bowler Ranbir started the proceedings by bowling two full tosses and giving away twenty runs in the first over. I came on to bowl the second over of the match. I always loved bowling more than batting. That day was no different. I bowled a magical over. Six perfect balls, the first two balls swung in sharp taking the batsman by surprise, the third ball bounced high and hit the helmet, for which I apologized to the batsman, the fourth took a faint edge and was caught by the keeper, but was ruled not out and the last two balls hit the batsman on his pads. Veera ran to me from slips, patted me on back, and appreciated for bowling a maiden over.

Ranbir bowled the third over of the match. I advised him to ignore generating extra phase to surprise the batsman and asked him to concentrate on the line. It did help, as we gave away eight runs, but the run rate was still large. The fourth over was a disaster. I started off well with two sharp deliveries that swung out almost close to the bat. The third ball changed the momentum of the over as the batsman picked the slow ball from my fingers itself, and pulled it over long on for six. It was a drop chance. The fielder misjudged the catch, as the ball tossed out of his hands to sail over the boundary line. I lost my cool. First was a bad decision in the last over and now a drop catch. I ended up giving 18 runs in the over.

The fifth over got us back into the game. Our sensational fast bowler, KV, bowled a dream over. The seam position and the line, made the balls unplayable. He also struck twice and missed out on a hat-trick chance and his seventh was a maiden over. The sixth and eighth was bowled by a spinner Rahul, who took two wickets and gave twelve runs. At the end of eighth over, we were in a commanding position, but lost to a brilliant batting display from our opponent star all-rounder Ali who scored a century is 45 balls. I bowled the seventeenth and nineteenth over the match giving away 12 runs in total and bowled Ali in the last ball of my fourth over when he misread the slow ball. They scored 153 runs in twenty overs, which was a huge target for us, as we failed to score three-figure mark in our last two outings.

During the team meeting, Veera spoke to us positively. I, too, supported saying that if we manage to score 70 runs in first ten overs without losing a wicket, then we could win easily. KV, not only a dream bowler but also a wonderful batsman as he along with Arun gave us a dream start. We scored 80 runs in ten overs without losing a wicket. You know, the mantra “Rise above Fear”, worked well until KV miscued a short pitched ball to third man. Arun was run out in the next over, Sumit was stumped, Revanth was caught in deep, Rahul was out for lbw, and Karan was clean-bowled. By the end of fifteenth over, we were 101-6 and I joined the crease with Veera.

The ‘Fear’ inside my head played on, as I edged the first ball to four, second ball hit me on my elbow, third and fourth was unplayable, fifth ball went for four after it brushed my pads, and the sixth was a dot ball. We needed 44 runs to win from 24 balls at a run rate of 11. We are neither Pollard nor Sehwag to pull off things in the last few overs. It was a refreshing drinks break. Veera tried to calm me down and asked me to stick to my instincts.

Veera scored two consecutive fours and stole a single to Midwicket. I took a deep breath, recalled my school days, walked down the crease for two steps even before bowler started to bowl, and waited for the ball. Almost everybody laughed, but that’s my way of playing unplayable balls. Hit before it pitches. I was right. I hit him for six, as I walked down two more steps when he released the ball and smashed it over the bowler’s head. It got my confidence back. I hit two more six – one over Deep cover and the other over Long on scoring 27 runs in that over. He was happy that his mantra worked “Rise Above Fear”. With 17 runs needed from 18 balls, it was a cakewalk for us in that mood. Veera played the eighteenth over, scored twelve runs, and the target was now five runs from twelve balls.

Ali came running from the boundary and bowled the first ball. I stepped out of the crease in a flash and smashed it over his head for six. I jumped up in air, pumped my fist in air, in happiness. Veera pulled out a stump in his hand from the bowler end and I took all the three from my end after, went to him running, and hugged him. All our team members came out and appreciated, as they celebrating before our customer for a win could invite us into trouble. But a game is a game and a win is a win. Celebration is always on!

The moral is simple and straightforward. “Rise Above Fear To Win!

Hope you liked reading this incident that happened in my life a year ago. We even won this year too, but sadly, I was not a part of the team, as I was in the hospital with my wife. She is back home now to home and is feeling better. Will keep you all posted. For now, watch the video, and I’m signing off… keep sending your thoughts on comments and emails. Have a nice Sunday!

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