~ gone are those days ~

It’s been so long since I penned a poem and my poetic muse was almost dying because of my continuous fiction writing. Even my close blogging friends advised me to concentrate a little on my poetic muse too but I was unable to find any inspiration, but today when I read few prompt lines, I decided to express the feelings of a woman whom I met last week in a party. She was completely drunk and she shared her inside feelings about her hubby, and his previous relationships, but she was very positive that someday her hubby would love her completely. And as the quote says, “Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.” – Victor Kiam, she was positive, but her tear-filled yearning eyes have given me the inspiration to pen this poem.

Gone are those sentimental, emotional romantic days,
Passionate, engaged and beautiful good-looking girls;

Fell in love with him madly, heartily, deeply and truly,
But entertainment and amusements was love for him sadly;

Preference was given to glistening flesh instead of soul,
Four-letter word was a cover for the flesh-eating animal;

Love, sex, break-up and love again was his mantra forever,
Longing for Love, girls do all for this animal, but do ever;

He loved, or just for the fun, he was making love with angels,
And lived alone in life, tasting flesh until I became his smiles;

Am I his destiny or just because he needs a partner, I am?
Confused… but gone are those days when he was young; calm,

I said to myself, beautiful life is a dream for a guy and girl for long,
Though the dream may fail but I should be ready to face all along;

Life of a playboy’s wife is not easy to live as we read, but I pray,
Gone are those days he never needed anyone, and his prey pray,

Time can change things, and he will love me, only me, ever and forever,
Gone are those stupid, non-sense, and worst days of his life ever.

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I saw…

Why I am unable to pen down the things I saw in the mirror? Is this the writer’s block? Or I can’t believe what I saw? Confused I, but… I should explain others loud and make them persuasive that whatever I saw is not a nightmare but riches for a human. Yes, I saw ‘God’.

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Cry of a spouse – IT industry

“Pleasant, the minutes that I spoke with him were pleasant! Romantic, the hours I spent with him were romantic! Beautiful, the days I was with him were beautiful! Life, He was my life!” I happily lived in this world until he joined ‘IT Industry’. Today I feel blindfolded without him. Please come back to home!

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