Chai Bhaiya

“Welcome to the world of magic. Please volunteer yourself to feel the magic” said magician. I volunteered myself and walked to the stage with a positive sign. “I welcome you to the world of magic, close your eyes and have no fear,” said magician, blindfolded, and helped me to sit on a chair. Within seconds, I heard people laughing. “Shall I prepare a Tea?” said magician, again heard people laughing and shouting yes. I could imagine what is happening over my head but? After five minutes, he released me and said, “You want to drink chai Bhaiya”. “No no please”

Info:- Drabble refers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of 100 words.

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Prompt: 8th Weekly Dose of Laughter , Sign

He to She

Scenario: A conversation between he and she about a person who changed in to a girl.

He: No one would believe that he had undergone that operation.
She: Is it? Why?
He: Yes, Just to know about girls.
She: He reversed to a girl to feel them???

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Prompt: 5th Weekly Dose of Laughter , Reverse

Prompt: #71 – No one would have believed

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The Best Cook

On One misty moist morning, my friends and I had a thought to cook for the first time in our room. Please See, I am an expert in cooking (hope so). We went to shop, bought all possible ingredients needed to cook Vegetable Pulao Recipe.

Siva: Dude, Let us pray to God before we start cooking…

Me: Sure dude.

We prayed Ganesha and started our first attempt in our room. First we grinded onion, coconut, garlic, ginger and coriander to make a smooth paste. Fried the onions, then added the chilli powder, followed by vegetables and baking soda. After 20 minutes, we added it with the boiled rice and served it for Sri, our test piece. First Failure gets you more success and so our first attempt as it made Sri to visit the rest room several times and also to hospital for the treatment. I was puzzled, so started our research on what could be reason.

And I found the reason behind our failure, it was washing soda…

Prompt: 4th Weekly Dose of Laughter , Cook

Prompt: #70 – One misty moist morning

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