Dear Santa – Wish List ~ Happy & Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,

I used to write many letters to you in my childhood wishing for good food, proper dress, peaceful sleep, house with proper roof, video games (super Mario), and ice creams (gulfi) but today I write to you with a big list of wishes, hoping that it would be fulfilled. Fingers crossed….

1. It’s been so long since I ate my mom’s food (pappu rice) and I am totally fed up eating these stupid pizza’s and burgers all day and night here in London. Moreover, it’s almost 90 days since I ate my Mom’s delicious healthy food, so can you please gift my Mom’s food for this Christmas because I cannot wait for few more months, please Santa….

2. It’s been so long since I spent time with my close friends smiling, chitchatting, joking, and playing all day and night. I miss them a lot, so can you please buy tickets for my best friends and old roomies to London, I can spend the New Year with them, please Santa…

3. It’s been so long since I saw my nephew Ashik, he is not feeling well now and then, can you please bless him a good health for years, please Santa…

4. It’s been so long since I held Nihill in my hands, so please, please; somehow help me to hold him for at least seconds, please Santa…

5. It’s been so long since I penned my novel and it is hanging here and there, bits and pieces in chapters. I really do not find any time to complete it, so can you please buy me some time to complete them at a go, please Santa…

6. It’s been so long since I went for a lone walk in a calm street, and I don’t find any such places here in this romantic city, so can you please create a special road for me to walk for at least one hour, please Santa…

7. It’s been so long since I raced in cycles on a narrow road, so can you please get me a cycle or your sleigh to enjoy a ride, please Santa…

8. It’s been so long since I played with snow, and now here in London it is not at all snowing, so can you please pour snow for one day? I can happily play on it eating ice creams, please Santa. PS: I have played in artificial snow in Abirami Mall.

9. It’s been so long since I wrote romantic poems, so can you please fire my dream girl for stopping me to write romantic poems, please Santa…

10. It’s been so long since I smiled happily, so can you please…. Please Santa…

The list continues… but I don’t wish to turn off people with my stupid wishes, so let me stop and here I go… a sweet haiku on Christmas..

Noel a festival
Commemorate the birth of
Christ, Merry Christmas!

a poem on Christmas wish…

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas !
I think of all the gifts
That brings me immense pleasure
But nothing can bring joy and happiness of
Eating pappu rice prepared by my sweet Mom
That’s the
Only Gift
I wish
for ! !
Santa !
Please fulfill my wish, please….!

And before I leave… here is my lifelong wish.. (actually posted last year..)

O my beautiful God!
Give back the beautiful place
Where I lived for 300 peaceful days
Give back the joyful childhood
When I smiled for no reasons
Give back the friendly lap
Where I slept for hours
Give back the lovely day
When I slept for 24 hours
Give back the school
Where I was the only Hero
Give back the sweet moments
When I scored centum in Mathematics
Give back the narrow road
Where I raced with cycles
Give back the pleasant time
When I first felt who I am to someone
If not,
Give me the heart
With belief as weapon
That these words will come true
One day!

I wish all a very HAPPY and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Yours Frendly……………………….!