Someone whose life gets added with a flavor of love


The much-awaited long ring of the school bell rang, which made all the students shout joyfully in unison, as they were getting 10 days of summer break. Ashik, a charming hero, came out of the school with his friends in cycle. Almost all the faces shone brightly like the sun.

Ashik said to his classmate Akhil, “It’s beautiful. The day, the climate, the feeling, I am sure something special is going to happen today!”

Akhil said, “Indeed, it is a wonderful day.” He smiled and then he continued, “Come let’s go”.

Ashik started on his cycle, with Akhil sitting in front, to their Tuition Centre. By the time they reached, all they could see is locked doors. They sat there admiring the beauty of nature. In no time, the smiling beauty, the Queen of Ashik’s heart, “Hassini” came walking like a pigeon. Ashik, without his knowledge, started admiring her from top to bottom. She was wearing a rose-colored short top and grey skirt. She looked damn cute! He said to himself, “Oh my God, what a girl she is!”

Hassini said a big “Hi” looking strangely at the doors. She asked, “Why the door is still locked?” Akhil, laughing, said that they do not have the key, for which Hassini smirked and looked into Ashik’s eyes.

Ashik, mesmerized by her, said in a husky voice, “It seems that our Sir forgot to bring the keys today, so he has declared a Holiday.” Hassini lips curved, and Ashik continued, “But we have to come tomorrow at sharp 10 in the morning.”

“That’s very bad. I need a summer break.” She snarled. Akhil, understanding the situation, left to home, after signalling Ashik “Good luck” and waving a bye to both of them saying, “I’m bored. I’m leaving. You guys please inform others.”

Ashik, smiling, waved a bye and thanked him in silence. He thought, “What an opportunity to spend time with my girl and that too, on a pleasant romantic evening!”

His brain rang like a wall clock, blood rushed in his veins like a train, his heart pounded and he could hear his favourite song in his mind. Minutes later, Hassini asked, “Hello dreamer…where are you?”

He came back to his senses, lips curved, and he covered it up saying, “Look back. Our friends are coming.” He informed about tomorrow’s grief and today’s happiness. And they left to home. It took around thirty minutes to inform all his tuition-mates, after which, Ashik and Hassini started walking slowly towards her house much like a perfect couple.

In seconds, Ashik sneezed for which Hassini said, “Sorry, I was thinking of you”. “Hmmm…why?” asked Ashik, for which Hassini replied, “Just like that”

“Hmmm… don’t lie…” He insisted and she said, “I am not saying any.”

“You are unbeatable when it comes to situation like this. You must be an idiot.”

“My dear lovable idiot, why can’t you understand me” She said, blushing like never before.

Ashik, flying somewhere on cloud nine asked, “What did you say?”

“I am in love with you…” she paused for a minute for Ashik’s response and then she added, “And I know that you are in love with me!”

Ashik could not react; he blushed, “Nodding head”, as he was the happiest man in the world!

Hassini, blushing, waved a bye and took the road towards her right, which would take her home. Ashik, speechless, nodded his head and said, “Bye my love” and his thoughts were on “The Sweetest Proposal” that he had got a few minutes back, which could be the happiest moment in his life.

Someone is special for something

Sweetest 90 Seconds

The day started with the cool dewdrops, as Ashik stepped out of his home. He was wearing a sky blue shirt and dark trousers, looked so smart. He started walking towards the bus stop and got into bus. It moved very slowly because of the ups and downs in the roads, he suddenly noticed that minute hand of his watch edged towards ‘3’ and the other just passed ‘8’. Peeping through the window, he noticed that ‘Hassini’, his college mate was riding her scooter. Without his knowledge, his eyes started admiring her beauty, within seconds (only for him) bus stopped, and he got down from the bus. Entering the college, he saw that ‘Hassini’ was at the other end of the same pathway, so hastened his steps with the boot sounded loud and turned left which took him nearer to her. In the meanwhile, she slowed her steps as she noticed Ashik rushing towards her. When they met in same line, smiled at each other and Ashik would never know that, it would take another 90 seconds to cover the rest 12 meters to reach their classroom. But it happened.

They both walked like tortoise, after smiling for a moment, Hassini said, “Hey how was your physics cycle test?” Nodding his head “Not so bad”, “Hmmm.. So…” smiled and reading her beauty from top to bottom “you are looking damn cute in this rose chudi,” “Hmmm… So…” smiled again and looking straight into her eyes “so… you are blushing a lot, Hassini”, “Hmmm… So…,” “so… class, a foot ahead,” she smiled, “thanks for your compliment.”

And, they entered their good old classroom walking in unison, much like a perfect couple entering a party hall! The usual comments about ‘them’ would be roaring in the air but he could not hear anything. It was because the endless charm of those most recent 90 seconds had captivated his senses – the sweetest captivity he always enjoyed thereafter!

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