IT Job, decent salary, happily married (oxymoron), own house, what do I miss? I ask myself what is that single line item I miss now? Is the answer a bike…? A Bike, for a family? Or a car, preferably a SUV? But it should not cost a bomb. I say to myself.

Of course, it will not. These days, the designers of car are smart enough to target the right set of people.

Am I a target, I ask myself?

No… no, what I meant is… okay, no more arguments my dear. Watch this video…

The all new DATSUN REDI-GO from Nissan with pride. Looks good! But… will it be cost effective? Will it have all the latest features?

There is more than a dozen feature. Let me brief about my favourite three!

Okay, go on…

It’s a unique fusion of compact crossover and urban hatchback, offering the best of both worlds. It’s compact and sleek, yet robust and aggressive. The exterior is more of a premium appeal, just like you.

Okay, agreed. The look is great! What about the features?

It’s spacious. It can be overloaded! (Tongue out)

I’ll kick your ass. Go ahead and explain the dashboard, music system and any new features that is possess.

Let me start with the adaptive power steering that has unbelievable stability at high speeds. The next for the techie inside you, the drive computer that is loaded with features like shift indicator, average mileage, distance to refill the tank, (of course, your mind will think about the credit card EMIs. Do not worry, it has a fuel economy of 25.17 km/l) and what not? Feel it, techie dude.

Impressive… but is it on highways or on normal roads?

It’s combined. Let me tell you that this sleek car can help you swim in the traffic, with amazing five speed manual transmission and superior air-conditioning system.

I am convinced… but give me one more strong reason to buy it.

Hmm… You can make a full turn around with just a 4.7 metre turning radius. You do not have to worry about driving on small roads or trying hard to work on back gear. I know you suck at it (Tongue out)

I am going to behead you. Before that tell me can I test drive?

People who can drive can test drive, so I guess you cannot. By the way which city do you prefer?

I love to test drive in Bangalore. If I love the experience, and if it is not going to hurt my EMIs, then I may book it.)

How should I make him book the car? Let me think… 1, 3, 5…

What are you thinking?

Give me your mobile, I quickly open Google play store and install DATSUN INDIA. I launch the app and show him the phone.


A techie is always a techie!

The conversation between me and myself is impressive enough to book the car. Because all we need is Fun. Freedom. Confidence. And the ultimate Urban Cross – Datsun redi-GO – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback promises it!

Ideal Yatra!

Life itself is a yatra from birth to peace. We knowingly or unknowingly travel to new destinations with or without our own will and explore the hidden beauty of nature created by the supreme power, God. Out of these yatras we like (at least forced to like) almost all the yatras, but only a very few are our favourites. It’s our Ideal Yatra!

In these 28 years on earth I had been to several places, explored the beauty of nature and have my own favourites. My visit to Poovar Island, Trivandrum, is one of the ideal domestic yatras I had been to, along with my wife. It took five emails to book a floating cottage in Poovar Island and a visit to yatra.com to book the flights. The experience of booking the flight was good: searched for domestic flights, typed source and destination location, date, no. of passengers and hit on ENTER. In almost five minutes I had my confirmed returned tickets in my inbox. I was the happiest man!

On the day of the journey, my brother took us to the airport in the car… we found Chennai Airport so beautiful. Luckily we checked in online (Air India Web check-in). Though we reached at the last minute, still we quickly passed through the security checks and boarded the flight right in time… all thanks to Chennai traffic and surprise diversions.

The flight journey to Trivandrum was smooth and good. Luckily, there was no turbulence. In my previous International flights, I had the worst experiences with seatbelt on all the time. As soon as we reached Trivandrum we got into the cab arranged by the Poovar Islands Team; a kind gesture by the team for the honeymoon couple. Followed by the cab journey, we took a boat to the Island viewing the seas I had previously seen in the maps.

Living in a cottage floating on water was an amazing experience for us. My wife was scared at the start, but within a few hours, she got used to it. In fact, on the second day we sat on the backyard of the cottage keeping our legs inside the water. The days flew faster than we imagined. Be it the candlelight dinner, the specially decorated honeymoon cake, or the backwater ride on a small boat, it was an incredible experience! Not to forget the dining experience, the mouth-watering cuisines, the photogenic surroundings and the amazing seashore that gave us a lifetime memorable frozen moment in my camera lens.

Though we made our itinerary to cover the entire city, the serenity of the Island did not allow us to go outside. On the last day the team arranged a cab for dropping us back to the airport. On the way the cab driver, Sriram Anna, a kind-hearted human being, took us to a famous Vinayagar temple, the chocolate shops and dropped us in the airport. The return flight journey was bit emotional, as we missed the cottage a lot. We decided to visit again and maybe in a few months’ time, we may visit again.

Thanks to Yatra.com for being a part of our ideal yatra. Explore more about Domestic Airlines. Happy Journey! Keep Smiling!

Namma Chennai! Singara Chennai!

Namma Chennai! Singara Chennai! My favorite city in the world!

I can list thousand reasons to show my love for Chennai, and I am sure all Chennaites will love the reasons because it would be the same for them. We Chennaites, are proud of being a Chennaite and a Tamilian. So I am not going to write it.

வந்தாரை வாழவைக்கும் தமிழ்நாடு – அன்று
வந்தாரை வாழவைக்கும் சென்னை – இன்று

This is 100% true. I have heard this from hundreds of people who travel from small villages and towns of India to Chennai. In Chennai, you can survive with nothing at all. Maybe, I will write a separate of post on this. For now, I will write about recent Chennai rains and the floods, that rocked Chennai yet we showed the world, why we are proud of who we are.

Last month, when the monsoon started hitting hard at Chennai, we, the people of Chennai, did not sink in the rain, instead we sank the religious difference in us and showed the world that Unity is Strength and Humanity is God.

The rain God came down to Chennai answering the decade’s prayers (it rained now and then in the last ten years but not like how it used to rain years before) from the people of Chennai. Since it was for a decade, the city roads got filled up very soon (not sure what happened to draining systems drive), then when it was about to fill up the ponds, rivers and lakes, (Thanks to Urban Development Drive that transferred Nature’s property to individual’s property), it lacked space, so it entered the homes, colleges and all occupied properties, and rest of all the other available places for stealing the Nature’s property – A Good Lesson Taught By God! Highest rainfall in the last hundred years.

We will learn from our mistakes, but it was a testing time for us. Thousands of people lost their houses, household items, clothes, food, cars, pets, money and everything, and a few of them lost their lives. Roads got washed away, bridges broken, reservoirs and dams overflowed, rivers flushed away everything. The city came to a standstill, with no power, no money, and no food. It sank, literally.

But did we allow it to sink completely? No, definitely no… National Disaster Rescue Team, Indian Army, City Police, and a lot of good hearted people came down to streets to help the needy irrespective of creed or caste. We rescued people from their homes using boats and moved them to safe location, we saved the dying animals and handed it to over to good hands, we provided food and water to people who got struck with no power in their houses, we swam in neck-deep, hip-deep, and even in 12ft to 15ft water in some areas to help the needy.

We did everything to help us in these troublesome times. We formed human chain to rescue, ordinary people became super heroes, celebrities became saviors, social media became helplines, hashtags like #ChennaiRains #ChennaiRainsHelp #ChennaiFloods became news, photographs captured history, maps became flood maps, bloggers became news reporters, and what not…?

Not just that… Government announced flood camps and medical camps, Telecom providers announced free talk time, EMI’s slashed, Banks worked on the weekends, mobile ATM’s and what not? We saved us. Not only from the floods, but also from the aftereffects diseases. After twenty days of rains and floods, we came down to street, cleaned the roads, removed the debris, disinfected the places, and made it livable again. Though it is in the process, still we can proudly say that we will bounce back soon. For more updates check Chennai Rains.

We had a Drive, a Design, and we connected to deliver better. Remember, we did not sink in the rain, instead we sank the religious difference in us and showed the world that Unity is Strength and Humanity is God. We’re made of great. Read more #madeofgreat stories at http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com/.

Though personally, I was not there in Chennai, still I did all my best possible help to all the people.