Happiness is buying online jewellery

I wish I can make a meme, “That moment when you realise that the most searched item changes from books to jewellery!” and post it on Facebook. All thanks to my dear wife’s addiction to jewellery and artificial jewellery. Be it Google Search, or Facebook Ads, or whatever, her first priority is to search for online jewellery shopping in India. The moment she finds one, the next few hours she will explore all possible options in the site, and will shortlist at least a dozen items to hear my opinion. Without much option, I will view each one of them, and provide my review comparing with her previous finds. Most of the times, I give a negative review complaining one or the other missing features, but this site www.candere.com amazes me enough to write this post.

For a design fanatics like me, Candere website and their precious creations, is a treat to view and surf. I must confess that they have different ranges of products, from Diamonds to Gold to attractive Gems, from Necklace to Earrings to Mangalsutras for women, from Pendants to Rings for men, and from Bars to Custom Designs for all. What makes the site outstanding, is the way they present the best of their collections to the customers, with detailed information on category wise pricing of Metal, Gemstone, Making Charges and VAT, options to preselect between White and Yellow Gold, options to select the gold carats, which ultimately decides the cost of the jewellery, and helps you buy online jewellery at an impressive price. And for people living in abroad, Candere also accepts payment in Australian Dollars, Great Britain Pound and United States Dollars.

I have made my wishlist: two vakratunda ruby pendants, of the type “just initials jewellery”, made of white gold. I’ll be opting for 18 carat Gold, as the occasion is going to be special. Yes, I’m planning this gift for the third anniversary of our first interaction. I’m very sure that my wife is going to love this. Since they deliver in seven days from the date of order, I will be placing the order just before the special day. I’m super excited!

It’s your turn now. Browse through the vast collection of tempting yet elegant and eye-catching jewellery from your home and make occasions special. Remember Candere products come with Insured Free Shipping, Jewellery Certifications, 30 Days Returns, and Lifetime Exchange. The USP of the product is its bespoke international designs and it’s also available on EMI. Subscribe to newsletter option and enjoy 1000 INR off on your first purchase. Wonderful, isn’t it? Give it a try and share your experience in the comment section of this post.

State.com – Review

Do you have an opinion? Do you want to say it to the world? Join State.com. It’s simple and easy. It allows you to state your opinion, and connect to like-minded people around the world. There is no need for hashtags or huge list of followers or sky-high fame for your opinions to be heard. And that’s what makes State shine in the crowd. State something and change everything!

State: simple, powerful, game-changing

All you have to do is join www.state.com and click on State at the top to voice your opinion.

Pick a topic.

Pick an opinion word or search

Voice your opinion. That’s it.

In minutes, you get to know where you are standing…who’s on your side and who’s opposite to you.

It’s just not that, people can compliment you “Well Said” and support or oppose your thoughts by leaving a comment. You also have an option to Ask Others opinion.

Simple, isn’t it? Then welcome to global welcome network. Simply connect with people of your choice by selecting a category and explore opinions.

Connect with friends on Facebook and Twitter

Tune into them and stay connected with them on State.com

Anytime, anywhere from chrome, capture your opinions as you browse by installing Stateclip extension.

And do a lot more…Join State.com now (This link has my referral id. Use it to connect with me instantly)

Thank you BlogAdda.com for the opportunity. I had a fantastic experience with State and so my verdict is…

State.com is a fresh concept to unite like-minded people to voice their opinions, no matter how popular they are, how many followers they have or what hashtags they use. There is no need to promote, no need to be popular, just state your opinion, reach people like you and change everything. State is available on the web, iOS AppStore and soon to be available on Android. Everything has some pros and cons, State has too, but do not worry about it. Join now, state something and change everything!

Watch how state works…

Cashkaro.com – India’s No.1 Cashback & Coupons Site – Review

Say Yes or No for the statements below:

  1. We all love online shopping. (Y/N)
  2. We all love discount coupons. (Y/N)
  3. We all love cash back vouchers. (Y/N)

I am sure the only answer for all the above statements will be a big YES! And what if I say that a website is providing all these facilities for free, will you believe me?

Believe me or not…Cashkaro.com is providing all these facilities to you. All you need to do is…

  1. Sign up for a free account at Cashkaro.com.
  2. Browse through the long list of offers on a variety of retailers (500+ top brands and restaurants) at one place. Choose the one you want to buy, click and visit the retailer’s website and shop like you normally do.
  3. It may take a week for the retailer to deliver the goods, but Cashkaro.com takes just 72 hours to track your transaction, add the cash back that you are eligible and sends an email to you. Please note that cash will reflect under pending status in your account.
  4. And in a month’s time they will confirm the cash back amount that you earned in the recent past, which will give you an option to request for payment if your balance reaches the threshold amount (250 INR.) and they transfer the money to your account for free.

Sounds great, isn’t it? It is really… And not just cash back, Cashkaro.com turns one. They want us to celebrate with them and win amazing prizes.

It’s a wonderful experience and so my verdict is…

It is an excellent-concept well-executed by the creators of Cashkaro.com. It is beneficial for both men and women who love to shop online. And the amount of cash back we get is satisfying and the level of accuracy and transparency they maintain is commendable. In the recent years we forgot a word which we were used to while shopping offline – bargain – the fun of fighting for reducing the price by 50 or 100 INR and

Excellent concept!!! Well executed!!!

I get that satisfaction when I shop through Cashkaro.com Not just me, but all those who earned cash back (over 1.5 Crores INR paid so far) will agree to this.

Haven’t tried this website before? Try it now…it’s better late than never. Join Cashkaro.com now (This link contains my referral id to Cashkaro.com. Use this if you want to thank me for informing about this wonderful website)

It’s been more than a month since I posted on my blog. I wanted to write something badly and that’s when my wife suggested me to share our experience of online shopping through Cashkaro.com. The result is what you read now.