searching her.. in the streets of London… #7

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Whether it could be the old woman?’ my heart was wishing so but that someone was…

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Why I am wandering like a cloud? Do I miss her a lot? What pushes me to search her indefinitely in the streets of London? Is she my destiny? I hope I will meet her someday but when that someday will come. Lot of questions but when will I find the answer?

Wandering lonely as a cloud,
I began my search in the road.
With hope as the weapon, I
search her, no, not my eye.
What did I reap? What did I sow?
Why my life has no glow?
Will I meet her? Never or now
Destiny or not only God know!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was happy to see a woman enjoying the lines in my book, ‘Dream Love’ while I was waiting for the old woman. I wait for the old woman just because we belong to a goodhearted people category and the wait is worth because at least once in two days I enjoy someone enjoying my lines.

Hi.. Do you love these lines?

I do… If you believe in true love then you have to read this book for sure’ she said, ‘I will… Because I trust love’ I said her before leaving from the park. Two weeks have gone but I am not able to meet the old woman. ‘Will my wait will be over tomorrow?’

Hello! … Young man, are you ok? Hello…’ the words kept on resonating in my mind and it made park to wait for the old woman indefinitely.

Someone touched me from the back, ‘Grandma! Finally, you are here! I am happy to see you!

Son! I am happy too! I read a book last week. It is one of the best books so far I read in my life, and particularly the lineIF FATE CAN BE REWRITTEN THEN I WOULD REWRITE HER AS MY DESTINY’ and the last paragraph, is very touching. I can feel the writer’s pain, I meant yours….

I was not sure what to say so kept silent… Did you enjoy the week?

Of course, I was happy on seeing the huge response from the readers, which is a writer’s dream.’ She was happy to see me excited so she said, You seems to be very very happy and excited. I am sure it has more reasons.

Of course I am.. and I was dying to tell you about my life.


Yeah’, after enjoying the function I went to pub and from there to my place. I slept peacefully after a long time because I was happy.

Goood… Thennn….

The next day was raining heavily which made me upset because I know I cannot meet you in the heavy rain but I waited for the rain to stop because I wanted to meet you Grandma. Suddenly Aamir shouted that someone has come to meet you. I was happy because I thought it was you but…


‘but that someone was…Hassini’, as soon as I came out of my room I was surprised to see her. I wanted to hug and kiss her madly but I cannot because I am no more in her life, with tears, I said a ‘Hi

She came running towards me, hugged, kissed me and said, ‘I said a lie.’ On hearing her, my heartbeat stopped for a second, I thanked God because I know she is my destiny, I happily hugged and kissed her.

What made you to lie?

Because I promised my dad.

Promise?… then what made you to break the promise today?

My Dad wished so… After reading your book he felt what real love is?’ I was happy to hear her because I know she is my destiny, my life…

Speak not… Instead show how much you love’ she said and so I…

Wow! The happiest couple in the world 🙂 God bless you Son, I have to leave now because it may rain.’ the old woman said and left the park..

after 7 years…

We met the same old woman in the park. ‘Grandma do you remember me?

I do… Is she Hassini?

Yeah… she is… and this is our daughter Isha….’ I was happy to meet her so exclaimed about our life. She became happy and blessed us to live long saying, What a love story….

Author’s Message: My dear friends! I thank everyone for reading all the seven parts. It is my pleasure to have you all here and I thank you for the same.. I personally feel that I didn’t do justice to the title because I felt 5th and 6th was missing something, yes, I do skipped many dialogues, scenes which I wanted to write and the reason is I don’t want to make you people wait. 🙂 Hope it came out good.. Fingers crossed….

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searching her.. in the streets of London… #6

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Did you find her?’, the old woman eyes waited for a ‘Yes’ desperately

‘Yes… I was lucky enough to find my girl’

‘That must be the moment of your life right? Where did you meet her?’ the old woman said with a happy face…

‘Hmm… I met her in a beautiful place known for its maritime history, the town that became the site of Royal Palace, Greenwich’ I was excited on seeing her so even the place became close to my heart.

‘Wow! Great!’ The old woman became excited!

Just for a minute my eyes froze, heart started flying towards her but she broke the silence, ‘Hi!’ she said with tears

‘Hi’ I said with tears of joy. (PS: These moments cannot be expressed in words so try to imagine it) I hate the big gap between us because I wanted to hug and kiss her completely.

‘I never thought I will meet you in London’

‘But… I was sure that I will meet you because my love is true Hassini!’ she became silent…

‘How are your parents?’ she said…

‘Good. How are your parents?

‘They are happy because her daughter hears to what they say?’ a teardrop fell down when she said this. I kept silent because I was not sure what to say because I was happy to the maximum.

‘So… Did you achieve your dream? Novelist?’

‘Yeah… Dream Love. I will be publishing the book in a month or two.’

‘Cool… Finally, you have done it. I am happy for you!’

‘Thanks….’ I was waiting for a single word but…

‘So… Dream love! Good who is the special girl? I know you should have fallen in love with someone.’ I wanted to slap her at that moment itself but I didn’t do it so I kept silent.

‘What? I am waiting for your answer but you are silent’

I was about to say, ‘it’s U’ but she said… ‘Please don’t say it’s me because I…’

‘Sid, what are you doing here? We are searching for you for the past two hours even we tried to reach you on your mobile but it is not reachable. Everyone is waiting for you at the convention centre for the novel release.’ Aamir, my friend said.

‘I just realized it Aamir, come let’s start.’ I stood up, ‘Grandma, I have to leave now because I am already late. We will meet here tomorrow evening.’ I said

‘But… I will be waiting for you son….’ the old woman said with tears.

I was not sure what to say so left the place because I know the old woman understood her answer. Aamir raced his car to the centre because we were already late by half an hour. ‘You… Come out of the dream world. I have agreed to the publication request of 100 signed copies. I mean I have said that you agreed to it over phone.’

‘That’s cool dude.’ I said happily. We reached the place within ten minutes. The function started with special events and followed by the release of the novel.

‘Are you happy?’ Aamir asked me after the function.

‘Of course I am happy because my first novel has sold good. ’

‘You are a lucky writer man… Stay happy! PS: Always…’ he said and drove the car to the pub. After enjoying the evening in the pub, Aamir dropped me in my home by 11 in the night. I was so tired but my heart wanted to check the mailbox for mails from the readers. It took almost an hour to read the mails that made me to sleep late. As soon as I woke up, I learnt it is raining heavily. I waited for the rain to stop but the rain God does not wish to stop. I know I will be meeting the old woman one day to disclose what had happened in my life.

‘Someone has come to meet you Sid. Come soon.’ Aamir shouted.

‘Whether it could be the old woman?’ my heart was wishing so but that someone was…

Author Message: My dear friends! Wish you all a very Happy Diwali! Convey my wishes to your family and friends! It is my pleasure to have you all here, thanks for blessing me and for the encouraging support 🙂 I roamed in London last weekend and clicked few pics. I will share the same in my next post. I have happy news for you; yes, Part 7 will be the last chapter 🙂 Enjoy 🙂 Once again I, Saravana Kumar Murugan and Someone is Special wishing a very very Happy Diwali! Stay Safe and enjoy the holidays PS: I have to work here 🙁

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searching her.. in the streets of London… #5

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‘What happened to her? Did you meet her?’, the old woman said with tears in her eyes

Hassini!’ I kept on murmuring her name in ICU. It took three days for me to gain my conscious back and when I opened my eyes, I saw my mom sobbing for me to open my eyes. Nothing can equal Mom’s love and my mom is a perfect example for it. ‘Mom’, I said, she hugged me in joy! I was discharged after a week and was advised to take bed rest for a month.

Sri and our gang visited me often that helped me to learn about Hassini and it was shocking too. Her house remains locked right from the day I was hit by the gangsters and on the same day her father received her transfer certificate too it seems. It all sounded like nightmare to me but it was not..

Sid. Never shed a tear for what you lost because if she is your destiny then no one can take her away from you. The moon may stay hidden in the clouds but if time comes then it is all yours! Take good care of yourself! Do your best!’ My mom said these golden words when I started to college after a month. I as usual nodded my head because never ever I said no to my parents wish and so they…

‘Your mom is very precious! You are lucky but what happened to her?’ the old woman said,

It was very hard to live a life without her but I had too. It was hurting so I decided to break into her house because I was sure she would have left clue for me. And as planned our gang broke into her house because I had done it many times at midnight to meet her. So I followed the same technique to reach her room. I found a letter under our secret chamber.

‘Letter? Good.. Where did she go?’ the old woman said with lots of anxiety.

The whole world went blank after reading her letter. Tears… there was no reason to stop it. I wanna live my life with her… ‘Hassini.. Hassini’ I screamed 🙁 Life became miserable but thank God, Sridevi was with me. She was my hope, her words made me believe that one day I will meet Hassini and that’s why, I successfully completed my college life. Glad I got my job in the last semester itself. Life was Sri, Sri Sri then… Her friendship was the only weapon I had in my life and it kept me motivated always!

Life is a plain sheet of paper. People used to fill it with tears and smiles. I was not an exception to deny it because life is a mixture of emotions! My parents were happy because I got into one of the top IT concerns of India but… God once again left us in pain by the name of recession. Life once again became miserable and I spent most of the time sitting in the park bench thinking about her.

Sid! God wants to bless you better so wait for your turn’, Sri used to motivate me and as she said I got my chance. I grabbed it to prove myself. I do succeeded in it. I meant I grabbed the opportunity when my concern gave us a call back. I did my best to rock in my team that won me many awards. Not only I concentrated in my career but also I was writing a novel, “Dream Love!” I was enjoying my life in my new company with Sri but… at least once in a day the name Hassini flashed in my heart. I know one day I will meet her so I waited for that day.

Days rolled on like seconds with Sridevi’s company and our intimacy grew strong. She became more of my life and her friendship was one of the best things that happened in my life. One day she said me happy news…

Hassini is in London… I just learnt from one of her family relatives but I couldn’t get more info dear :-)’ I was happy because in the past five years this was the best good news my ears have heard. I had no words to thank her because that many times I have thanked her.

I wished to fly to London but will God grant me the wish?’ I said some million times to Sri… and as my Mom and Sri said, ‘God will….’ and it happened. I was selected for an onsite assignment in London by my concern and I too travelled within few days to London.

London… London… London… a dream comes true moment when I set my foot here… I was jumping in joy because I know I will meet her for sure.

‘Did you find her?’, the old woman eyes waited for a ‘Yes’ desperately

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